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hCG Tea

You can enjoy several hCG diet teas, recommended by Kevin Trudeau in The Weight Loss Cure, as well as several other diet teas that act as natural diuretics. These are the hCG diet teas and their benefits while on the hCG diet.

An hCG Diet Tea To Control Your Insulin

Eleotin tea, a natural product, helps control insulin. Controlling your insulin levels will help you gain better control of hunger and cravings while on the hCG diet. Eleotin tea lowers and controls blood glucose levels, helping you maintain control long after you stop using the tea.

An hCG Diet Tea To Increase Your Metabolism

Drinking Organic Green tea offers many health benefits while on the hCG diet. Organic Green tea increases your metabolic rate due to the high levels of catechin polyphenols in green tea. Catechin polyphenols increases fat oxidation, inhibits fat absorption, and helps glucose regulation. Organic Green tea may also help reduce appetite. Ideally you want to drink 3-5 cups a day.

An hCG Diet Tea To Suppresses Your Appetite

Yerba Mate tea acts as a stimulant that suppresses the appetite. A study, published in 2009, found that Yerba Mate tea may modulate the expression of several obesity-related genes and produce a potent anti-obesity effect.

An hCG Diet Tea To Burn Your Fat

Organic Oo-Long Tea contains catechin polyphenols, thearubigin, and theaflavin. Organic Oo-Long Tea also burns fat, increases metabolism, and blocks dietary fat absorption.

Natural Diuretics Teas

These teas, while not offical hCG diet teas, are natural diuretics, won’t interfere with the hCG diet, and may help jumpstart an hCG diet stall.

• Parsley Tea
• Cornsilk Tea
• Dandelion Tea
• Fennel Tea

hCG Dieters stand to gain many health benefits by drinking hCG diet teas and can always enjoy them hot or cold.

Help! I have been on HCG since 2/18 and lost 8 pounds the 1st week. I have been on a stall since 2/26 day 7 and I am now on day11. I have done the apple day and still no loss. I am already drinking the teas. Any help would be appreciated. I soooo want to start loosing again!
dr simmons has 3 days of gorging and you 2....which one should i go by?

It is 2 day not 3.  Read the manuscript.

I just bought Zendo Dieters Tea. Does anyone know anything about it? I'm also on Day 3 of the hCG diet and am using this website as a guide. Zendo Dieters Tea says "All Natural Herbal Teas" and "No Caffeine" and says it contains SENNA. Does anyone know if this tea can be used with the hCG diet? I haven't tried it yet; will wait on a response...thanks!
@TexasTami, Don't know about Zendo but Senna is a laxative so be cautious when using it.
[...] don’t exercise then start until the scale is moving again. Increase your water intake. Use some natural diuretics to rid your body of any water gains. Cut the break sticks and Melba toast. Use a Apple day or Steak [...]
[...] use of certain products and appliances, along with several supplements, oils and teas known as the hCG diet teas. Each recommendation has overall health benefits as well as benefits to the hCG [...]

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