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hCG Diet Benefits

When you first hear about the hCG protocol, you hear a lot of hype about the fast weight loss people experience and you think, “WOW!” I want that too. So you take to the internet and try to sort through the information to determine if this hCG diet is for you.

The pages on this site and blog contain A LOT of information on Dr. Simeons’ hCG Diet protocol and Kevin Trudeau’s Weight Loss Cure. In an effort to solidify your hCG diet decision, our condensed posts highlight pertinent information for quick reading and quick reference. We even go in-depth with answers to questions, overall health benefits, and other requested information for health and well being.

what are the benefits of doing the hCG diet protocol with real hCG? What is all the rage about? And where can you legally purchase Real hCG?

And when doing the hCG diet, what are the benefits of using real hCG over homeopathic hCG? (you need a prescription for homeopathic hCG read what the FDA says)

Lose .5 to 3 pounds a day
Burn 2000 stored fat calories
Real hCG helps to reduce Fat Deposits in double chins and bellies
Real hCG helps contour the body
Real hCG dieters report having more energy

Real hCG dieters report feeling better and not being hungry
Real hCG rebuilds the adrenal gland
Real hCG resets your hypothalamus
Real hCG prevents muscle loss while on a VLCD (very low calorie diet)

These are the positive benefits of using real hCG and doing the hCG protocol for weight loss. People are experiencing this right now with the hCG diet and more. The “more” part? People are adopting a better way of eating for life, better overall health, decreased blood pressure, decreased risk of diabetes, a healthier way of thinking about food, and a better, more active lifestyle that includes exercise.

Use real hCG injections, depending on your comfort level. Just make sure your hCG is REAL hCG and you will find your hCG diet journey beneficial.

Why is it important to wait 1 week to start non homeopathic hcg after taking homeopathic
@Kacie Mathewson,

This is the article you need to read.  How to switch from homeopathic to real hCG.  Bottom line is muscle loss. hCG protecs against muscle loss while on a VLCD while homeopathic has no properties that will do that thus putting yourself and body in stravation mode.

what is the homeopathic drops made from?
@julia, The hCG Diet drops on this site are REAL not homeopathic. Homeopathic drops are made from water, vitamins, amino acids and alcohol. You won't find hCG in them. Test any homeopathic hCG with a pregnancy test strip, They won't pass a pregnancy test. Alcohol destroys hCG and real hCG must be keep cool.
How can I tell if the hcg drops I have are real?
@Nancy, Use any pregnancy test strip, they test for the same hormone, hCG, to test your hCG drops. IF they have X's on the bottle, list alcohol or labeled Homeopathic, they are not real and do not have hCG in them.
@Dez, why is it that I've been on hcg for the last 12 days, lost a pound a day and my drops are homeopathic with inactive alcohol?
@h2, Because you are eating 500 calories. Inactive alcohol? There is no such animal.

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