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How To Cheat On The hCG Diet

Cheating on the hCG Diet Protocol?

Has anyone followed the leptin results? Leptin is an amino acid that is produced in the body’s fat cells. Leptin is often called the obesity gene because as leptin increases, your body fat increases as well. However, while studies have shown that decreasing leptin will decrease fat, leptin as a weight loss drug has not been found as effective in humans as it has in mice.

Barring the weight loss drug ‘potential’ aspects of leptin, the actions of leptin may be important to hCG weight loss because leptin plays a part in regulating hunger, food intake and energy expenditure. Leptin acts on the brain stem, which acts on serotonin, a hormone that controls appetite and mood.

An interesting point concerning leptin deals with how it can affect hCG weight loss. As the hCG diet protocol decreases fat, leptin levels fall causing an increase in cravings. Note that Dr. Simeons’ protocol as written in Pounds and Inches, calls for a break in the hCG diet protocol because the hCG hormone is thought to build immunity. Could in fact it be the effects of leptin vs. the hCG hormone?

Being on a VLCD for extended periods will actually decrease metabolism, which will seriously hinder and impede your fat loss. On the original hCG diet protocol, Dr. Simeons calls for cycling your hCG weight loss, then doubling the off weeks as you move forward. People are not very patient today, and when you are motivated to lose weight, you want to lose weight quickly as the hCG diet protocol promises.

Then, would having a cheat day on the hCG diet be a good thing for your long-term hCG diet weight loss goals? Well, it seems if you want to avoid the effects of leptin on fat, hunger and cravings, combined with the effects of a VLCD that can also cause physical hunger, cravings and a slow metabolism stopped with the hCG diet protocol cycle off periods, then YES. A planned cheat day every so often could be, in the longer run, better for you on the hCG diet protocol.

But then the question is HOW to cheat on the hCG diet protocol. As we know, when hCG is coursing through our systems, we can gain weight pretty quickly. Therefore, the key is to eat good carbs and good fats (omega 3s, olive oils), vs. junk carbs and fats. Feeling satisfied and full will avoid the feelings of hunger and deprivation.

Fiber is an excellent source of good carbs, and keeps you feeling satisfied.

Miracle Noodles are a food item that is perfect during the hCG diet protocol, during a planned hCG diet protocol cheat, and well, just any time. Miracle Noodles have ZERO net carbs and ZERO calories and consist of water and glucomannan (a soluble fiber). Soluble fiber acts to slow digestion, which allows for slower absorption and prolongs the sensation of fullness.

hCG Diet Cheat Food

Therefore, if you have to cheat, plan ahead and cheat to win and stay focused. Sugar free Jell-o, Sugar Free Ice Pops, Miracle Noodles Recipies


Dr. Simeons does allow for a break.  Here is how a hCG diet break is done.

Yes I have a question. I am new to Hcg and am taking the body shaper, today was my 7 th day. I have been losing about 1 lb which I am happy with but thought it would be more. However when I weighed my self this morning I was only only down .2 lbs. I was very upset! I am following the diet to the tee!! The only difference that I did was had red meat, cube steak which is on the list. Is this normal? I was eating chicken, shrimp and did egg with egg whites. I also feel hungry. Not to bad but I do feel it. I just dont want to be eating only 500 calories and only lose .2 lbs. I am 5 ft. Start weight was 137.4 this morning I was 132.2. I dont see a dramatic weight lose i guess when i read what other people are loosing.I have a total of 15- 20 lbs that I would like to lose and after going back and looking at what I have eaten, it all fits into the guidelines. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! I'm trying to stay positive. Thanks. Angel
@Angel, Why were you upset at .2 pounds? You can lose up to 3 pounds (men mostly) daily with a low of .5 a day. Your average lose with within that range so you are doing just fine. Red meat can stall a person. Yes it is on the list but it can still stall a person. IF you have a lot of abnormal fat then you will tend to lose faster, if you don't you will lose slower. Why don't you take at look at hCG Diet Stallers, that may help avoid some known stallers. There are 23 reasons a person can stall on the diet or have slow loses. Yes even at 500 calories it can happen.
@Dez, Thank you for your quick response.!! That was awesome ! I was upset cause it was .2 (2/10th of a lbs) not 2 lbs. Since the low is arround .5 that is why I was upset. While I understand that everyone is different it was just a bummer to go from losing 1.4 -1.2 to only .2. I think I will stay away from red meat and just make sure I'm not taking in to much salt and not enough water!!! Hopefully tomorrow will be a bigger loss!! And now I don't have alot of abdominal weight to lose, my weight is evenly distributed! Thanks again for your help!!! Angel
@Angel, I understood, but if you total up your lose for the week, you are in the average range of at .9 pounds a day. Your okay! As a women you will have hormones that will play a large part in your ongoing lose, TOM will happen (if you are in that category) and all the fun things that come with it. Yep be prepared for that. No abnormal fat stores not just on your abdominal area. Hips, thighs etc. I am sure you will do fine.
@Dez, Again thanks for the fast response!! When you put it at an average( which I didn't do) it does make sense!! I guess sometimes we just need someone to tell us what we should know! Thanks!!! One more thing if you don't mind, I have a friend who is razing me about the hcg diet saying that it can only be purchased by a Dr. Because it hasn't been approved by the FDA (she watches Dr. OZ) so what I have doesn't have the hormone in it. I have tried to explain to her, because she wants to do it but is skeptical that it is real, but she still doesn't understand how I could purchase it without a perscription. Can you explain to me in simple terms how we are able so I can tell and reasure her? I know you explained it before on a thread but I can't find it. Thanks so much!! Angel, down .8 this am ;0)
@Angel, Ours does have the hormone which is why it tested for you. Even from a doctor the FDA hasn't approved hCG for weight loss so thats is a non issue. This is not homeopathic hCG it is real hCG thus you have the test strip to prove it will test for hCG. Any test strip not just the one provided. You, me anyone can purchase any drug from overseas without a prescription and import it back into the US per the FDA. The most you can buy is a 3 month supply. Which is why when you check out, it only allows 3 bottles. Once you order it is direct to the overseas pharmacy and then it goes from there and your oder is filled, legally. So in simple terms you are importing it. People have done the diet way before Homeopathic ever came on the market (and basically but the entire diet and real hCG sellers in jeopardy) and before Dr. Oz did his show. They were getting hCG from overseas, I did and I know a ton of others did and some did it via on line clinics in the US without a prescription. So if she's not convinced she can pay a doctor $600 or more which isn't covered by insurance or she can get import it herself. Many do. And just in case she has issues with importing drugs, about 70% of all drugs you get from the pharmacy are made overseas. It's not just electronics and customer service we export manufacturing of.
help....i have taken injections for 40 days and hit a big plateau gaining and losing the same two pounds and have been off hcg for 5 days now. when can i start taking it again. any advice....afraid I will regain
@veronica, you have 3 weeks of P3 no sugar or starch P3 Food List . Some people start after that, but the manuscript says wait 6 weeks.
I just finished my first week of HCG and have been following the eating plan rigorously (losing about 1 lb per day). I find that when I'm busy at work, I'm not hungry...but in the afternoons or at home during the evening all I can think about is food! Sometimes the cravings are so bad I can't concentrate on a conversation or something I'm watching. I cheated today by eating 2 ginger snap cookies...I just couldn't take it anymore. I don't know how heavy that will effect my weight gain/loss for tomorrow, but I felt like if I didn't give even just a little bit, I was going to have a full breakdown and eat one of everything on the McDonalds drive thru menu! As for the insomonia thing, the past couple of nights I did have trouble sleeping and woke up extremely hungry, although it may be the stress keeping me up from worrying about food i can't have, food i can have, if i'm going to have lost weight by morning, etc.

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