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hCG Fraud

This is not one of the usual posts we do here, but a visitor had a really bad experience with an HCG site, so I told him I would help spread the word to our visitors to help them avoid the same experience.

He wanted to purchase HCG and did so from a site offering a free trial (it was not a site that hCG Diet Journey recommends nor a site that left a blog comment, we checked). It was only $5.95 and he didn’t think much of the purchase or the charge. That was until the site charged him about $179.95 for the purchase a few weeks later. He had to google the sites number and then call and ask about the transaction. He basically got nowhere in his attempts to resolve the matter. The site referred him to their TOS (Terms of Service) and they said, “Good Luck,” as they were not going to refund him money.

I think this is a SUPREME example of a scam, fraud, or at the very least, misleading advertising and I hope others will avoid doing business with the company. Really, any company who is offering hCG free trial needs to be avoided as it has also been my experience dealing with my now 22 year old daughter, that things that are ‘FREE’ are not. I’ve had to deal with number of ‘FREE’ ring tones that made my cell bill go up about $9.95 a month and other ‘FREE’ things she purchased that cost money later.

Also, hCG itself isn’t the most expensive product on the market, but it does cost money, and it is more than $0.00 or $4.95.

Be careful, the Internet is safe, but as the saying goes, one bad apple…


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I have read of this certain issue at hcg drops doet com, and it is clearly true that there are frauds circling around. these sort of blogs helps in lessening the chances of getting ripped off.

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