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4 billion of friendly bacteria and organisms united with FOS (fructooligosacharides) to supply the body and the intestines with a healthy bacterial development. Healthy gastrointestinal flora is one of the most important elements of a healthy continuance in the hCG diet Phase III. Furthermore, Diet Doc's Acidophilius/Bifidobacter is highly recommended to individuals who are overweight with 30 pounds or more to boost their toxin elimination. Acidophilius/Bifidobacter can be taken once per day. It comes in a very affordable rate and a 60 capsule-bottle.

FOS is a form of carbohydrate made from fructose molecules. They are well-known for their probiotic excellence and constipation relieving effect. Diet Doc used the safest and most helpful organisms and components to create a powerful gastrointestinal supplement. The Acidophilius/Bifidobacter is an excellent detoxifier and provides a safe toxin releasing effect. While the hCG diet burns and metabolizes fat in your body, this supplement will work on the proper gastrointestinal function to expel your body's unwanted materials.

Get a successful weight loss with no negative side effects from the hCG diet and incorporate Acidophilius/Bifidobacter for best results. You will lose fats without wasting muscles. You will find yourself feeling better, healthier and lighter than you have ever been. Set the hCG diet from Diet Doc experts and enjoy the benefits that it brings. Do not purchase homeopathic hCG products and supplements from unreliable distributors, you can find authentic and FDA approved products right here.

The Diet Doc Acidophilius/Bifidobacter also helps in reducing the growth of harmful bacteria. It boosts the immune system and promotes better digestion. This supplement will help you fight disease causing microorganisms while maintaining a good amount of organic compounds in the intestines. Probiotics like the FOS also combat destructive bacteria. Diet Doc can provide all the products that you can add to your hCG diet. Look no more because we have them all!


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