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As I laid in my bed sick from the flu last week, I had many thoughts. Why did the FDA stop putting ephedrine in cough syrup? Why do I have to show my driver's license to purchase Sudafed? How much phlegm can one person produce? Why am I still dieting!

Yes losing weight on the hCG diet protocol is fast and effective, and watching your body shrink and the numbers on the scale decrease can be fun. You can really lose a 1/2 pound to 3 pounds a day on the hCG diet protocol. I proved it to myself. I lost weight! I was trim and thanks to T-Tapp, fit. I was healthier and I was tapping 2-3x a week.

So why am I back here? What happened? Why did I regain some of the weight? Sure, I have said it was stress and junk food and stopping my exercise, but didn’t I deal with my stress eating before? Obviously, it was deeper then what I thought.

I had to really examine the root cause of the stress, recognize it in various forms, and deal with it so I can break my personal cycle. I had to go back and re break the cycle of my emotional eating.

My emotional eating started when I was 9 years old. I had spent the summer with my great great uncle and my great grandmother. My Uncle John was a chef! A good old down home, southern cooking, feel good CHEF! Saying he could cook is a tremendous understatement. Foods that I hated like okra and squash, this man could make it taste like virtual orgasm in your mouth.

Between Uncle John’s culinary talent and the fact that he and Granny lived in what I termed ‘retirement city’, I was doomed to gain weight. No kids my age for blocks on end, nothing to do, no place to go and when we did go out, we went to the home of another 65 and older person. Can you imagine the 9-year-old child joy I had playing pinnacle and mahjong? Therefore, I spent that summer surrounded by extraordinary food, old folks and nothing to do but eat. And eat I did!

At the end of the summer, I was on the plane back home to Mom, school and friends. Disembarking from the plane, my mother was waiting for her child. She had a smile on her face and her arms opened wide. I saw her, I ran to her, and mother said, “You’re Fat!” Granted, leaving home I was a size 2 and well, coming back I was a husky size 10, but “You’re Fat!” Was that a good welcome home greeting for a 9 year old?

I cannot begin to express the emotional toll her words had on me, how I felt, and the power struggles we had over food from that day forth. All I can say is that was the start and source of my weight issues. But what I did not realize until now was that my issues had morphed.

Stress, trauma, finances, love, boredom, depression, self-hate, fear, anxiety, bad relationships, good relationships, avoiding truths, being a doormat, and on; all of this is in one way or another emotional eating. Yes, I dealt with mother issues and those particular feelings, but my pattern of how I dealt with my feelings had morphed and materialized as emotional eating.

EFT worked to get me on the right track before, and I’m sure it can now. What is EFT? Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT, uses the meridian points (think acupuncture points) to unblock your issues. Here is a free download to learn all about EFT and how it may help you not just with weight loss but also with cravings, addictions, stress and other issues. There is also a video to review EFT, and a link to specific weight loss issues and EFT.

I found an energy hydration drink with only 10 cal per serving. It is called Rockstar Recovery energy and hydration drink. Having all the B Vitamins, taurine, ginseng extract,caffeine, prickly pear extract, milk thistle extract.The drink also has lemon juice and a bit of sucrose @ 10 cal per serving, I don't think it is much sucrose. Would this be something that is o.k. on this diet?
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@Kathleen Allen,

No it's not okay for the diet. You need to drink water.  Even that little bit of sugar will hurt your diet.  See hCG diet cravings and hCG diet stallers to avoid hCG diet failure.

it is one thing to change your eating habits, but in most cases the mind/attitude needs changing..Therefore, changing your eating habits along with changing your attitude about food will balance and compliment one another...the end results: healthier living, nice looking body and knowing the food does not control anymore, you control the intake in your body.

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