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Motivation & Habits

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.

— Jim Ryun: Former track athlete and politician

This is a very powerful statement; it speaks to what you are accomplishing with the help of the hCG diet, from your first round to your last. While you are eating hCG diet food you are, in essence, detoxing your body from unhealthy food and eating habits.

Think of what foods you were eating before the hCG protocol. Think of how you were eating before the hCG protocol. If you are like most you were not eating well, eating very large portions, and your overall health wasn’t the best.

What you are accomplishing now is:

√ Decreasing Sugar Intake
√ Decreasing Sugar Cravings
√ Decreasing Saturated Fat Intake
√ Decreasing Salt Intake
√ Avoiding Fried Foods
√ Avoiding Processed Foods
√ Eating Less Fatty Foods
√ Eating Fresh Fruit & Vegetables
√ Learning to Cook & Eat Healthier
√ Learning To Use Herbs & Spices To Flavor Foods
√ Learning To Control Portions

As you do the diet portion of the Dr. Simeons protocol, you may realize you have followed a very unhealthy diet for awhile and you need a change to lose weight fast. However, you may have underestimated what the hCG diet really can accomplish if you continue the habits you are learning.

You were motivated by losing fat on the hCG diet in a short amount of time but you are also building habits to keep the fat off permanently. Do you want to go back to being overweight? Unhealthy? Unhappy? Do you want to go back to eating fast food, foods high in salt content, foods high in sugar, processed foods loaded with white and enriched flour, foods that are the leading cause of obesity, heart attacks, heart disease and type II diabetes?

When you finish with your first hCG diet round, your tastes should have already changed where cravings for those unhealthy foods have decreased or diminished greatly (if you still have sweet cravings you may want to consider another Candida cleanse and or avoiding Splenda). You have detoxed while on the hCG diet and you should have more energy and feel mentally clear.

The portions on hCG diet are rather small, but what size were you eating before? Usually enough for two people, but you never realized it. After your first hCG diet round your portion size should be a lot more normal (size of meat no bigger than your hand) and it should take less to food to satisfy you.

Instead of eating the starches and breads you have grown accustomed to, you are eating more fiber by eating Miracle Noodles, fruits, and vegetables. Now that your first round is over, you can incorporate additional healthy fruits and vegetables as well as expand on those Miracle Noodle recipes.

There are so many good benefits to the hCG diet regardless of your motivation; it is your healthier and cleaner eating habits that you form that will keep your weight off and keep you healthier long-term.

The only secret to long-term weight loss success lies in maintaining your good and healthy eating habits.

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