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hCG Diet Protocol 2 Day Gorge

hCG Diet Gorge Days! Think FAT!!

How do you gorge on the hCG diet? FAT is the answer. Back when I got serious about losing weight and staying on a low carb life style (thanks to the birth of my son, low carb was out the window! But that’s another story), we did a little thing called the FAT FAST. The FAT FAST is perfect for the hCG diet gorge days or load days, as they are often called. And in reality, that is what Dr. Simeons really means when he says ‘eat to capacity.’

Make yourself some tuna salad or chicken salad or salmon salad and load it up with mayonnaise. Lots of FAT in mayonnaise for the hCG gorge you have to do.

Fat Fast Parfait perfect loading day treat!

Treat yourself to a yummy cheesecake. Cheesecake is loaded with FAT.

Bacon, hold the nitrites please so use nitrate free, is another high fat food.

Egg yolk, they are little fat balls!

Macadamia nuts, talk about fat balls. They have about 14 grams of fat per 1/2 ounce.
Black olives are another little fatty food.

Switch to olive oil, or better yet avocado oil, for your salad dressing.  Here is a list of hCG Diet Phase 1 Foods and 3 hCG diet Phase 1 recipes, Cyprus Salmon, Spinach Omeltte and Healthy Hollandaise Sauce.

The best fats to consume for your loading days include mono-saturated such as in Olive oil, Canola oil and Safflower Oil, and Omega fats 3, 6 and 9, like in Salmon.

There is a diet called the Ketogenic Diet that works great for the hCG diet gorge days. This is a diet where you eat 96% fat, 4% protein and 2% carbs, for two days. Following this formula, for your load days, you will be able to ease into the hCG diet protocol, helping avoid those killer hcg diet headaches, plus helping fight cravings and hunger on day 3 when you are eating only hCG diet food.

You will gain weight on the hCG load days, but don’t worry, what you gain and then some will quickly come off in a few days. 

How much you gain? Don’t know. It varies by individual, by how much water you retain and by how overweight you are when you start.

If you are wondering whether or not you start taking hCG on your load days, please review Hw To Start the hCG Diet Protocol for details. Knowing when to inject and how to start the hCG diet is a very important aspect of Dr. Simeons’ Protocol.  In short, yes you start taking it on your load days.  You have to get the hCG in your system prior to reducing your calories to 500.

The rationale behind eating more fat foods on your load days and decreasing carbs can be found in my post hCG Diet Headaches for further reading.

Just a Tip!


Just follow the diet don't reinvent the wheel.  Join our FB group to ask questions and for support and follow some tips on what to do about cravings.  The hCG diet teas also really do help.  Use Stevia vs. Splenda and when you feel like eating or having something sweet drink water and take a brisk walk for a 15-20 minutes.  These tricks really do help.  Also try Pau D'Arco for cravings.  It's something new not on the cravings list.  BUT it does help!

what is the difference between cura romana and the HCG as after researching all for a month apparently the product has hcg in it. I've youtubed, read books and internet sites! the Cura Romana is oral spray and only works with Dr Simeons book pound and inches please would you be able to let me know as i am starting the spray today.

I seriously doubt the spray has hCG in it.  It would require a very large amount of hCG for a spray.  However TEST it.  You can test your hCG with a pregnancy test strip.  How To Your hCG read that and test yours.  Why go on a starvation diet and lose muscle.

This entire site helps you not only find real hCG as we have it, but how to know if you have bought fake hCG or homeopathic.

@Tatiana Cline,

Avoid it for the next few weeks while actively doing the hCG diet.

hi, i have a few questions. i'm not sure when my period is going to start so should i wait? when it does when do i start my diet? is there a site that has all the ingredients to buy at the store, i don't cook so this is new to me? i take prozac should i quit taking it while on the diet? i also take probiotics is that ok? the phases i'm going to do the load 2 day gorge then the diet, is that phase 2 or 3? thanks julie

Start the day after your cycle is over.  Not sure what you mean about all the "ingredients".  If you mean a list of hCG Foods click the highlighted link.  Other than that please explain futher.

We don't answer health, medical or medication questions.  Probiotics is always good aids in digestion, gas and such.

When you start you go to Phase 1 then Phase 2 then Phase 3.  Under Hot Topics on the right side bar that should help you with each phase.

Good Luck!!!

Started HCG shots yesterday under the care of a physician. I only have 12 stubborn pounds lose soo i'm oon a 2 week program. Day 1 (yesterday) I ate lots of fatty foods that I normally eat on rare at lunch and a cheeseburger w/ fries for dinner, etc. I increased my water intake to 5- 16 ounce water bottles ( I typically drink about 3 or 4). I lost 1.4 lb since yesterday! Anyone have this experience during loading phase and am I doing something wrong? I'm not complaining but wasn't expecting to lose immediately.
I just ordered the HCG drops and see that I have to do 2 days of the loading prior to the 500 calorie diet. I am actually stressed about the first two days. I moved a year ago and put on almost 18 lbs and have struggled to get it off. I have lost 40 lbs on Atkins in the past and put myself back on it recently after I really tried working out 6 days a week 1 to 1.5 hours a day doing a high intense cardio just to not lose any weight in 3 months. I was actually hungrier and not eating badly just more of the good stuff. Since I have gone back to Atkins I have dropped 10lbs in last 3 weeks. But I really want to drop a total of 25-40 lbs (I would be happy with just 15 more anything else would be extra), so after Atkins and finally shedding 10 lbs the thought of gaining a 3 to 5 lbs back is super scary. With out going crazy on carbs what can I eat that is high in fat and stay below 2000 calorie diet? Should I work out and try and burn at least 800 calories each day? I also read working out is not so necessary but I have gotten my self in a healthy place and have more energy then I have in the past year. I did reduce my works out down in last three weeks and reduced my weights and possibly why this helped me lose the 10lbs. HELP I want to stick with this and lose the 15 to 20 lbs by first week of October.
@Monique, Hi Monique: I am sure by now you are well in the program but I decided to reply as it may be beneficial to others looking for answers regarding loading days. I, like you was very hesitant about my loading days the very first time I went on the protocol. I figured why put on pounds if I really had worked so hard to get rid of them? I also thought that if I skipped the loading phase the HCG would work faster. Boy was I wrong! I lost a few pounds the first week I went on the HCG, then stalled for 8 DAYS!!!!! I went on the diet with a group of friends and they had, as most people, their good days and their bad ones; but average loss for everyone in the group was 20 pounds whereas I only lost 13 all-together even though I was the only one that had "followed" the protocol without any variations as far as the food went. I weighted my portions and stayed within the 500 calories and did everything right so I thought. Fast forward about 3-4 months when the group was ready for the second go around, one of my friends had set up a loading day party at her house with everyone bringing a "fatty" dish. I advised her I wasn't going because I did not want to gain before the protocol. She almost passed out in disbelief. Not because of my comment but because she knew right there and then I had not read enough to know how IMPORTANT it is to load up in order for the protocol to be as effective as intended. It is supposed to work as reserves to get you going through the whole process and I suggest everyone read the explanation behind it in "Pounds & Inches" before starting the diet in order to understand why it is necessary to follow the diet as it is. I failed to do this and I paid the price of not losing as much as I could have shall I have followed it the way it was supposed to. Sure enough, on this second round, I loaded like my life depended on it and the first week I lost the pounds gained during load days, plus 6 more pounds. All together, I lost 22 pounds in this round and feel GREAT!!!! Hope this information helps! Happy dieting!!!

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