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hCG Diet Stall Breakers

Stalling on the hCG diet can be frustrating. While Dr. Simeons defines an hCG diet plateau as 4 days of no weight loss or an inch loss, for the hCG dieter who is averaging 1/2 – 3 pounds a day it can test your will and determination to continue the hCG diet.

Well, if you are here, you have chosen to be determined and find a solution to your stall and continue on your hCG diet plan. YOU ROCK!

Dr. Simeons's manuscript only recommends one way to break an hCG diet plateau. BUT hCG dieters have found other ways to break a stall to add to Dr. Simeons diet plan.

Apple Day

Apple day consists of eating nothing but apples for one day. You eat 6 large apples and drink water all day. That’s it. No other fruit, no vegetables, or protein.

Steak Day

Drink plenty of water. In the evening, eat a huge steak with only an apple or a raw tomato.

Herbal Teas

Dr. Simeons suggests a diuretic. That may be a bit drastic, and if you are not under a doctor’s supervision, may be hard to get. Some herbal teas act as natural diuretics and will produce the same desired effect, the release of water. You can get a list of the hCG diet teas and their benefits that Kevin Trudeau recommends by click here: hCG Diet Tea

• Cornsilk Tea
• Green Tea
• Dandelion Tea
• Fennel Tea
• Parsley Tea

You can add more tea to your hCG diet, or do a fast with tea. Parsley Tea in particular is a very powerful natural diuretic. It contains vitamins A and C, and has more beta-carotene than a large carrot. A cup of minced parsley has more vitamin C than eating 2 oranges. A cup of minced parsley has more calcium than a cup of milk and 20 times as much iron as liver. Parsley is also a natural breath freshener, thanks to chlorophyll contained in parsley.

Diuretic Foods & Seasonings

These foods listed are not only natural diuretics, but are hCG diet friendly foods. You may want to change your hCG diet menu after a stall by incorporating these foods.

• Apple Cider Vinegar – great for a salad dressing
• Asparagus – improves waste removal
• Cabbage breaks up fatty deposits, especially around abs
• Lettuce – aids in metabolism and flushes toxins
• Tomatoes – aids in metabolism, release water and flushes waste
• Garlic – aids in breakage of fat
• Horseradish – aids in metabolism, breakage of fat
• Caffeine – aids in waste removal and suppresses appetite

hCG Diet Stall Tips

• Weigh your food raw/uncooked. 100 grams of meat should be weighed raw, not cooked.
• Refocus your diet, re-read the manuscript, and make sure you are having foods in the right amounts.
• Do not eat more than 1 kind of fruit a day.
• Do not eat more than 1 kind of vegetable in a day.
• Discontinue the breadsticks or Melba toast.
• Decrease or discontinue use of artificial sweeteners (AS).
• Increase Water intake. Water is another natural diuretic that is often neglected. Drink 2 liters or more a day.
• Decrease excess salt. Diet soda is a double culprit with AS and sodium. Try making your own hCG diet soda to control sodium and sweetener.
• Exercise — heavy exercise can cause water retention; walking, T-Tapp, Yoga and Pilates are good lighter exercises. Weight Training, Cycling; or Running may be too much while on the 500-calorie hCG diet and cause water retention.
• Make sure you measure your body as well as hitting the scales. If you have stopped losing, the inches may be coming off.
• Use Miracle Noodles to break a hCG diet stall.

Here is another hCG Diet Stall Breaker. Try it! Read more about T-Tapp and what it can do for you.

Hey guys, has anybody experienced a weigh stall of 8 days or more? I've been in the 199 and 198 range for 8 days now. I haven't cheated and I drink about 10 to 11 glasses of water a day. I have lost about 16 pounds so far, but the goal was for me to be in 185 or 186. My last day will be July 06. Should I increase my water intake? Any thoughts will be highly appreciated :/
@mary, YES!!! :( I'm on day 10 of no loss. 5 day's ago I did an apple day, lost a pound, next day gained it back and been there another 5 days. This SUCKS! :(
@Tracy, What hCG are you on and have you lose inches. A STALL is 4 days of no weight lose OR INCH lose. Everyone forgets the inches and forgets to measure. Have you?
@mary, Wow 8 days? What exactly are you eating? Have you kept a food journal? Details about what you are eating will help a lot in helping you see what's going on. Are you doing drops or injections? If drops which ones? If injections how much? Have you tried any Stall Breakers on this page?
I have noticed that when I exercise, I stall. I have only lost 12 lbs in 18 days, although I only weighed 148lb to begin with. I drink more water when I exercise and follow the diet exactly, so the only thing I can think of is the exercise.
@linda, Yes exercise will stall you. Read hCG diet exercise to see what type you need to do and what type of exercise you need to avoid on the hCG diet.
I am the same here. I have been at the same weight for 2 days then yesterda I gained a pound, today my weight stayed that same. I have been on the diet since 05/23/11 and have only lost 11 pounds. I am doing everything right. I even got a food scale.
@Steph, 2 days isn't a stall 4 days of NO weight or inch lose. Have you checked your inches? What do you consider doing everything right? What products are you using on your hair, skin, body? Are you drinking at least 2 liters of water? What foods are you eating exactly? Are you weighing your meat raw before cooking?
I have been stalled for about 5 days now. Since I only have 9 days left I was thinking of going to Ph3 now and restarting in a few weeks. I have tried the apple day, I am sticking with the protocol, no melba toast, no cheating, keeping variety in my foods. Would the restart be the best option?
@Lori B, Yes you can, just stop the drops, but still do 500 cals then move onto P3. After 6 weeks you can restart.

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