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Makeup, Lotions & Potions…O My!

There are a lot of rules and restrictions on the hCG diet, and for women, a few restrictions can ruin a carefully crafted beauty routine that may have taken years to perfect.

Makeup, oils, hair conditioner, lotions, moisturizers and such are not allowed on the hCG diet due to oils. If you read the labels of your favorite product, it usually contains some type of oil, butter or other fat derivative.

Dr. Simeons believed that fats and oils should be eliminated from the diet as much as possible, including those from products. He believed that products containing oil would enter the pores and impede weight lose.

For a woman, it can be hard to go without that favorite beauty product or find acceptable replacements. For that reason, I am listing hCG diet products, and others I have personally used for the hCG diet protocol, without issue, in my weight loss.


Bare Minerals. I stared using Bare Minerals foundation in April 2009, and I haven’t used any other foundation since. I find it easy to use and apply, and it provides the coverage I need. I purchased a starter kit, watched the DVD and have been happy ever since. I doubt I’ll go back to the other products I used in the past, as Bare Minerals has not interfered with my hCG diet protocol.

MAC. I started using MAC in 2007 as well, because although I love Bare Minerals foundation, I am not a fan of their eyeshadow. Not because it isn’t good, but because I need a eyeshadow that lasts all day, stays on and I don’t have to reapply. I found the MAC Paint Pot filled my requirements, and I’ve been worry free about my eyeshadow wearing off or needing to reapply it 2-4 hours after initial application. It doesn’t come in a large array of colors, but it works for the natural look, or hint of color look. Does contain some oil, but I have not found that it interferes with my hCG diet.

Bobby Brown. This is another long lasting product. Bobby Brown’s Long Wear Eye Liner is perfect if you need an eyeliner that lasts all day, doesn’t run or smudge and can withstand a few tears. It is gel-based. Now, I cannot find anything that says oil in the product itself, but it may have some. Again, this is another product that has not caused me issues with the hCG diet protocol. The other Bobby Brown product I use is the Mascara. GREAT!

Personal Care

hCG Diet Friendly Shampoo & Conditioner, hCG Diet Personal Care Kit, and hCG Diet Friendly Lip balm


Shampoo. I use Head and Shoulders shampoo in the winter due to over-dryness, and Jason in the spring, summer and fall. I started using Jason in June of 2007 after a month on protocol. It is an organic shampoo, and I had to get used to it not lathering like my previous shampoo or Head and Shoulders. Jason doesn’t lather because it doesn’t contain detergents like most shampoos. I find it works well on my hair and works on the hCG diet protocol.

Deodorant. I’ve used Secret since my teens and I always will. I tried Dove, but it wasn’t as effective as Secret for me. Never interfered with my weight loss. Secret does contain oils. What is recommended did not control my perspiration. Thai Crystal Stick, baking soda (which actually irritated my skin). Jason also has a deodorant that is good for the hCG diet.

Body Lotion & Oils. I had to give up my usual lotions and start using Mineral oil, which is baby oil without the fragrance and added costs. However, it sits on the skin. I don’t particularly like this so, once a month I will also do a Dead Sea soak that I purchase from San Francisco Bath Salt Company. They have an array of salts. The Dead Sea contains no oils, just Dead Sea salt. It makes my skin feel so good after the soak, and I don’t need anything on my skin. This is another product that has not interfered with the hCG diet protocol. And for other lotions that are oil free and organic, hCG Diet Skincare section has other items that you can use.

Hair Care. This is where I was most afraid to go when I did the hCG diet in 2007. I was so used to using products to tame my frizzy hair and oils on my scalp and ends to avoid dryness that I didn’t know if I could overcome it. As above, I changed to Jason for the shampoo and conditioners they have. But I still used a little oil on my ends. My stylists suggested I switch my blow dryer, curling iron and flat iron to ones that contain ions and ceramic. So I went all out and switched. I started using the styling hardware by Ion and one by Conair. AND let me tell you! (This is my flat iron, this is my curling iron (I have a 1 and 1 1/2), and this is my blow dryer.) My hair has never been more manageable and healthy looking. I also learned to help control the frizz by squeezing excess water out, and not rubbing the towel in my hair, but patting it down gently. I posted in a comment earlier, day 1, my hair is okay, day 2-3, it’s wonderful and by day 4 and 5 I’m ready to wash again. My stylist also suggested I go longer between washings due to my severe hair loss. The hair loss is not hCG diet related. And thanks to 6- 5000mcg of Biotin and my Iron pill it’s has stopped!

Soap. I’ve used Dove since my teens, and I use it now to wash with. Dove did not interfere with my hCG diet, although it does contain oil. What is recommended is oil free soaps like tea tree soap and Jason bath and body soap.

Facial Cleansers & Moisturizers. I have used MD Formulations since 1996, have not changed and they have not interfered with the hCG diet. I use the Face and Body Scrub, Facial Cleanser and Cleansing Gel. All three products contain glycolic acid and my skin looks pretty good. The moisturizer I use from this is Continuous Renewal Lotion. None have ever prevented weight loss while on the hCG diet.

You can also use a hCG diet moisturizer from hCG diet skincare products.

Products to Watch Out For:

Lanolin (any)
Cocoa Butter
Coconut Butter
Coconut Oil
Cotton Seed Oil
Cotton Awws Oil
Wheat Germ Oil
Almond Oil
Apricot Kernel Oil
Avocado Oil
Mink Oil
Olive Oil
Sandalwood Seed Oil
Sesame Oil
Shark Liver Oil
Soybean Oil
Caster Oil
Jojoba Oil
Cajeput Oil

Personal Note:

These are my personal experiences with these particular products. As with anything, YMMV. I do not think a tiny amount of oil will interfere with the hCG diet plan as I’ve made sandwiches with homemade Hurricane Mayo, and used butter and such for Simon. No issues.

Just test things yourself and see what it does for you and if you don’t want to chance it, click to get hCG diet approved products list.

What about Chapstick?!?!?! Are there any I can use? Climate does not agree with this diet.
@B, Check the ingredients. I am not sure what Chapstick has in it. Anybody??
Can I chew gum? All the sugarfree gum I've found has five calories a stick. It really helps to chew gum so I don't think about eating. Any suggestions?
@Wendy Crockett, Be better not to. Drink hCG Diet Teas
This is what I don't understand. I have been doing HCG over one year. I have followed the protocol exactly...well, except a few cheat days. I have read the infromation from other HCG diet sites and I am confused on what is or is not allowed. Your own list above says to stay away from virgin cocunut oil for my skin, but the approved products has coconut oil in it. Another site said take an Omega 3 and Vit. E pill everyday. Hello??? Omega 3 is fish oil and Vit. E is a fat soluable vitamin. My info says not to take any of that. I thought Stevia was the only approved sweetner, yet your site says Splenda is okay. Why can't every site have the same information? I honestly don't know which site is correct. Dr. Simeons says NO oil of any kind. Did I read that wrong? Did I miss something? Please clarify this for me. I really would appreciate it.
@Rebekah, PER Kevin Trudeau virgin coconut oil is ok. So it depends on who you are doing the diet with, KT or Dr. S. And it also depends on how the coconut oil in lotions was processed. And this list are common ingredients in lotion mixtures and seldom a stand alone product. Remember Virgin Coconut Oil.
Do you have a cream with B-12 that you sell. Also, what can you advise to take to prevent hair loss
@Gail Crumpler, I don't know of any. Not everyone loses hair on the hCG diet. My best advice would be to read hCG Diet Hair Loss article.
Brenda O – I recently just purchased JASON’s 84% aloe vera lotion, shampoo, conditioner and body wash at Market Street – I am sure whole foods has it also. ALL shampoos, conditioners, and the above have oils in it – so I switched to make sure not one ounce of fat will go in my body. This is key. I even stopped using my Sonya Dakar eye make up lotion for this season, because that can add calories. There is also a line of HCG approved makeup at Market Street. Blessings.
I have found the best organic mineral makeup on the market, and it’s so affordable! Try They have tons of selections, plus you can order samples to try them out. You wouldn’t believe how inexpensive it is, but the product is completely organic and high quality! The owner is so sweet and personal with everyone. She gives advice and is so helpful! I found them through another HCG site and am so glad I tried it out. The prices are even better than drug-store makeup, and it’s so good for your skin!!

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