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hCG Diet Protocol Cheat

Well, these last few days, trying to lose weight on the hCG diet protocol may have been difficult. THANK YOU, Thanksgiving Weekend.

You have turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, string beans, peas, rolls, red velvet cake, coconut cake, pumpkin pie, apple pie, sweet potato pie, ice cream, whip cream, deviled eggs, roasted chicken, prime ribs, lamb, and on and on and on.

Not exactly hCG diet friendly food. Not many of these foods would be on the hCG diet protocol, and few of these foods will help hCG weight loss. BUT family and friends were around, and you were tempted and you ate…and then went back for seconds. Then Friday and Saturday came and well, you did bring a plate home with you, so you ate and ate some more.

Now it’s Sunday and cold reality sets in, you jump on the scale and guilt joins the bandwagon. So how do you brush off this monstrous hCG diet cheat?


DO NOT beat yourself up! That is the worst thing you can ever do. Accept whatever the gain is, accept the fact you ate and move on. Get over your hCG diet cheat real quick! Dwelling on cheats hurt your overall mood, focus and determination.
You maybe even tempted to just ditch the entire hCG diet protocol because you feel utterly bad about cheating. Don’t! hCG weight loss is still possible and you can do it!


DO some extra exercise. Exercise can release the stress you feel about cheating. T-Tapp has some great moves, specifically the Hoe Downs, to help neutralize a cheat. This simple move will make you sweat! Try the video below for the Hoe Down move. It truly is a carb buster!
Walk three times a day instead of one, adding an extra ten minutes to your walk. Exercise on the hCG diet protocol is good for you overall.  Just don’t over do it, and drink extra water.


ADD some extra water to your hCG diet protocol. Water will help you release additional water. Any gains you had on your hCG diet cheat is water weight, and the fastest way to move water weight is by increasing protein, decreasing carbs and increasing water.


GET STRICT with yourself. Get back to the basics of the hCG diet protocol, weigh your foods, eat only hCG diet foods.



Try one of the hCG diet stall ‘tricks’ to counteract the hCG diet cheat.
hCG Diet Apple Day is a plateau buster and can be found in the Pounds and Inches Manuscript for complete details. Basically, you eat 6 apples all day, drink water and nothing else.
hCG Diet Steak Day, is really done on maintenance, but it can also get you back to basics, bust a plateau, and even counter a cheat on the hCG diet protocol. For details, go to the Pounds and Inches manuscript. But the basic principle is to eat nothing all day until the evening meal, and then eat a nice juicy steak, grilled and 1 apple.

Final Thoughts

Doing a combination of Hoe Downs from T-Tapp, a Steak Day or an Apple Day, and increasing water intake for a day or two should put any cheat behind you quickly and get you back to hCG weight loss in short order. Or you can use Miracle Noodles to counter an hCG diet cheat, or break a hCG diet stall.

@Cherie, When you say "what about going off" what do you mean? A break or going into P3?
HELP!!! I binged cheated yesterday on SUGAR! I am so worried!!! I was on my 1st day of the VLCD with no injections and need to be on that for the next three days. I made valentines cookies and ate a bunch of cookies with frosting and am up 4 pounds today. YES FOUR POUNDS!!! Ahhhh! I dont know what to do today to counter the cheat. I cant believe that I thought I could make cookies and not even have a taste. I am so mad at myself. Should I do a steak day today? Any advice would be sooooo appreciated. Thanks.
cheating is not the best idea! I cheated slightly by just eating beef from a carving station which obviously must have had oil. I gained only a pound but stalled for 5 days. That is horrible...Cheating basically caused me 7 pounds. 5 from the lack of loss of 1 a day which I was doing no problem plus the 1 I gained and the 1 I had to lose again. Cheating has had the same affect for two friends and my sister. You basically lose a week or 7 pound loss potiental so even if you gain only slightly you need to look at the big picture. I did a 35 day round and only lost 17 due to my slight cheat. I would have been at my goal weight but am not :( I know it's hard but one cheat day is definitely not worth it. Especially since you become immune. My advice is work through it and make a great low carb no sugar dessert on your first day of phase 3, it wont effect you as much. DON'T CHEAT!
@vanita, I had the same experience and thought I was going crazy. I had mayo in my tuna one day while on the road and had to stop at subway. I gained 1.4 and have not lost in 5 days. I was willing to gain a pound but i't's the lack of losses that really hurting me.( And it not like I had pasta or anything.) Geez that little bit oil form mayo did some damage. I am doing a apple day and see what happens.
@Djordan, You should walk/run for 30-40 minutes and it will kick start your weight loss when you hit a plateau. I began exercising everyday when I hit a plateau and the weight started dropping off again:o)
I am getting ready to start my first round of HCG. I don't need to lose a lot of weight but I am a person who works out all the time and have been having trouble losing 10 lbs...(That happens when you turn 40!) Anyway, does anyone know how exercise affects your weightloss? I can't imagine not lifting weights or running daily. Is there anyone out there who only wanted to do this diet for a 10 or 15 lbs weight loss?
@LaFawnduh, Exercise, heavy exercise will slow your lose. Have you tried T-Tapp? It may do a bit better for you if so little to lose.
I have a huge sweet tooth and im only on my tenth day without cheating but my only fear is that when i get into the 20th day or even the 30th and then i have to deal with the 3 week phase where i still cant eat sugar. what am I gonna do about these cravings? all i want it chocolate cake and cookie dough icecream im afraid its just going to get worst. And my cravings dont last 10 minutes they have been lasting the past 4 days. Part of it could be my menstral cycle but i am afraid these cfravings are going to get worst! ahhhh what can i do?? i had an apple but.........its not quite the same haha
@Bianca, Bianca you will have to worry about it all the time. Temptations will always be around you. It is up to you to decided what to do, what is better for you, what is going to help you reach your goals all the time. Do you want to yo-yo or is this a life change? What can help are several things, however remember in the end even the most strongest will power is your mind and what it wants. Read hCG Diet Hunger & Cravings Know what foods trigger your cravings and avoid them. Avoid Splenda, switch to Stevia as Splenda cause cravings as it the taste resembles sugar. Try a Candida Cleanse as sometimes intense cravings can be due to Candida overgrowth.
I did an apple day on my first round just to break a platuea and did another apple day today for the same reason. Both times I have had bad reactions and ended up throwing up! The steak day works much better for me and so I wont be doing an apple day again.

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