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hCG Diet Hunger & Cravings

No diet is perfect, not even the hCG diet, and sometimes you will have bit of hunger and cravings. So how does one deal with hCG diet hunger and hCG diet cravings, while maintaining adherence to the hCG diet plan?  Simple!

hCG Diet Cravings:

Cravings on the hCG diet or any eating plan can and does happen, triggered by tastes, smells, sights or thoughts.

We can’t cut our tongues out, cut our noses off, gouge our eyes out, or stop random thoughts from happening, but there are several ways to deal with cravings that may help you, while being true the hCG diet.

• Peppermint tea
• Peppermint essential oil
• Mint Leaf
• L-Glutamine
• Stevia
• L-Tryptophan
• hCG Diet Tea

Ever eat a mint or peppermint candy after dinner? Wonder why you are offered a mint or peppermint at a restaurant? Peppermint and mint leaf are natural appetite suppressants. Both can dull the taste buds, thus decreasing your cravings for foods and sweets.

L-Glutamine is an amino acid that works by placing a 1/4 tsp under the tongue, allowing it to dissolve, and in about 15 minutes, cravings should subside.

Stevia is another natural appetite suppressant. Taking stevia drops fifteen to twenty minutes prior to a meal may help decreases craving and hunger sensations.

L-Tryptophan is another amino acid. It decreases the desire for carbs, however, it is not legal to sell L-Tryptophan in the US anymore and is only available overseas. You can order L-Tryptophan from Anti aging Systems, as well as other items that may interest you.

Of course, a Candida cleanse, prior to the hCG diet, helps greatly reduce cravings by killing the yeast overgrowth in the body that can also contribute to uncontrollable cravings. This was recommend by Kevin Trudeau and has proven to be very effective for a lot of hCG dieters.

hCG Diet Hunger:

Hunger sometimes does happen. And occurs more frequently with homeoopathic hCG because there isn't any fat being released into your system with homeopathic hCG as it contains 0 hCG in it.  It can also occur when you skip meals, which is never advised on any diet because it can trigger a surge of overwhelming hunger.

And hunger can happen just due to the natural rhythm and cycle of your body. Even when not dieting, sometimes you just feel hungrier than most days.  

Insulin surges also can cause hCG diet hunger.  typically eating fruit or carbs in the morning will cause your insulin to spike.

Dealing with hunger while hCG dieting is a little tricky because you don’t want to break the hCG diet protocol, but you don’t like the empty feeling in your stomach either, and want to deal with the symptoms. First test hCG drops to make sure they have hCG in them. 

• Water
• Fiber
• Miracle Noodles
• Vegetables
• Extra Protein
• hCG Diet Tea

Sometimes dehydration can be confused with actual hunger. Drinking a tall glass of water or two should help to dissipate hunger if you were actually dehydrated.

Both fiber and Miracle Noodles have the same benefits. Both make you feel full and satisfied. Fiber and Miracle Noodles are hCG diet free foods, meaning you can eat as much as you want without breaking protocol, as they have no calories, protein or fat ,and the net carbs = 0. A soup of Miracle Noodles and organic vegetable broth can be both physically and physiologically filling. Here are some Miracle Noodle recipes for your enjoyment.

Eating extra vegetables can help you feel full. Salad vegetables are always good, as it takes about a pound of lettuce to get 25 calories. Thus you can increase your intake without going way over the 500 calories a day on the hCG diet plan. Raw cabbage is another good food that can fill you without overly increasing your calorie count.

Extra protein is sometimes needed to help ease persistent hunger pains.  If 100 grams 2x a day doesn’t satisfy you, then increase it to 150 or 200 grams 2x a day. Yes, it may slow weight loss, but it will help kill the hungry feeling you may have.

The hCG Diet Tea can help give you a full feeling, as it is water, and water suppresses your appetite. Oo-long tea and Yerba Mate are excellent for suppressing the appetite, and teas offer a source of extra water.

Also, there are over the counter medications and prescription medications for both hunger and appetite control. These include Caffeine, Phentermine, Hoodia, and Green Tea pills, just to name a few. As always check with your doctor beforehand to make sure it is okay for you and your health status.

Using real hCG drops you will get a fat release that unfortunately homeopathic does not provide.  Since homeopathic contains 0 hCG your fat isn't being released into your blood stream to give you the needed energy and quell hunger feelings as real hCG does.

@Faye Helton, Click on the link and buy on line. Delivered to your home.
Im on my first round, phase 2 and day 5 of the VLCD and about the 3rd day I was feeling like I was getting used to it and now day 5 my cravings for sweets, and starches are getting so strong! I just wanna break but I know I cant! I have already lost 6 lbs! I am trying to get lots of ideas to help this!
@Vanessa, 1. A Candida Cleanse would have helped you prior to the hCG diet. 2. Since you are on this page, there is little I can offer to help as this is the page for cravings. I would suspect you had Candida symptoms prior to the hCG diet. The teas do help a lot, avoid things with Splenda as that can make it worse. When you finish this round do a Candida Cleanse that will help A LOT with cravings. You also need to balance your blood sugar levels.
peppermint oil is against the diet as it is an oil.
@Paula, Peppermint oil is an essential oil and essential oils are not oils like fat. Essential oils are the extracts from the plant or leaves.
[...] hCG diet 2 day load is to fatten yourself up, preferably, eating fatty foods, to ease any initial hcg diet hunger or hcg diet headache you may have going on a 500 VLCD from the level of calories you were [...]

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