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Exercise & The hCG Diet

There are a few rules you should know concerning exercising on the hCG diet before embarking on a daily routine.

Exercise can slow or stall the scale from moving downward. The one reason is strenuous exercise causes water gain. The second reason is that if you are building muscle while losing fat, you may have the appearance of no loss on the scale. Thus, how you fit into your clothes and measuring yourself becomes more important than what the scale is reading.

Strenuous exercise is out. Not only because of the water weight gain, although increased water intake can move excess water out. But at 500 calories, although your body is releasing fat on the hCG diet for energy, you will have increased hunger. Increased hunger will cause your appetite to increase and you will have to increase your food intake to compensate.

Strenuous exercise like jogging, biking, weight training, etc… requires quick energy foods like carbs, and the hCG diet doesn’t provide a huge source of carbs. Heavy exercising while on the hCG diet will slow your weight loss efforts, thereby building your frustration and possibly causing diet failure.

So what exercise can you do on the hCG diet?

Exercise that helps to aid the hCG diet in reshaping your body, that delivers fast results, and isn’t strenuous.

What is T-Tapp?

T-Tapp is a series of comprehensive, compound muscle movements, done in a specific sequence that incorporates neuro-kinetic flow, linear alignment, and isometrics combined with lymphatic stimulation.

Say What!?

In other words,T-Tapp will deliver fat loss, weight loss, and inch loss as well as increase one’s overall health, fitness, and energy level.

T-Tapp is designed to burn fat and reshape your body quickly and effectively.

T-Tapp gives you an aerobic workout without any jumping or using weights.

T-Tapp will give you better digestion, assimilation, and elimination, along with increased mental clarity and higher energy within the first week!

What Are the Benefits of T-Tapp?

• Quick Inch Loss
• Increase Muscle Density without Adding Bulk
• Resculpt Body
• Lymphatic Stimulation: Helps to Maximize Metabolism
• Improve Immune System
• Quickly Lowers Blood Sugar. EVEN After You Stop Exercising!
• Lose 1 Clothing Size Per Month
• No Loose Skin

So Why T-Tapp and The hCG Diet?

If you combine the hCG diet with T-Tapp exercise, you will not only be working your muscles layer by layer from the inside out allowing rapid reshaping of your body’s muscles, but your results will be exponentially faster because the hCG diet will be releasing your stored fat at the same time.

To sum up: As your fat is released your new sculpted body will be revealed. All your diet and exercise efforts are turbo-charged, making your results faster and you happier as you see your efforts rapidly take shape, both in 30 days!

The T-Tapp technique has some similar principles to Yoga, Callanetics, and Pilates, but at the same time, it is nothing like them.

Read T-Tapp testimonials and learn about this amazing exercise from men and women who have changed their lives, regained their health and lost inches quickly and effectively!

I have been in phase 4 (maintenance) for about six months now and find myself fluctuating between 3-5 lbs above my last spray weight (I used homeopathic hcg spray for a total weight loss of 40 lbs over a one year period). I would like to be able to keep my weight below the Simeon-recommended 2 lb limit and am wondering if T Tapp would help even though I am no longer taking hcg. I had a B12 shot about 5 weeks ago and the next day I showed a 3 lb gain and stiff muscles in the area where the injection took place, so I attribute the gain to some kind of reaction to the B12 shot. I would rather not do another round of hcg, but am looking for a way to lost just a couple of lbs and to maintain that weight. I'd appreciate any input you may have. Thank you.

There isn't a hCG diet spray, pills or pellets.  That is homeopathic and you would never get enough hCG in a spray form to deliver 125 iu minim to prevent muscle lose.  Pills and pellets hCG is destroyed in the process of making it and would be destroyed in the stomach.  That is why it took you 12 months to lose 40 pounds with a spray.  No clue what reaction you had to B12 never heard of anyone gaining after a B12 shot.  T-Tapp will help you a great deal.  Follow the links and read about it.  Amazing exercise program.

@Dez, Dez - Thanks for your reply; I'll check out T-Tapp. Just to clarify -- it didn't take me a year to lose 40 lbs. I did two 26 days rounds (the 42 day rounds were too arduous for me with my full-time job) and 20 lbs each round. I, too, think it's weird that I had such a weird reaction to a B12 shot. One question about pharmaceutical hcg: I thought it has to be administered via shots and not drops. Am I correct in thinking that the drops are pharmaceutical? Thanks again.

I thought you wrote a year?  O well.  Yes you can have pharmaceutical medication given via any approved route of administration as long as the route doesn't degrade or destroy the effectiveness.  You would need a higher amount of medication if a route other than injection is used.  We have more hCG in our drops than we advertise because due to absorption rates you lose a bit.  200 iu per daily dosage is the average a person will receive even if they don't hold the hCG under their tongue for a full 5 minutes or don't go the full no eating or drinking before or after 30 minutes.

@Dez, Thanks, Dez, for clarifying. I did write "over a year." I wasn't very specific in my description. I did two half rounds over a one year period. Either way, it worked and I've been able to keep off the weight. I wanted to find a good exercise program to complement the weight loss and help maintain the loss. As you know with hcg, it's not so much overeating, but knowing what my body can handle food-wise. T-Tapp sounds like a good adjunct to the protocol. Thanks again.
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I'm I allowed to Run while in the HCG diet?
@Lissett, That is answered in the page you are on. 3rd and 4th paragraph. HTH
I use a dry hear sauna, it raises the heart rate like a good long work-out. Could this be causing my stall and then my gain? Help! Jodi
@Jodi, Sauna = sweat yes? I could be. Check your diet what foods you are eating, how much liquid you are drinking also.

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