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hCG Diet Protocol 2 Day Gorge

hCG Diet Gorge Days! Think FAT!!

How do you gorge on the hCG diet? FAT is the answer. Back when I got serious about losing weight and staying on a low carb life style (thanks to the birth of my son, low carb was out the window! But that’s another story), we did a little thing called the FAT FAST. The FAT FAST is perfect for the hCG diet gorge days or load days, as they are often called. And in reality, that is what Dr. Simeons really means when he says ‘eat to capacity.’

Make yourself some tuna salad or chicken salad or salmon salad and load it up with mayonnaise. Lots of FAT in mayonnaise for the hCG gorge you have to do.

Fat Fast Parfait perfect loading day treat!

Treat yourself to a yummy cheesecake. Cheesecake is loaded with FAT.

Bacon, hold the nitrites please so use nitrate free, is another high fat food.

Egg yolk, they are little fat balls!

Macadamia nuts, talk about fat balls. They have about 14 grams of fat per 1/2 ounce.
Black olives are another little fatty food.

Switch to olive oil, or better yet avocado oil, for your salad dressing.  Here is a list of hCG Diet Phase 1 Foods and 3 hCG diet Phase 1 recipes, Cyprus Salmon, Spinach Omeltte and Healthy Hollandaise Sauce.

The best fats to consume for your loading days include mono-saturated such as in Olive oil, Canola oil and Safflower Oil, and Omega fats 3, 6 and 9, like in Salmon.

There is a diet called the Ketogenic Diet that works great for the hCG diet gorge days. This is a diet where you eat 96% fat, 4% protein and 2% carbs, for two days. Following this formula, for your load days, you will be able to ease into the hCG diet protocol, helping avoid those killer hcg diet headaches, plus helping fight cravings and hunger on day 3 when you are eating only hCG diet food.

You will gain weight on the hCG load days, but don’t worry, what you gain and then some will quickly come off in a few days. 

How much you gain? Don’t know. It varies by individual, by how much water you retain and by how overweight you are when you start.

If you are wondering whether or not you start taking hCG on your load days, please review Hw To Start the hCG Diet Protocol for details. Knowing when to inject and how to start the hCG diet is a very important aspect of Dr. Simeons’ Protocol.  In short, yes you start taking it on your load days.  You have to get the hCG in your system prior to reducing your calories to 500.

The rationale behind eating more fat foods on your load days and decreasing carbs can be found in my post hCG Diet Headaches for further reading.

Just a Tip!

@jodi, You would need to read the serving size for your band on the back. The label will give you grams and ounces and calculate that based on the diet parameters. Cottage cheese is good for the loading days but that is it unless you are a vegan then you would use eggs and cottage cheese to replace meat but still remain in the 500 calories allowed. Again the label of your brand will give you the cals per grams and ounces.
@Jen, The shortest time you can do it per the Manuscript is outlined in hCG Diet Break. But NO you still have to do P3 for 21 days. P3 is stabilization. And really it's is just about having no sugar no starch. Did you see the foods you can have on the Phase 3 food list? Not bad!
@Dez, Thanks so much. I apprecitate your prompt response. I have read so many different ways people do the diet I was confused on wether or not I could skip the two day load and directly start my drops again without the load days. One more question. Can I cut the diet short? or do like 2 weeks phase 2 then 1 week phase 3 then stabalize could I do that? Thanks so much.
I am on phase 3 day 23, I would like to do a second round do I have to do the two day gorge again or can I leave off and start my drops again with the 500 cal diet? Thanks Jen
@Jen, Phase 3 is only for 21 days. You have to wait 6 weeks before starting another round then yes you will have to do Phase 1 all over again. That is the diet.
Today is my first load day. My whole family is doin it with me. My husband & 3 daughters. I am excited but VERY worried that this won't work. I weigh 302.4 pounds & have tried EVERY diet out there!! I lost 130 pounds last year. Then my mother passed away. I gained 90 in 11 months! The insane part, I TEACH alternative health!! I help thousands of people EVERY year with cancer, heart disease, pain ect...I just can't seem to fix my own body!! I WANT this to work soooo much!! Sorry, here is my 1st question -- Can I continue taking enzymes? They are toxin free & sugar free. My 2nd question -- My daughter is a vegetarian. She is 30 pounds over weight. Is no fat cottage cheese her only option? She will not drink milk or eat eggs. How much cottage cheese is a serving? Could I use a fat free low cal whey protein? Thanks Shannon
@Shannon, Your daughter is going to have a very hard time on the diet. 100 grams, that still holds for cottage cheese a well. Yes the enzymes would still be okay. You are like me and I am afraid others, a stress eater. It's not about what you do I can take care of everything in my life and others, it's how you deal with stress and your feelings. Have to find other outlets to deal with stress and your feelings other than food. Exercise, meditation, putting you 1st, saying no when you really want to. Those are things you can do to start ending the stress eating cycle. IF you don't concur that issue no diet will work as it's not about the diet you try or do, it's how you deal. Remember people have eaten through Gastric bypass surgery, Liposuction, Oprah famously regained all her weight after doing Medifast. Not dealing with your internal issues and using food as a cure all, you will always be on a cycle searching for a diet cure. HTH
i lost 1lb after second loading day. what did i do wrong that i lost instead of gain weight? i didn't eat too much carbs, most of my food was fat. today was 1 day on a diet, i'm hungry and have bad headaches, but looks like it normal.
@Tetyana, I don't know what you eat so it's hard to say. Maybe your body lost weight because you were not eating as usual.
i too am on thyroid medicine and my dr said it was ok to go ahead and take it during my diet. i also take lexapro and it was fine to take as well.

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