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hcgdietjourney and Diet Doc hCG Diet form affiliation!

We are pleased to announce the affiliation of hCGdietjourney and Diet Doc hCG Weight Loss. As we make the transition, there might be questions you might have.  

Diet Doc hCG Diet & Weight Loss is a medically, supervised program which offers prescription hCG, hCG compatible weight loss shakes, food and weight loss oil. Together, hcgdietjourney and Diet Doc create a power-house of information as we both can now offer everything and anything hCG diet related! 

Let us answer a few for now......

Diet Doc states people can eat between 800 to 1000 calories (on their website) and still lose up to 1 lb. per day. This range is for all people, including those who exercise daily. If someone exercises heavily, they won't lose as much rapid weight because the body cannot do both, repair muscles due to exercising and burn fat at the same time. Therefore, if someone exercises, we need to make up for the calorie deficeit they will have with burning calories. People who exercise heavily typically only lose 1/2 lb./day.  hCG Diet Doc offer a new approach to the hCG diet that keeps losing up to 1 pound a day!

The average range of calories Diet Doc recommends is between 700 to 800 (no less). This is because Diet Doc adds specially, formulated shakes and weight loss oil which cause weight loss by themselves. When you add these to the daily calories, you can increase a little (no more than 800 calories/day).

The Diet Doc hCG diet shakes are formulated for the hCG diet. They are a mini-weight loss program that helps to reduce cravings for carbohydrates, as well as regulates blood sugar and keeps people feeling full while providing essential micro nutrients needed during dieting. This shake was formulated 100% with the hCG diet in mind and cannot be substituted for other shakes 

Diet Doc also recommends pure (100%) MCT oil. This is not the same as coconut oil. MCT is created by taking molecules from coconut oil and creating an oil that is used to make salad dressing, cooking, etc. We recommend people consume no less than 2 tablespoons daily. The calories are not counted as this is fuel that is not stored as fat. 

Together, we create a power-house of information not offered anywhere else. We are everything hCG diet related and can combined and offer weight loss drops (requires doctor prescription), injections, tablets, shakes, food, weight loss oil and more. We are here to help you with your diet questions and menu options (recipes included).  

Our way of saying thanks is to offer you a Free HCG Diet Cookbook (PDF). Just download and print! 

Thank you and let us know how we can help you!




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