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hCG Diet and Diabetes

Can The hCG Diet Be A Cure For Diabetes?

Recently there was a study done that linked a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) of 500 calories, very much like the hCG diet, to reversing Type II diabetes and the need for insulin or other medications and heart function improvements in a large majority of patients.  The research study was conducted at the Radiology Department at Leiden University Medical Center.  It consisted of a group of 16 people made up of men and women.  

For 16 weeks the group eat a VLCD consisting of 500 calories per day while they participated in the study.  At the end of the study scientists and doctors observed how body mass index (BMI), dangerous fat around the heart, heart functions and the need for diabetic medications dramatically improved. The majority of the participants no longer needed medications and showed no signs of diabetes.  BMI was reduced by 22% and the dangerous fat around the heart was reduced by 21% in addition they showed a 20% improvement in diastolic function.

The study surprised the scientist and doctors who supervised and monitored the participants and outcomes. Dr. Sebastian Hammer from the study stated, "These effects are long term, illustrating the potential of this method. Lifestyle interventions may have a more powerful beneficial cardiac effects than medication in these patients."

The medical costs of these health conditions are astronomical, diabetes costing $174 billion, obesity $147 billion and cardiovascular disease $444 billion annually in the United States, a simple solution maybe found with inexpensive dietary changes for a few short weeks.

The hCG diet was created by Dr. Siemons to help cure obesity and this study brings positive news for those wanting to do the hCG diet who may have diabetes, who are obese and who may have heart conditions. With the added benefit of using real hCG that will protect you from muscle wasting while on the VLCD and help ease hunger as your fat is released, the hCG diet maybe the perfect low cost antidote for those wanting to improve their health rapidly.

This is a great and very helpful discovery. Most of us have diabetes. You see, diabetes is one of the major disease that kills people, and the only way to fight it or prevent it is by controlling yourself to intake too much sugar. But for those who already have diabetes, this discovery is a big help for them. Nice informative article.
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