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hCG Diet Phase 1

What constitutes Phase 1 of the hCG diet? That depends on who you are following, Dr. Simeons Pounds and Inches or Kevin Trudeau’s The Weight Loss Cure. This article will break down both to help end the confusion for those learning about the hCG diet for weight loss.

Dr. Simeons’ hCG Diet Phase 1

As per Dr. Simeons’, the first step of the hCG diet consists of the hCG diet Loading Days, a 2 day load or more famously put, “eat to capacity”. The principle behind the hCG diet 2 day load is to fatten yourself up, preferably, eating fatty foods, to ease any initial hcg diet hunger or hcg diet headaches you may have going on a 500 VLCD from the level of calories you were previously eating.  Here is a list of the best hCG Diet Phase 1 foods to eat to be compliant and get your fat in.

You are also starting your hCG diet injections or real oral hCG drops, at this time, to allow the hCG hormone to enter your system and take effect. It takes approximately two days for the hCG hormone to reach therapeutic levels for hCG dieting purposes.

Kevin Trudeau’s hCG Diet Phase 1

Kevin Trudeau’s first step of the hCG diet consists of cleansing for 30 days prior to starting the hCG diet loading days. Cleanses are recommended to remove impurities, toxins, fat and yeast overgrowth from your body. While you are doing the recommended cleanses, it is highly beneficial and highly recommended that you eat organic meats, fruits, and vegetables. Otherwise, you negate the purpose and benefits of the cleanses.

The hCG Diet Cleanses:

• Colonics
• Heavy Metal Cleanses
• Candida Cleanses
• Liver Cleanses
• Parasitic Cleanses

For overall health and well-being, Trudeau also recommends avoiding and discontinuing use of certain products and appliances, along with adding several supplements, oils, and teas known as the hCG diet teas. Each recommendation has overall health benefits as well as benefits to the hCG diet.

The hCG Diet Supplements:

• Krill Oil
• L-Carnitine
• Natural Calm or Alpha Calm
• Coral Calcium
• Vitamin E

Merging Kevin Trudeau and Dr. Simeons hCG Diet Phases

Although you do not have to incorporate Kevin Trudeau’s hCG Diet Supplements or hCG Diet Cleanses, you may find some of his additions and recommendations beneficial to boosting your dieting efforts for greater success on the hCG diet.

Most people find that using the colonic cleanses helps with losing a few pounds quickly during the 30-day period. And doing the recommended colonic cleanses during the hCG diet also helps with losing weight, gas, and bloating. The Candida cleanse helps reduce cravings for sweets, relieves gas and bloating, as well as addressing headaches, mood swings, and fatigue.

Reading The Weight Loss Cure, Dr. Simeoens Manuscript, Pounds and Inches, and reading The Naked Truth About The hCG Diet, will empower you to make choices for yourself. Together they will give you a good foundation for understanding which cleanses, supplements, teas and such are good for you, based on your health status, how overweight you are, and what you want to accomplish long-term.

Why am I so tired?? Is that 2.
I am just curious how you can ship premixed Hcg through the mail since Real Hcg CANNOT be shaken. How can you be sure the product will not be damaged?
I just finished loading day one and I lost weight!!! despite eating everything in sight I managed to lose over a pound. Any advice as I move into day 2 of loading??

Eat fat, use the links to the right, read all you can about the diet.  Follow us on FaceBook.

For phase 1- is it okay to eat my 3 filling meals per day as I normally would until I'm full, or is it necessary to really pig out and stuff myself? I am concerned that I may not be able to eat an extreme amount of foods as I am just recovering from the Flu. Please advise as I want to be as compliant as possible. Thanks!

You really should eat till full and stay on high fat high protein foods

I am in phase 1 and have already gained 5 lbs from the 1st day. I have not held back at all. Is it possible to over do it?

Dr. Simeons has never said you can over do it nor has anyone else since.  

I was wondering, do I have to take vitamins, if so do you have them? I'm on levothyroxine is it safe to go on this diet. I've read about load days, phase 1,2,3, then I've read something about going off the plan. Is it true you do 40 days or something then you have to stop and then you can go back on it. I'm sorry for sounding confused but I am. I can't seem to find this in reading here so it may have been at a different site, or I didn't read it right. Is this part of the diet? Why stop and start. If this is true could you tell me where on your site I can find this information or can you explain it.

We do not give medical, medition or health advice only advice on the diet.  Many continue their medications while on the hCG diet.  Have your levels check before, sometime during and after.  You may want to go to the Dr. Simeons Pounds and Inches page we have and read the manuscript as well.

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