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hCG Diet Phase 3

Depending on which hCG diet protocol you are following, this is a very critical phase. It's critical for Dr. Simeons followers and critical for The Weight Loss Cure followers, and for those that take a little from each and combine the two hCG diet protocols.
If you lost the weight you wanted and don’t need another round, this will be your maintenance phase. If you have more to lose this, it will be part of your first round of the hCG protocol.
Again, if you’re just gathering information about the hCG diet for weight loss, you may want to read hCG Diet Phase 1, then hCG Diet Phase 2 before reading this post. If you have been waiting for us to finally write this, then here it is!

Dr. Simeons’ hCG Diet Phase 3

Now that you have lost weight, this becomes the critical phase for two reasons. One, if you have lost all the weight you wanted, you want to maintain your loss. Two, if you have more to lose, you want to maintain your loss and continue to lose. Either way, hCG diet phase 3 is where you reset the hypothalamus.

The rules are pretty easy. Eat whatever you want, watch your weight, stay within 2 pounds of your total loss. If you gain more than you should, do an apple day or steak day. BUT the reality is that eating whatever you want is not the smartest way to maintain your loss.

If you eat cookies, fast food, chips, dips, pizza, cake, and cookies, the weight will come back. Liposuction, Lap Band, and Gastric Bypass people all regain weight if they ‘go back’ to eating the way they did before.

If you lift weights, you will gain muscle, then the 2 pounds may not apply either because muscle weighs more than fat. This is why taking your measurements is just as important as scale weight.

The reality is that maintaining your weight loss is an Inconvenient Life style change and a commitment to that change. The hCG diet protocol gives you a huge advantage because you have learned a lot about portion control, a different way of cooking, a different way of nourishing your body, and you have substantially decreased your taste for sweets. All these things are to your advantage as your real challenge commences. Your Life Style Change.

If you have more to lose, you will stay on phase 3 for 3 weeks but wait various times between your next round of oral hCG or hCG Injections. For example, when you end your first round of the hCG protocol, you stay on hCG diet phase 3 for 3 weeks but wait 6 weeks to restart.

When you end your second round you wait 8 weeks to restart the hCG diet protocol.  And when you end your third round of the protocol, you wait 12 weeks before starting your fourth round. This comes from the Pounds and Inches manuscript and is strict Dr. Simeons' protocol.

You may see around the web, on other sites, or at your hCG diet clinic, people who do 3 weeks between rounds or even not stopping until they have lost the weight. This is not meant to debate what is right or wrong but simply to give you Dr. Simeons’ method.

The #1 question that persists with this phase of the hCG diet is “What Do I Eat?.” If you have read a previous post, After The hCG Diet, then you know it’s not an easy question to answer, and Dr. Simeons didn’t elaborate. In general, the best choices keep company in the low carb realm (this includes low carb variations such as South Beach, 40/30/30, etc.), eating in moderation, and eating healthy Omega 3 fats and mono-saturated fats, like olive oil.

We have helped hCG dieters with a good list of hCG Diet Phase 3 foods they can eat and enjoy. It's in the vein of Low Carb and Mediterranean eating and will help you keep your weight within the 2 pound limit as required in Phase 3.

If you are finished with the diet, and lost all you wanted, then these rules apply; if you have more weight to lose, then these rules apply. Just watch what you eat, eat in moderation, make healthy choices and make a life style change.

Kevin Trudeau’s hCG Diet, Phase 3

For Kevin Trudeau’s hCG diet devotees, you will begin your actual diet of the hCG protocol by following Dr. Simeons hCG diet food list, only eating organic and hormone free foods.

During KT’s phase 3 protocol, you will also continue to do colonics. 15 colonics are suggested, aiding in further detoxing of the body and in promoting weight loss.

You will also take the hCG diet supplements. Supplements include Krill oil, L-Carnitine, CoralCal, and Natural Calm.

Hi I tried to look for hcg body shaper on Facebook and found nothing please let me know how to connect to you Facebook page. Thank you

Just click the link here or above on the right hand side.

Am i allowed to go back to my usual body and hair products in Phase 3?

Yes you are.  You only go NO fat or oils on P2 because it can seep into your skin and prevent weight loss.

i'm on week 2 of phase 3 and have lost almost more than 2lbs from my last weight when on drops, what to do? i know the limit is 2, but what happens if i lose more? im eating more but i dont know if i can eat anymore than i already am!

Did you use real hCG?  What are you eating?  Are you follow the Phase 3 food list?  Not using real hCG is a huge issue and a problem a large number of homeopathic users have.  AND not following P3 food list is another issue if you did use real hCG.  Moderation and the P3 foods.

The day I took the last injection I weighed 210.8. The morning after I weighed 209.0. After the last three days of the 500 calorie diet I weighed 207.8. What weight should I try to stabilize?? the 209.0 or the 210.8?? Its only been a week and I've been trying to keep close to the 209, but all I'm doing is eating little meals one day and doing a steak day the next. . ..


Per Pounds and Inches you are going for the last weight of your drops or injections.  So if your last drop or injection you were 210.8 that is the weight you will target for 2 pounds over. You don't want to get 212.9 that would be 2 pounds over your last drops or injection weight.  If you are 209 now, good for you!  Less to lose the next round!   

Dr Simeon says that the end of a course should never be coincide with menstruation. I am taking contraceptive pills. My period lasts about 5 days. it starts the day after I stop the pill. If I start taking the drops the day after I finish my period, I will complete my 23 days, just the last day on my pill. Therefore the next day my period will come and I should have the 3 days of dieting without the drops. Is it ok to finish the cycle like this?

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