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How To Cheat On The hCG Diet

Cheating on the hCG Diet Protocol?

Has anyone followed the leptin results? Leptin is an amino acid that is produced in the body’s fat cells. Leptin is often called the obesity gene because as leptin increases, your body fat increases as well. However, while studies have shown that decreasing leptin will decrease fat, leptin as a weight loss drug has not been found as effective in humans as it has in mice.

Barring the weight loss drug ‘potential’ aspects of leptin, the actions of leptin may be important to hCG weight loss because leptin plays a part in regulating hunger, food intake and energy expenditure. Leptin acts on the brain stem, which acts on serotonin, a hormone that controls appetite and mood.

An interesting point concerning leptin deals with how it can affect hCG weight loss. As the hCG diet protocol decreases fat, leptin levels fall causing an increase in cravings. Note that Dr. Simeons’ protocol as written in Pounds and Inches, calls for a break in the hCG diet protocol because the hCG hormone is thought to build immunity. Could in fact it be the effects of leptin vs. the hCG hormone?

Being on a VLCD for extended periods will actually decrease metabolism, which will seriously hinder and impede your fat loss. On the original hCG diet protocol, Dr. Simeons calls for cycling your hCG weight loss, then doubling the off weeks as you move forward. People are not very patient today, and when you are motivated to lose weight, you want to lose weight quickly as the hCG diet protocol promises.

Then, would having a cheat day on the hCG diet be a good thing for your long-term hCG diet weight loss goals? Well, it seems if you want to avoid the effects of leptin on fat, hunger and cravings, combined with the effects of a VLCD that can also cause physical hunger, cravings and a slow metabolism stopped with the hCG diet protocol cycle off periods, then YES. A planned cheat day every so often could be, in the longer run, better for you on the hCG diet protocol.

But then the question is HOW to cheat on the hCG diet protocol. As we know, when hCG is coursing through our systems, we can gain weight pretty quickly. Therefore, the key is to eat good carbs and good fats (omega 3s, olive oils), vs. junk carbs and fats. Feeling satisfied and full will avoid the feelings of hunger and deprivation.

Fiber is an excellent source of good carbs, and keeps you feeling satisfied.

Miracle Noodles are a food item that is perfect during the hCG diet protocol, during a planned hCG diet protocol cheat, and well, just any time. Miracle Noodles have ZERO net carbs and ZERO calories and consist of water and glucomannan (a soluble fiber). Soluble fiber acts to slow digestion, which allows for slower absorption and prolongs the sensation of fullness.

hCG Diet Cheat Food

Therefore, if you have to cheat, plan ahead and cheat to win and stay focused. Sugar free Jell-o, Sugar Free Ice Pops, Miracle Noodles Recipies

I cheated on my second round of HcG. Im feeling more hungry now than the first round. What do I do after I cheated? Nothing fattening, though I've had half peanut butter sandwich for breakfast, had tuna sandwich at lunch. Also been eating more saltiness crackers. Ive lost 30lbs the first round, I'm looming to lose another 30 this round. Help!

You don't need to do anything, but keep going. If you are hungrier than normal, it could be you are under eating on your protein. / Diet Doc recommends 60 grams of protein daily (or the equivalent of 3 small chicken breasts). This will help you from feeling hungry. You can also eat unlimited low glycemic vegetables (no peas, carrots, or corn). Good luck and let us know if you have additional questions!

I am on the HCG diet as directed by my doctor, with subcoutanious injections daily. I have the typical two meals of 100g of lean meat and 2 cups of green veg, I however have 2 apples per day Instead of 1 (doctors orders due to muscle mass). In 7 days i have lost 7kgs (15.43lbs) and am continuing on the same strict diet for at least another week. Starting at 131kg (291lbs) and im now 124kg (273lbs). Im excited to lose further weight, however the point of this post is I have a night at a hotel with free buffet dinner and breakfast in a weeks time that had been booked before i decided on this diet and am worried about the effects of eating normal dinner and normal breakfast as skipping them kinda ruins the hotel stay. I plan on consulting with my doctor on the topic the day of my stay as i have a progress check anyway but I am worried he will just play it safe and advise against it. Soooo i put it to anyone that has done something similar to let me know how it went for them. Thank you and sorry for spelling mistakes

Since you are with a doctor and paying him good money I would ask them the same questions.  You will have a gain.  But you know that.  Really, skipping breakfast and dinner runies the hotel stay?  My objective for staying at a hotel is to sleep not eat.  Never heard that excuess for cheating on a diet before. 

Look I'm being a smart ass for a reason.  Not to be funny but to get you to realize you have to be commited to reach your goal.  Doing this diet 1/2 assed will not get you what you want, that is if losing weight is realy what you want. 

This is your life. You have a choice and you have a decision to make.

@Dez RE: your response to Shelley. I notice that my cravings for chocolate (specifically any chocolate mixed with peanuts orpeanut butter) increase dramatically the week before my cycle. Then once it hits, and a few days after, the cravings are gone. I was looking for chocolate and peanut butter like a feind. It was awful. It was as if my body was angry at me for denying it carbs or sugars. I don't crave any other type of carb-- not bread, potatoes, pastas, fruity candy-- nothing. cakes.. nothing. Just chocolate and peanut butter, especially during my cycle but acually, I am never able to deny myself those two things if they are sitting right in front of me. I noticed this craving was significantly increased this second round of hcg, during which time I am using the hHCG as opposed to the non homeopathic hcg that I used the first go round. I noticed that some people respond the same to the two kinds and others respond differently. I lost 25 poinds my first round with regular hcg. But only 15 this second round (30 days) with hHCG. ALTHOUGH-- this time, I cheated with the chocolate and pb. The first time I did not. So, I cannot attribute the decreased loss to the drops. I just did not experience the chocolate cravings with the regular hcg AT ALL. Or maybe I did, but I ignored them because I was determined the drops would work. Have you heard of anyone else experiencing that? RE: Candida overgrowth-- are there any other symptoms of Candida overgrowth. I want to make sure the chocolate/pb craving is simply hormonal OR an indication of a missing mineral, ie, magnesium, rather than a sympton of Candida overgrowth. Is there anyway I can check for Candida? Is there a self test or one at the store? I have no symptsom of a yeast infection or any other comlications-- just love some chocolate and p/b....the stuff the streets in heaven are paved with I am certain.
@Empress Sky,

I totally disapprove of using a product deemed fraudulent by the FDA and the HPUS the homeopathic governing body for the homeopathic industry.  By the way the HPUS falls under the FDA's control. 

You are losing muscle not releasing your fat stores.  You are on a starvation diet without real hCG.  Yes you will lose weight but it's the 500 calories.  Part of the reason you didn't experience intense cravings before was your fat was sustaining you and helping curb your cravings.

Candida signs and symptoms. Read that and search the internet for other information.

I really don't understand doing the diet right the 1st time then not the 2nd time.

Help.. I was sort of forced to cheat today. I was invited to a friend's for lunch and was given a helping of a (yummy) Greek meal with rice, shrimp and Feta cheese. About 3/4 cup. I was told that in her home there are no up. It was kind of a wimpy thing for me to do, but I didn't want to offend an older widow. I only had one helping. Tomorrow is my last round of Hcg and then I have the two days after on the VLCD. I'm afraid I'm going to gain more than I wanted and then not lose it. This is my second round of hcg. I have NEVER cheated before. Should I do an apple day? I was reading that it is only psychological and that the weight lost from that may come back. I don't want to suffer needlessly. Suggestions?

First and this may seem harsh, but you control your actions not anyone else.  Being overweight is just like being a diabetic or heart patient.  Would you find it offensive to refuse to eat something that would put you in a diabetic coma or not good for your heart?  Next time tell someone it's not about your diet, it's about your health, you have issues with certain foods or something.  But you know it was wimpy so lets move on.

Okay there is 3 days of VLCD without hCG.  The apple day is for stalls but yes do it and also do the T-Tapp Hoe Downs.  Scroll down on the page to the YouTube video, its 3 min and that can help move those carbs and starches out.  May want to do it a few times.  Fast easy and does help.  Water, drink water. 

You will do fine, keep your focus and if this is your 2nd round of hCG, you know the results are real, possible and yours to have.  Just stick to the plan.  

On a positive note, it maybe just what you needed, meaning sometimes our bodies just need a break for anything so don't beat yourself you.  You have the tools to make the cheat less or negate the cheat.  

I gave you the links, they are ligh green in the post to you previously you can read about it.  You can do 2 day shipping or overnight from them.  Bottom line is you don't have a lot of abnormal fat to loss so it maybe slow going and not very comfortable for your hunger level.


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