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hCG Diet Phase 3

Depending on which hCG diet protocol you are following, this is a very critical phase. It's critical for Dr. Simeons followers and critical for The Weight Loss Cure followers, and for those that take a little from each and combine the two hCG diet protocols.
If you lost the weight you wanted and don’t need another round, this will be your maintenance phase. If you have more to lose this, it will be part of your first round of the hCG protocol.
Again, if you’re just gathering information about the hCG diet for weight loss, you may want to read hCG Diet Phase 1, then hCG Diet Phase 2 before reading this post. If you have been waiting for us to finally write this, then here it is!

Dr. Simeons’ hCG Diet Phase 3

Now that you have lost weight, this becomes the critical phase for two reasons. One, if you have lost all the weight you wanted, you want to maintain your loss. Two, if you have more to lose, you want to maintain your loss and continue to lose. Either way, hCG diet phase 3 is where you reset the hypothalamus.

The rules are pretty easy. Eat whatever you want, watch your weight, stay within 2 pounds of your total loss. If you gain more than you should, do an apple day or steak day. BUT the reality is that eating whatever you want is not the smartest way to maintain your loss.

If you eat cookies, fast food, chips, dips, pizza, cake, and cookies, the weight will come back. Liposuction, Lap Band, and Gastric Bypass people all regain weight if they ‘go back’ to eating the way they did before.

If you lift weights, you will gain muscle, then the 2 pounds may not apply either because muscle weighs more than fat. This is why taking your measurements is just as important as scale weight.

The reality is that maintaining your weight loss is an Inconvenient Life style change and a commitment to that change. The hCG diet protocol gives you a huge advantage because you have learned a lot about portion control, a different way of cooking, a different way of nourishing your body, and you have substantially decreased your taste for sweets. All these things are to your advantage as your real challenge commences. Your Life Style Change.

If you have more to lose, you will stay on phase 3 for 3 weeks but wait various times between your next round of oral hCG or hCG Injections. For example, when you end your first round of the hCG protocol, you stay on hCG diet phase 3 for 3 weeks but wait 6 weeks to restart.

When you end your second round you wait 8 weeks to restart the hCG diet protocol.  And when you end your third round of the protocol, you wait 12 weeks before starting your fourth round. This comes from the Pounds and Inches manuscript and is strict Dr. Simeons' protocol.

You may see around the web, on other sites, or at your hCG diet clinic, people who do 3 weeks between rounds or even not stopping until they have lost the weight. This is not meant to debate what is right or wrong but simply to give you Dr. Simeons’ method.

The #1 question that persists with this phase of the hCG diet is “What Do I Eat?.” If you have read a previous post, After The hCG Diet, then you know it’s not an easy question to answer, and Dr. Simeons didn’t elaborate. In general, the best choices keep company in the low carb realm (this includes low carb variations such as South Beach, 40/30/30, etc.), eating in moderation, and eating healthy Omega 3 fats and mono-saturated fats, like olive oil.

We have helped hCG dieters with a good list of hCG Diet Phase 3 foods they can eat and enjoy. It's in the vein of Low Carb and Mediterranean eating and will help you keep your weight within the 2 pound limit as required in Phase 3.

If you are finished with the diet, and lost all you wanted, then these rules apply; if you have more weight to lose, then these rules apply. Just watch what you eat, eat in moderation, make healthy choices and make a life style change.

Kevin Trudeau’s hCG Diet, Phase 3

For Kevin Trudeau’s hCG diet devotees, you will begin your actual diet of the hCG protocol by following Dr. Simeons hCG diet food list, only eating organic and hormone free foods.

During KT’s phase 3 protocol, you will also continue to do colonics. 15 colonics are suggested, aiding in further detoxing of the body and in promoting weight loss.

You will also take the hCG diet supplements. Supplements include Krill oil, L-Carnitine, CoralCal, and Natural Calm.

@Aim, Well you are not eating right. The P3 rule is no sugar no starch and you are getting sugar. Let's take a quick label reading lesson. Grab your carton of Skim Milk and look at the Carbohydrates they are reporting. Look at the total number then the break down. The sugar breakdown section is reading the highest value. You need to read labels on all your foods Example: Carbs 20 Sugar 10 Fiber 5 Starch (this is never given but is the remainder) 5 Protein 10 Fats 10 Saturated 5 Trans (some foods list some don't but same as principal as Starch) 5 And the rest, sodium, cholesterol and the rest. So when choosing foods outside of the list in this section of the site, hCG Phase 3 Foods, you need to check the Carbohydrates you are eating very carefully and avoid it. So off the bat I see dairy and I have no clue what is in HerbaLife for Sugar Carbs. Almonds are okay but you want to take it easy on them. Mushrooms should be avoided at this point as well. Really for life, as they are a fungus and unbalance the gut leading to Candida. So check what you are eating at all times. Stick to foods on Phase 3 Food List and you will do fine. HTH
@Dez, Thank you! I thought dairy was ok in small increments, guess not! And thanks for the label lesson, I never understood the carb section since the numbers never really add up to the total! Will I be able to add the dairy after phase 3? Thank you again, Aim
@Aim, Yes you can after P3 but I would still watch the dairy. Those sugar carbs do add up. I know a lot of people just read the carbs and not the break down then they don't put starch in the break down so that leaves you wondering. Crazy. Our goal is for your success so whatever information I can pass on empowers you to reach your goal. Thanks
If you are going to cheat one day should you still do the injection?
@Donna, Follow the rules for hCG diet break.
Do I stay on phase 2 until I reach my desired weight and then start Phase 3? I am on the second round of Phase 2. I follow the diet strictly and have lost 27 pounds in 36 days. I did a 3 day planned cheat after the 1st full 21 day (plus 2 load and three without hcg = 26 days) I have started the next 21 days I have a week to go and my goal is 20 more pounds. So, do I wait until I reach it to start phase 3?
@Amy, No you stay on P2 for 26 or 42 days. You are doing great plan cheat and all. After that move to P3 for 21 days then you have several weeks to wait before starting back to P1. That is per the manuscript. HTH
I am on Day 30 and have only lost 14.5 pounds and only 11 inches. Although I know that is still good, I am just frustrated because everyone else I know has lost so much more than me. I have been very strict in my adherence to this diet. I am taking the drops from a doctor, my friend also took the same drops and lost 19 pounds in 21 days and 27 inches. She only needed to lose 10 more pounds than me. I am truly not truing to be frustrated, but I feel my self control sort of diminishing. Phase 3 scares me like crazy because I do not want to gain. Any ideas to keep motivated? I would like to do the whole 40 days, just not sure I am in the right frame of mind to follow the diet like I should.
@Debbie, Are you taking drops or shots from your doctor? Also with less to lose the lose is sometimes slow. What foods are you allowed to eat from your doctor vs. Dr. Simeons manuscript food list?? That is sometimes an issue.
Hi, my husband and I start our phase 3 tomorrow. We did lose a signifant amount of weight during. Phase 2 and are so scared about the phase 3. I am sure we aren't the only ones!! I didn't have cravings for anything at all. My husband on the other hand has had a lot. The question is once our 6 weeks is up what can we to to help prevent food cravings for him. We will be doing another round together but after that he will be on his own. Oh and we are doing the injections. Thank you hope to hear from you soon! Coreen

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