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hCG Diet Phase 2

This is where it gets a little confusing. When you are searching and finding information, or reading hCG diet forums about the hCG diet or phase 2 of the hCG Diet, the hCG diet Phase 2, based on Dr. Simones’, Pounds and Inches, and Kevin Trudeau’s, The Weight Loss Cure, are different parts of the same hCG diet.

As a matter of fact, it was only after Kevin Trudeau’s The Weight Loss Cure came out and people on the internet start talking, exchanging ideas, successes, and stories, and seeking help and more information about the hCG diet, that it became part of the lexicon to refer to the various parts of the diet as phases and stages as rounds.

IF you came to this page first, you may want to read hCG Diet Phase 1 before starting on the hCG Diet Phase 2 post.

Dr. Simeons hCG Diet Phase 2

Dr. Simeons has you starting the actual ‘diet’ of the hCG diet, eating the specific hCG diet foods called for in Dr. Simones Pounds and Inches manuscript in Phase 2.

The hCG Diet Phase 2 lasts for 26 days or 40 days. The day difference depends on how much weight you have to lose and how long you prefer to diet. While you are on the diet phase of the hCG diet, you will continue injecting hCG, or taking your oral hCG for a 26 or 40 day time period.

However, the last 3 days, (day 23 or day 37 respectively) you will stop taking hCG, but continue to eat the hCG diet foods of 500 calories. This gives the hCG time to leave your system before you begin either your hCG diet hiatus, or you go on to maintaining your weight loss.

A word about the hCG allowed foods. As the diet has evolved and become popular, others have added other foods to this list or increased the caloric intake. Dr. Simeons’ hCG diet food list is very specific, very limited, and very low in calories, 500 per day. The hCG allowed food is, NO fat, VERY low carb and HIGH protein. This allows for optimal fat loss from the body in the shortest amount of time.


• 2 servings of meat a day
• Do not combine the servings.
• Do not have the same meat the same day or 2 days in a row.
• Each serving is 100 grams or 3.5 oz.
• Occasionally eggs
• 1 whole egg and 3 whites poached, boiled or even scrambled
• Or 100 grams of skimmed milk cottage cheese


• Do not mix or combine vegetables.
• 2 servings a day
• Dr. Simeons doesn’t give an amount of hCG approved vegetables. The popular consensus is 2 cups per meal before cooking.


• 2 servings of fruit
• Do not combine the servings.
• Do not have same fruit the same day or 2 days in a row.


• 2 servings of bread a day
• Either Melba Toast or Grissini breads
• Do not combine the servings.


• Water is essential, a minimum of 8 – 8oz glasses a day.
• Coffee
hCG diet tea
• 1 TBS of milk a day only

Kevin Trudeau’s hCG Diet Phase 2

Kevin Trudeau’s Phase 2 is when you start the hCG diet loading days, while you take your oral hCG or inject hCG. Essentially, KT’s Phase 2 is Dr. Simeons hCG diet phase 1.

This is the fun part of the hCG diet for most, as you gorge on fun foods that you will miss for a few days, and load up on fats and such.

@Elle, Humm, what about a salad snack? You seem to be doing everything right, and you can graze on salads all day pretty much and won't even hit 100 calories with various lettuces for salad base.
@DEZ - so you can graze on salads all day? what consists in a salad, one head of lettuce, or can u mix in some other salad stuff? thanks
@Dez, I was hoping to eliminate food... not add! BUT your comment seems to indicate that I can have salad more than once in a day. I was under the impression that lettuce was on the vegetable list - meaning I can't have it more than once in a day OR two days in a row. Pulling out the Pounds & Inches again... my capacity for confusion has reached new heights. This program may have become even EASIER (if possible). RIP2D14.... -14!!!
@Elle, No you can have it as much as you like, it's a very high fiber (filling) low calorie food. If you don't like Miracle Noodles then salad will fill you up due to it's fiber content. Dr. Simeons says to round out the calories vegetables, TO ME, salad (lettuce variety and some spinach) accomplishes this very well. FYI 10 grams of Romain has .3 yes that is point 3 grams of carbs, with .1 being sugar. 55 grams of Iceberg has 1.6 grams of carbs with 1.1 from sugar For fun, buy a head of iceberg and a head of romain and weight them out on your scale to see exactly how much it is visually. It's a lot to eat in one setting. HTH
I was wondering if I wanted to have a girls night out and have a few drinks (vodka) how would it affect the plan? Also what would I need to do in order to get back on track :-)
@Awndia, You will more than likely stall. You will need to see hCG diet stall breakers for help.
how exactly do you do that when you are only allowed apples, oranges & strawberry's. Oh that's right grapefruit for breakfast. With the limited choices (AND yes i read the protocols before entering the diet), but I don't see how you can switch it up unless you don't have the grapefruit for breakfast.
@Julie, It's in the menu plan, just 2 per day. No matter when you eat them. I would avoid fruit for breakfast as it will raise insulin levels thus hunger and cravings. HTH
Hey Dez, I finally finished I am on Round 2 of P2. I maintained my weight loss of the 30 lbs from the 1st round. Yay! Here is my question, I have tried to come as close to 500 calories as possible...but like one of my meals it was 247....yada yada...will this affect me? I am not sure if your remember the difficult time I had with my first round so I am trying to make sure I HIT the mark this time. I am excited about this time. Let me know your thoughts/advice. Thanks. What happens if it is not EXACTLY 500 calories?
@Netta, Add veggies to make the difference to get to 500 cals. Fresh salad veggies is the BEST way. If you don't reach the exact 500 cals, nothing will happen you will lose but you will feel much fuller on 500 and less likely to cheat.

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