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Foods That Stall hCG Diet


It is pretty obvious that candy, sugar, donuts, cakes, and similar foods will cause you to stall on the hCG diet. But what if you are doing everything right, not eating junk, and you are still stalled? What if you have done the hCG diet apple day and hCG diet steak day? What if you are drinking 8-8oz glasses of water and then some? What if the scale only moves with those apple days and steak days, and the second you go back to your hCG diet food, you stall?

Then, my friend it’s time to dig into what you are eating and find the offending foods.

Are you using Splenda or Equal? Splenda and Equal are great to sweeten up your hCG diet tea, and add to foods. Plus, you can cook with Splenda, but too much may stall you on the hCG diet. Consider ditching Splenda for Stevia. Stevia is a not only a natural product, but it also has a dual function as an appetite suppressant.

But I’ve already stopped using Splenda and switched to Stevia?

Are you eating eggs as part of your hCG diet food? The egg yolk is a little fat ball, and fat has 9 calories per gram. But that isn’t the really bad part about egg yolks. Egg yolks contain arachidonic acid, which is a fatty acid that is good in small doses, but too much can promote inflammation. Some dieters, who may also be sensitive to arachidonic acid, stand a good chance of a stall in their dieting efforts.

But I only eat egg whites. So what else could stall me on the hCG diet?

Humm, you’re tough nut to crack. Okay moving on.

Are you eating a lot of manmade foods? Unfortunately, food manufacturers like to add a hint of sweetness (sugar) to make seasonings and foods more appealing to the masses. Check ingredients for the following, as they are sugar by another name.

• Corn Sweetener
• Corn Syrup or Corn Syrup Solids
• Dehydrated Cane Juice
• Dextrin
• Dextrose
• Fructose
• Fruit Juice Concentrate
• Glucose
• High-Fructose Corn Syrup
• Honey
• Invert Sugar
• Lactose
• Maltodextrin
• Malt Syrup
• Maltose
• Maple Syrup
• Molasses
• Raw Sugar
• Rice Syrup
• Sacchalose
• Sorghum or Sorghum Syrup
• Sucrose
• Syrup
• Treacle
• Turbinado Sugar
• Xylose
• Sugar Alcohols
• Maltitol
• Sorbitol
• Maltitol Syrup
• Hydrogenated Starch Hydrolysate
• Xylitol
• Isomalt
• Lactitol
• Mannitol
• Erythritol

WOW huge list!

Okay some of the ingredients I’ve been using are listed. What else could stall me on the hCG diet?

Well, SODA. I know you drink it because you are bored to death with water. BUT Soda is probably the #1 staller for most people on the hCG diet or any diet. Not only does it have Equal or Splenda, but also ascorbic and citric acid.

Ascorbic acid is a sugar acid often referred to as Vitamin C. Vitamin C is good, but in the synthetic form as often found in soda, it may cause you to stall. Of course the food coloring, caramel and such doesn’t help in soda, but there it is.

The citric acid can be a sensitivity issue for some people, and too many sodas can = too much citric acid.

Anything Else?

Well, good old fashion salt. Yes, you need salt. Salt, or sodium, aids in helping the body maintain homeostasis, the body’s delicate chemical balance. Too much salt will cause you to retain water, which shows up on the scale as a gain or no loss. Again, if you’ re into soda vs. water, you may want to reconsider your love affair with soda. If you are heavy handed with seasonings, then you may want to cut down on your use of salt, and check your man made seasonings for salt.

This is a lot!

But, we are not done. Another big offender on the hCG diet that causes stalls is not eating a variety of foods. Avoid eating the same meat, vegetable, and fruit for lunch and dinner, and then turning around and replaying it for lunch and dinner the next day. You have to keep variety in the hCG diet menu.

This is it right?

Well, that is tricky. You are an individual and some things may stall you and not others, so you may have to play with the allowed hCG diet foods to see what stalls you. The above are the more obvious stallers. Start from there and rule out different things while you are actively dieting.

Another thing,

Check your body fat measurements, as well as your weight. You should do this from the start, but sometimes the body may not lose weight, but the inches are coming off, aka FAT or vise versa, and sometimes everything is 100% perfect in your diet, and suddenly, a woosh happens. This is called the Woosh Fairy, and she is fickle at passing out her weight loss dreams. Read about the Woosh Fairy, it may help you understand, and know you are not alone. And she, the Woosh Fairy has a poem!

hey i wanted to know if when on the phase 3 (maintanence period) can you do vigorous exercise?
@shay, Am almost three weeks in and have lost 14.5 pounds to date. The last five days my weight has fluctuated back and forth resulting in a .5 lost this week!! Help!! I've not changed anything, nor have I cheated. I'm really stuck and need some motivational words.
@Deena, You are doing great! Really weight does fluctuate just don't stress and keep up your protocol.
@shay, Phase 3 you can increase exercise to moderate. I would wait till I'm on full maintenance to go harder.
hi today is my 14th day on the hcg and 500 cal so far i have lost 11lbs. i am getting a little frustrated i guess im not at a stall but the loosing is slowing and i dont know why. last week it was 1.5 one day and 2.6 loss then all of the sudden i am only loosing .7 and .4 any suggestions on what i should do i am following everything correctly but was hoping for more of a loss. should i do an apple day or steak day? and i measure frequently and the inches are still the same too. i know my hcg is real because i have tested it. just a little frustrated any help is appreciated thanks.
@emily, You are losing within normal range, .5-3 pounds. No need for frustration.
so i have been on this diet for the last week and i have lost like ten pounds but i am stalling and i hope its not what i am eating. breakfast coffie , tea and 32 oz of water snack half a apple an three strawberry's lunch chicken or beef both grass feed one cup of spinage and some celery 32 oz water snack half an apple and three more strawberrys more water dinner chicken or beef i mix the two up threw out the week like one type for dinner and one type for lunch one more cup of spinage and maybe 1/3 of a tomato i am drying to get into the navy i used to run like two to three miles a day i have cut it back to one in a half to two miles every other day but i still have to do about 100 sit ups a day and 40 push ups i get plenty of water threw out the day but i just don't know what i am doing wrong
@michelle y, A stall is 4 days of 0 fat loss AND inch loss. Are you taking your body measurements? You may want to cut the beef, it has a high stall rate. Read hCG Diet Stall Breakers Exercise will cause water retention so you need to do light exercise like walking. Also you may want to download the manuscript and read thus it will help the diet go better for you in the long run.
Hi Dez, I guess I didn't have a real stall cause today (which would be the 4th day of no weight loss) I woke up to 1 or 2lbs less. I don't know exactly, because my scale isn't digital. But I'm going to get one today, it really makes a difference, knowing exactly what you lost or not. ;) So, I am guessing it was my "period". When I said I "didn't really have a period" with my IUD, I meant "not one you can see", as in... Well, here it is: my baby turns 6 months today and I haven't had a period since I found out I was pregnant, in October 2009! This is what, 15 months ago (feel so good! Lol!). Of course the breastfeeding kept me from bleeding all this time, but being realistic, I stopped breastfeeding about 2 months ago (long story), and my periods still won't show. Of course I do have periods, but I don't bleed, that's what I was reffering to. I only spot, occasionally, and it is inconsistent to *WHEN* it will happen, so I never know when I am actually having a period. I only spotted once right after I put the IUD (about 4 months ago!) and then 3 days ago. That is how I am only guessing I was having my period, and therefore it could have stopped/slowed my weight loss. Too confusing anyways, lol. But apparently (and hopefully!) that was the case: my period. I'll pay attention to it dorung this next week to see if the weight loss is back on track or what else. ;) Have a great Sunday you all! :)
@Bruna, Also read meat. Try to avoid it, maybe 1x a week have some.

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