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Not all hCG is the same!

Not all hCG is the same, nor does each bottle or prescription hCG have 100% hCG inside! How do you know what you are buying?

hCG Drops - make sure you buy from a doctor or website where only doctors can buy the drops. If they won't answer this question or give you proof, then don't waste your money. hCG drops (the real stuff) can only be bought from doctors!  Diet Doc uses a lab that requires the physician to send their medical license, etc. This is because they put real hCG inside the drops.

Many people ask if the hCG drops are the same as the prescription hCG. They are not. Prescription hCG is 100% pure hCG. The drops are only a small % of hCG. 

When buying prescription hCG, never get the vial already mixed. You have no idea if it was unrefrigerated at any time. Within 4 hours, the hCG hormone breaks down and can be useless.

Unmixed prescription hCG can last for a couple years at room temperature.

hCG prescription bought online without talking to a doctor is from out-of-country and from animals. This is dangerous and illegal to buy.

Always, I mean, always, ask for a Certificate of Analysis from the provider you are buying hCG from. If they don't provide, do not do business with them. I've seen prescription hCG on a Certificate of Analysis register at 75%. This would not be the best. You want the hCG to register on a 3rd party lab analysis (Certificate of Authentity) no less than 100%, but preferably higher. 

Diet Doc's Certificate of Analysis

This shows Our hCG tested at 136.7%!

Below is the COA for Diet Doc's hCG.

Certificate Of Analysis

Test 162292-01

Method H1911CC

Date 11/21/2011

Tested Human Chorionic Gonadotropin 5,000 USP Units

STORAGE: 20°C to 25°C (68°F to 77°F)

CONTAINER: Three 10 mL clear vials w/powder

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) 5000 Units 6,800 Tested at: 136.7%

Specifications = 80% - 125%

Ben Wronowski - Microbiologist Date Reported ARL Form QUF-078-V4 03/05/2010

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You don't have to wait to do another round. Make sure you are eating/drinking exactly what you should be doing. Sometimes, not counting calories ends up that you might be undereating. If you are exercising, that will also slow down the weight loss. Walking a mile or two is fine, but nothing strenous. The key is to make sure you are in ketosis. If not, you need to call them. If you are, then make sure you are not constipated and are drinking enough water.

Hey, I was doing The Diet Doc hcg started in march, the doc said I did not have to stop shots if I started my period I did for a few days ththen started back. I messed up a few times with food. Did 24 days only lost 10 lbs. How long do I have to wait be for I can start another round with injections. Have a new bottle. The doc put me on low carb. And 700 cals per day.

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