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How To Cheat On The hCG Diet

Cheating on the hCG Diet Protocol?

Has anyone followed the leptin results? Leptin is an amino acid that is produced in the body’s fat cells. Leptin is often called the obesity gene because as leptin increases, your body fat increases as well. However, while studies have shown that decreasing leptin will decrease fat, leptin as a weight loss drug has not been found as effective in humans as it has in mice.

Barring the weight loss drug ‘potential’ aspects of leptin, the actions of leptin may be important to hCG weight loss because leptin plays a part in regulating hunger, food intake and energy expenditure. Leptin acts on the brain stem, which acts on serotonin, a hormone that controls appetite and mood.

An interesting point concerning leptin deals with how it can affect hCG weight loss. As the hCG diet protocol decreases fat, leptin levels fall causing an increase in cravings. Note that Dr. Simeons’ protocol as written in Pounds and Inches, calls for a break in the hCG diet protocol because the hCG hormone is thought to build immunity. Could in fact it be the effects of leptin vs. the hCG hormone?

Being on a VLCD for extended periods will actually decrease metabolism, which will seriously hinder and impede your fat loss. On the original hCG diet protocol, Dr. Simeons calls for cycling your hCG weight loss, then doubling the off weeks as you move forward. People are not very patient today, and when you are motivated to lose weight, you want to lose weight quickly as the hCG diet protocol promises.

Then, would having a cheat day on the hCG diet be a good thing for your long-term hCG diet weight loss goals? Well, it seems if you want to avoid the effects of leptin on fat, hunger and cravings, combined with the effects of a VLCD that can also cause physical hunger, cravings and a slow metabolism stopped with the hCG diet protocol cycle off periods, then YES. A planned cheat day every so often could be, in the longer run, better for you on the hCG diet protocol.

But then the question is HOW to cheat on the hCG diet protocol. As we know, when hCG is coursing through our systems, we can gain weight pretty quickly. Therefore, the key is to eat good carbs and good fats (omega 3s, olive oils), vs. junk carbs and fats. Feeling satisfied and full will avoid the feelings of hunger and deprivation.

Fiber is an excellent source of good carbs, and keeps you feeling satisfied.

Miracle Noodles are a food item that is perfect during the hCG diet protocol, during a planned hCG diet protocol cheat, and well, just any time. Miracle Noodles have ZERO net carbs and ZERO calories and consist of water and glucomannan (a soluble fiber). Soluble fiber acts to slow digestion, which allows for slower absorption and prolongs the sensation of fullness.

hCG Diet Cheat Food

Therefore, if you have to cheat, plan ahead and cheat to win and stay focused. Sugar free Jell-o, Sugar Free Ice Pops, Miracle Noodles Recipies

I loaded for 2 days on Sep 25, 2011 and ate the right food. I gained 3 lbs while loading. On the 3rd day I started the 500 cal diet and lost 2 lbs the 1st day and another 2 lbs the following day. I went from 142 lbs to 135 in 7 days. I am now in my 10th day and am not losing any weight, but just staying at the same weight or up 1 lb. I am also very hungry to a point of making me sick where I want to throw up- from all the teas and water I am drinking and not enough food. I wake up with headaches and suffer from insomnia. This morning I felt so weak, that I ate an egg and a piece of toast for breakfast. The weakness went away and I was feeling fine after that. I know that was a cheat and I am afraid that it will now take me longer to take off the weight. I had to because I work in a very stressful job and the hunger and weakness was affecting my job performance. I did the HCG injections a year ago and lost 46 lb. I only gained 7 lbs in a yr, but put on inches which make my clothes not tight on me. I want to lose the inches, and want to continue, but what would be your advise. I am going to vacation to New York in 1 month and wanted to be finished with the 23 days before I left, but I do realize that my 3 week maintenance of no sugar or carbs will run into my vacation time by 3-4 days. When I did the injections 1 yr ago, I was not that hungry the second week, and I had a bundle of energy. What is happening now?
@Sonya Nicley,

Hi, how much weight do you have to lose this round and what hCG are you using?

@Dez, I am using the HUCOG 5000 iu injections. I need to lose 10-15 lbs, but have not lost any inches only 7 lbs.
@Dez, I want to lose another 10-15 lbs to get into my size 6 clothes. I am 5'1.5 inches tall and weigh 136 this morning. I should be at least 125 lbs. I am using the HUCOG 5000 iu Injections. It is the hunger and the weakness that I am worried about. It is hunger!! 3 months ago my clothes fit fine, and now I weigh the same as I did when they fit, but now they don't .
@Sonya Nicley,

Using real hCG so that's great, but you have very little to lose and more than likely very little if any abnormal fat thus the hunger.  You will benefit more from actual exercise vs. dieting using hCG with 11 pounds to lose.  Have you tried T-Tapp or Callentics?

@Dez, I have never heard of T-Tapp. I need to get these inches down by Nov 3 since I am going on vacation and want to fit into my clothes. If I order the T-Tapp exercises, it will take a while to get here and most of my time will be gone. I will order it though. What do you recommend I order? I will continue on the HCG till I reach my 23 days and then take off with maintenance. We will see what I lose. I need to continue exercising in order to keep the weight and the inches down.
Can the HCG diet help reset a damaged metabolism from having eating disorders and yo yo dieting. That is kind of the boat i am in. I still find myself doing it when i start to gain weight. I know it's unhealthy and i am just wondering if this diet can help. I've tried increasing calories along with working out to help boost it up but i just keep gaining weight. Would the hcg diet work for me?
@Erin, Yes that is what the hCG diet will do reset your hypothalamus which controls your (via another hormone) thyroid which is responsible for your metabolism. That being said, in the end anyone can eat through a Liposuction, a Gastric ByPass or any weight loss method/diet over time. Al Roker of the Today Show famously had a Gastic ByPass lost weight and then gained back 60 pounds as he failed to do 1 thing. Eat Better and control his portions. He openly talks about his embarrassment and revelation. Are you an emotional eater? Will Stress trigger a Yo-Yo dieting effect? How do you feel about you? What triggers the up and down you have now? YOU have to control that. NO diet or procedure will ever fix those issues for you and NO diet or procedure will give you the mental determination or feeling of self worth and a desire to want to be healthy, eat healthy and control your portions. That has to come from you. The hCG diet will give you the lose, it will last for as long as you deal with the root of the why's.
is it better to have a planned cheat when you are in p2 or p3? i'm having awful cravings and would like to just eat what it is I'm craving and then i will not think about it anymore. unfortunately it is cupcakes! would this work- if i do a planned interruption on p2 and do the 3 days of no hcg,then do a cheat day on p3, and then go back to p2 to lose the weight? i'm on p2day27 and would like to continue p2 for another week or 2?
@shelley, IF you are going to cheat then yes planning it is better however I never recommend cheating. Sometimes it cannot be helped during holidays and such. For hCG diet cravings there are a number of things you can do. IF you are cravings carbs, cupcakes, it is two fold, habit and could be a Candida over growth situation. Also have you tried any of the hCG diet teas? HTH

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