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hCG Diet Headache

When most people go on the hCG diet plan they are the unfortunate recipients of a headache that can last for a day to several days.

The hCG diet headache itself is normal. Some people are more sensitive to the “fuel” change their body is going through, some people are not. Some people followed the hCG diet 2 day gorge by eating more carbs, and some followed a fat eating plan.

To understand why you have a headache on the hCG diet, or when you start any diet, you have to understand that the brain ‘prefers’ carbs for fuel. The brain can run on fat or protein, but carbohydrates are a simple, quick energy, and it doesn’t take a long time to convert to fuel. Protein takes longer, as does fat. When you cut carbs out, your body must adjust.

Without even knowing it you are getting simple carbs, ie. simple sugars, daily, in the form of wheat, fructose, corn syrup, honey, and alcohol to name a few ‘bad carbs.’ Just about every prepackaged, manmade, pre-prepared food contains simple sugars and refined foods that your body becomes accustomed to eating.

The dramatic reduction of these foods often sends the body into withdrawals and thus, the dreaded hCG diet headaches. The more ‘bad carbs’ you have in your system and eat prior to hCG Diet Day, the more severe the headache.

If you have been a carb addict for sometime, or just eat a lot of pre-made prepackaged foods, and suffer from bloating, gas, food cravings, or general fatigue prior to the hCG diet, you may want to read about the signs and symptoms of Candida on this site. Or follow what Kevin Trudeau suggests in The Weight Loss Cure.

You may want to think of the headache as your body detoxing from the bad fuel you have been feeding it. You may also experience fatigue, extreme hunger and food cravings, irritability, bloating, gas, muscle soreness, headache, and nausea.

These are short-term effects and will pass in a day or two.

There are a few things you can do to avoid, reduce or ease the hCG diet headache and other withdrawal symptoms.

• hCG Diet 2 Day Gorge post suggests you eat a more fatty diet during the 2 day gorge. That will give your body time to ease into the reduction of ‘bad carbs’, and time for your body to make the switch from carb burning to fat burning faster.

• Take L-Glutamine to curb carbohydrate cravings.

• Potassium is good for muscle soreness as is vitamin E.

• Drink lots of water.

• Take your usual headache solution.

• You may want to increase your protein, if hunger is persistent and overpowering, and then ease yourself into 200 grams a day.

I can’t express enough the importance of FIBER. Psyillum husks or Miracle Noodles. Fiber is filing, plus it eases digestion and constipation. Psychologically you will find greater enjoyment from eating Miracle Noodles.

I'm in my forth week and the daily headaches haven't let up yet. The more active i am, the more the headache aches. If i start an exercise like pushups it really come on and hurts the rest of the day. It is just like a very strong sinus headache in the front and back of the head even down the back of the neck when stressed from a exercise like squats or pushups. It has something to do with blood flow. What's your thoughts on this matter.
Im on my 11th day of the drops and my weight stalled since day 3, loosing 3.5kg. I thought that i didnt do Pahse 1 the right way, of not gorging into a high fat diet. Now i am having a hard time dealing with hunger pangs, knowing that I am now running on my 2nd week. It really frustrates me that i am not continually loosing weight. Should i reset to phase 1? And as i look at my recent photo, seems like my face has gone bigger. But id like to believe that the drops i am into are legit.

You don't need to do P1 again.  What hCG are you on?  If they didn't come with a pregnancy test strip and you don't have to keep them cool they are not ligit.

I am in my 5 day of the diet I have done everything by the book I have not lose any weight but I gain 2 lbs please some body help me I don know what to do, also getting headaches every day thank you

What drops are you on?  That is the 1st question.  IF on homeopathic you need to get your money back as it has 0 hCG in it.

I have had headaches since day 2 & still have had one each day & am now on day 6! WHY?? Help??
@vanessa smith,

IF you are using homeopathic it's not releasing your fat as it has 0 hCG.  That would help with your headaches.  Other than that, you are on the post with headache info, try the suggestions.

i just started the diet yesterday, and apart from the hunger cramps, i have this really bad headache. Can i take any kind of pill?
@Re'anne hcg, B-12 got rid of my Headache/light headiness..B-12 Vitamin B12 also called cobalamin, is a water soluble vitamin with a key role in the normal functioning of the brain and nervous system, and for the formation of blood. It is one of the eight B vitamins. It is normally involved in the metabolism of every cell of the human body, especially affecting DNA synthesis and regulation, but also fatty acid synthesis and energy production.
@Re'anne hcg, The first 2 days are loading so not understanding why you are having hunger cramps and headaches now. However on this page hCG diet headache it can answer your question.

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