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Comfort Zones

We all have them; we all reside in them, but do our comfort zones hinder our growth?

This is the time of year when our New Year’s resolutions start to waiver a bit, or fall apart completely. Our diet and exercise plan, or some other form of change, is becoming uncomfortable and the desire to go back to what you know is overwhelmingly appealing. But that wasn’t the goal. The goal was to change or effect change. How do you keep motivated when your goal is becoming uncomfortable to achieve.

Watching “Yes Man” with Jim Carry, we see in the moments he steps out of his zone and changes his attitude, things start changing in his life. He tries new things, takes on new challenges; some of the things he experiences he enjoys, and others not so much, but because he is bound to saying yes, he does them nonetheless. As the movie goes along he endures trials and tribulations, good moments and bad, but the point is, once he decided to say YES, his life changed. Good or bad, he stepped out of his comfort zone, finding he enjoyed things outside the comfort zone he created.

But that was a movie and this is real life, and real life isn’t perfect, but really, neither is the comfort zone you build. A comfort zone lulls you into thinking you are living your life when in fact, the goals you have set are not being reached. By breaking your comfort zone, things will get uncomfortable; family and friends won’t understand, and you may have moments of regret. But if you push through it, allowing yourself a new experience, life will surprise you.

So how do you stay out of your comfort zone, stay motivated and reach your goal? If you search Amazon for motivation, you will find 13,004 books on the subject. Or search Google, and you will find 65,800,000 million sites on the subject as of this writing. Granted, it is important to keep feeding yourselves with new thoughts and ideas to keep motivation going, but buying every book and visiting every site on the subject can be pretty daunting!

These are a few simple tricks I use to keep myself motivated and focused on the hCG diet. These things are transferable to any goal and are in no particular order.

• Everyday look themselves in the mirror for five minutes and say, “I will reach my goal, I will loss weight and I will not cheat.” If you can’t convince yourself, you will never convince anyone else.

• Search the Internet for pictures of body types like yours that have lost weight. The diet they followed isn’t as important as the body type. If they have fat places or are shaped like you and they did it, your mind sees it can be done. Even do a Photo shop and replace your head with theirs.

• Read stories of others on the hCG diet, and converse with other hCG dieters via forums (hCG Diet Journey will soon have their forum up and running), IM, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or other social networking sites.

• Download ooVoo to video chat with hCG diet buddies, free for up to six people. And you can download Skype, which is also free for video chatting with other users. Finding a buddy can help you keep accountable, and each can inspire and motivate each other.

• Set goals and reward yourself.

• Lyrics in music often motivate.

• There are services you can subscribe to for motivational quotes and inspiration delivered to your e-mail. BUT you must read them to get the motivation out of them. Subscribing to them isn’t enough.

1 Nightingale Conant
2 Chicken Soup for the Soul
3 Dream This Day

• Write out your goals and read them aloud or to yourself, 3x three times a day.

• Visualize yourself as you want to be, at the weight you want, and the something special you will do when you reach your goal. At night before you go to bed, visualize your story as you want it. Sit quietly and just put all the things you want in that visualization, and keep it there. Don’t let anything negative come in, don’t let any other thought come in, just your focus on what you want the outcome to be. Shakti Gwain has an excellent book on not only how to visualize, but the power of visualization. One key, as some people are not visual; you don’t have to see the images, you can feel what you want is happening.

• Above all, immerse yourself in the process, and above all, believe.

• These are just a few things to help you stay motivated and out of your old hindering comfort zone.

Trying to get back in gear after several days of not following protocol! Thanks for the motivation!

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