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hCG Diet Protocol Cheat

Well, these last few days, trying to lose weight on the hCG diet protocol may have been difficult. THANK YOU, Thanksgiving Weekend.

You have turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, string beans, peas, rolls, red velvet cake, coconut cake, pumpkin pie, apple pie, sweet potato pie, ice cream, whip cream, deviled eggs, roasted chicken, prime ribs, lamb, and on and on and on.

Not exactly hCG diet friendly food. Not many of these foods would be on the hCG diet protocol, and few of these foods will help hCG weight loss. BUT family and friends were around, and you were tempted and you ate…and then went back for seconds. Then Friday and Saturday came and well, you did bring a plate home with you, so you ate and ate some more.

Now it’s Sunday and cold reality sets in, you jump on the scale and guilt joins the bandwagon. So how do you brush off this monstrous hCG diet cheat?


DO NOT beat yourself up! That is the worst thing you can ever do. Accept whatever the gain is, accept the fact you ate and move on. Get over your hCG diet cheat real quick! Dwelling on cheats hurt your overall mood, focus and determination.
You maybe even tempted to just ditch the entire hCG diet protocol because you feel utterly bad about cheating. Don’t! hCG weight loss is still possible and you can do it!


DO some extra exercise. Exercise can release the stress you feel about cheating. T-Tapp has some great moves, specifically the Hoe Downs, to help neutralize a cheat. This simple move will make you sweat! Try the video below for the Hoe Down move. It truly is a carb buster!
Walk three times a day instead of one, adding an extra ten minutes to your walk. Exercise on the hCG diet protocol is good for you overall.  Just don’t over do it, and drink extra water.


ADD some extra water to your hCG diet protocol. Water will help you release additional water. Any gains you had on your hCG diet cheat is water weight, and the fastest way to move water weight is by increasing protein, decreasing carbs and increasing water.


GET STRICT with yourself. Get back to the basics of the hCG diet protocol, weigh your foods, eat only hCG diet foods.



Try one of the hCG diet stall ‘tricks’ to counteract the hCG diet cheat.
hCG Diet Apple Day is a plateau buster and can be found in the Pounds and Inches Manuscript for complete details. Basically, you eat 6 apples all day, drink water and nothing else.
hCG Diet Steak Day, is really done on maintenance, but it can also get you back to basics, bust a plateau, and even counter a cheat on the hCG diet protocol. For details, go to the Pounds and Inches manuscript. But the basic principle is to eat nothing all day until the evening meal, and then eat a nice juicy steak, grilled and 1 apple.

Final Thoughts

Doing a combination of Hoe Downs from T-Tapp, a Steak Day or an Apple Day, and increasing water intake for a day or two should put any cheat behind you quickly and get you back to hCG weight loss in short order. Or you can use Miracle Noodles to counter an hCG diet cheat, or break a hCG diet stall.

i am on p2 day 13, woke up to a 5 pound gain. so frustrated any advice
hi i bought the shirataki noodles from whole foods but these have 20 calories per serving and arent the miracle noodle can this cause nop weight loss its my first day on the diet

You don't have the right ones.  Miracle Noodles have 0 calories.  You need the Miracle Noodles the ones you have will mess the diet up.

@Dez, ive been adding this to my dinner oh either 100grams of veggies and 100 grams of steak tilapia shirmp or chicken breast and ive been loosing 2 pounds a day the noodles taste like regular pasta u have to rinse em but there not that bad like other people where saying just smell like fish a lil from the soy im guessing but i think maybe i am loosing weight still because i added them to phase 2 since the first day for dinner idk i thin 500 cal diet people will still loose weight but hcg dies make it easier ...oh and idk everybodys body is different i usto eat alot of bread and carbs before this so i needed something to trick me into thinking i was still eating it the noodles helped so much i figured it would help long term i dont even want to eat regular noodles anymore after eating a bowl of em and only being 40 for one bag theres two servings but one bag is to small to split well thats my input thanks

IF you stall or slow, ditch them.

i did apple day all day already did 6 small organic apples and had miracle noodles with fish is that ok the reason for this is i had a stall
@amy ,

You do 1 stall breaker at a time.  So apple day 1 day see what happends then if you need to do another then try another.

I'm starting the drops after the holidays but I am going for a girls weekend mid jan should I stop taking the drops 2 days before I leave and continue when I get back OR should I keep with the drops even though I know I'm going to cheat?
@Dez, yes, they work. if you mess up the apples. that works too.

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