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Finding Inspiration When Dieting

When I feel down, depressed, nothing is coming together, I can’t stick to the hCG diet and overall I feel like giving up, the person that I turn to for inspiration is Vanessa Williams. No not the tennis star but, Ugly Betty’s Wilhelmina Slater.

Sure she is beautiful, can sing and is multi-talented, and that would be easy enough to be inspired by, but those attributes are not in my top 10 reasons why Vanessa Williams inspires me.

Some of you may remember that back in 1983 Ms. Williams won the Ms. America crown and was the 1st African American to do so. She was 20 or 21 and absolutely gorgeous (and still is)! Now I never paid attention to who Ms. America was or wasn’t, and her being the 1st African American Ms. America wasn’t any expectation to that rule, either.

Well soon it was the summer of 1984 and Penthouse magazine had purchased naughty pictures of her and displayed them for the entire world to see. I remember this specifically because I worked in an office full of men and they elected me to go and purchase about 15 copies of that magazine. The newsstand guy never looked at me the same for the rest of the summer!

But it wasn’t until years later that Ms. Vanessa Williams inspired me, and still does to this day. When all is going wrong in my world and I feel like giving up, I think of what she went through. You see EVERYONE had written her off after 1984. Ms. America dethroned, disgraced, nude pictures with another woman. No one wanted to touch her, know her or hire her. Her career was over by all accounts. Except no one gave the memo to Ms. Williams. No one told Ms. Williams to give up and never to be heard from again.

You got to have strength to suffer a public spectacle that was her summer of 1984 and still become the person you want to be, still pursue your dreams, and still face the world and press on. Make no mistake; it takes motivation, determination, deep inner strength and support. Yes I am sure she faced insecurities and fears but if she didn’t face and overcome it she would not have done countless guess spots on TV, several movies, appeared on Broadway in 2 long running shows, dropped several albums (or CD’s) and been nominated for a Tony award, several Grammy nominations and Emmys to boot.

Imagine if someone gave her that memo!

Choose your own person who inspires you for whatever reason and use that person to reach your goal while you are on your hCG diet protocol. Use all forms of support that you can. hCG diet forums, hcg diet blogs, hCG diet chat groups, whatever it takes to help you stay focused, find inspiration and celebrate overcoming your challenges.

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