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How does HCG diet work?

How does HCG diet work?

People choose the HCG diet as it's capable of melting fat rapidly, and in places on the body that people are are unable to lose.  The HCG diet helps people lose weight really fast, often at 1 pound per day.

There are 3 phases to the HCG diet: Phase 1 is the loading phase and is done for 2 days. People eat as many calories as they want while taking HCG on ph 1. The reason is the body needs to be tricked prior to lowering calories while taking HCG. This will allow the body to rapidly release fat when going onto phase 2 of the hCG diet. You can drink alcohol during phase 1. Basically, eat anything you want, just don't lower your calories until day 3.  We've heard that people eating an entire loaf of bread could end up with a carbohydrate withdrawal headache during the first few days of phase 2. That doesn't mean you can't eat pizza or burgers, just don't eat an entire loaf of bread (it's happened).

Phase 2 is the low calorie part of the HCG diet. Don't eat carbs or sugar and weigh your animal protein (chicken, lean beef or fish) and drink lots and lots of water. Follow the hCG diet food list.

Common questions are when weight loss slows down and what to do. 

hCG Diet Constipation - this happens when on any low calorie diet. To get things moving, try Smooth Move Tea, Magnesium or something natural. Don't take a stool softener, like Ex-Lax as it contains way to many chemicals which slow down weight loss. Also, make sure to drink at least 64 ounces of water daily as this should help with constipation.

hCG Diet Hunger - count your calories as this is a common mistake. If you see that you are not eating enough, make sure you don't undereat on your protein as this is a common problem as the hCG diet works by eliminating hunger and if you aren't hungry, you could undereat. 

Slow Down on hCG Diet - Follow the steps above. If you are walking or exercising, you might need to increase your calories and protein to make up for what you are burning with the activity. Exercise can slow down the weight loss because you are losing a rapid amount of weight per day and your body cannot do both, burn fat and repair muscle.

Phase 3 - once you lose the weight, slowly add back carbohydrates and sugar to your diet. Don't go back to the way you ate before, be self aware of what you are eating so the weight stays off.

These are common questions on how does HCG diet work. 



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