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Hair Falling Out On The hCG Diet?


Glorious Hair

It comes in many shapes, styles, lengths, colors and textures. Long, short, thick, thin, curly, straight, ‘good hair,’ and everything in between. It is your crown and glory, and you work hard, spending your hard earned dollars to keep it looking good.

Why is the hCG diet making my hair fall out and what can I do?

The hCG diet is a very low calorie diet, and any low calorie diet can cause your hair to fall out, not just the hCG diet. But there is help to prevent and/or minimize hair fall out while on the hCG diet.


A is for Apple! While on the hCG diet you are eating apples, but after the hCG diet, keep the apples and add apricots and sweet potatoes.

BIOTIN, B6 and B12

These three B vitamins promote growth from the follicle. While on the hCG diet, eggs are the best source, oral B-12, and/or a good multi-B vitamin. After the hCG diet you may want to add cheeses, salmon, nuts, and nut butters to your long-term diet plan.


This vitamin has many health benefits. When you want to promote healing and new cell growth, vitamin C does the trick. While on the hCG diet, eating strawberries and oranges is on plan. After the hCG diet, or while you are in maintenance, add kiwis, raspberries, mangoes, and red bell peppers to your food repertoire.


Iron builds red blood cells and carries oxygen, aiding in hair growth. Eat lean meats and leafy greens. Meats rich in iron include chicken breast, beef and veal, while iron rich shellfish include crab, lobster, and shrimp.


Protein plays an important role as the building blocks of your lovely locks of hair. Keep your protein lean, and your hair and nails will reward you with strength and growth.


Zinc strengthens and aids the natural oils that coat the hair shaft. While on the hCG diet, lean meats are your best source of zinc, but after the hCG diet, try nuts, chickpeas, pumpkin seeds and yogurt.

Other Tips

If, while on the hCG diet, you find that your hair is falling out at alarming rates, consult your endocrinologist and ask for a thyroid panel test that includes readings of your free T3.

Call your hCG Diet Consultant!

Consider increasing your caloric intake by adding more protein in your diet, and including the above vitamins and minerals, particularly Biotin & Iron. Add four 5000mcg Biotin capsules.

My hair came out in terrifying amounts (friends constantly picking hair off my clothes too) after the 2nd round. I decided not to do it again but after 12 weeks I`ve started my third round. This morning (week 1) my hair clogged the shower drain. Panicing now because not starting with a full set of hair, losing hair while on the hcg, taking multi-viamin, Biotin, eating allowed proteins, and have had thyroid checked! Should I stop?
@Andee, Where did you get your hcg? Is it presciption? What calorie level are you at? At Diet Doc we only prescribe prescription hcg and have you at a minimum calorie level of 700 so that you can lose weight quickly in a healthy way that doesn't harm your body or your hair.
I had taken two rounds of the HCG. I stopped for about a month now, because I started seeing hair loss. I have had an alarming amount of hair loss that comes out continously through out the day and when I shower. My hair has thinned out tremendously and its scarey. I want to start round three of the HCG to loose the remaining pounds I want to shed, but I don't want to go bald. I don't know what to do... Can anyone help, please?
I just bought the hcg drop yesterday and today my hair is falling out!! I also get the b12 shot and I take the women's Muliti vitamin so what should I do to prevent the hair lose?

As stated above if it won't happen that fast.  There is another underlying cause of your hair fallout.  Read the post to answer your questions.

I keep reading that you are not supposed to take vitamin pills while using the hcg bodyshaper drops. If this is true how do we take potassium? Or, is it okay to take a multi-vitamin pill, or prenatal vitamin?
@JJ, You can it isn't an issue.
I was wondering if anyone had ever tried prenatal vitamins for their hair loss?
Can I use a protein supplement on phase 2?
@Perri, No. See hCG Diet Food for exactly what to eat. There isn't any substitutes on the hCG diet. People who have the greatest success eat the food allowed on the diet and follow the rules.

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