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Are there any side effects of doing the prescription hCG diet?

Many people report not feeling hungry whatsoever when on the hCG diet. It's important that you count your calories to make sure you are eating between 500 and 700 calories per day. Why?

Gallstones can also form if you drop your calories below this and it could raise your cholesterol in the gallbladder and the body loses its ability to expel the bile correctly. Obese women are at high risk of developing gallstones during extreme caloric restriction.

Cardiovascular problems can cause life-threatening reports Dr. Rao. Hunger can damage the heart and brain, thus resulting in a heart attack, heart failure or stroke.

People whose weight loss slow down are often only eating 300 calories per day. You might wonder how they don't know this? Well, there is a big difference in calories between lean beef and white fish. While on the hCG diet, your hunger normally vanishes and sometimes you have to remember to eat. This is why people can end up only consuming a couple hundred calories per day.

So, count your calories so you lose the maximum amount per day!



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