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After the hCG Diet

What do we eat on the hCG Phase 3 after the hCG diet weight loss phase is over? That seems to be a question that plagues many hCG dieters. It isn’t hard to do the hCG diet phase 3 or to know what to eat, however it is as personal as your DNA.

Benefits of the hCG Diet:

• Resets Metabolism
• Releases Stored Body Fat
• Spares Muscle
• Protects Essential Body Fat
• Prevents Storage of New Fat

After the hCG diet, Dr. Simeons states that you can eat what you want, but as stated, in the hCG phase 3 section, eating what you want is personal and not as simple as eating Low Carb or Mediterranean Style or following South Beach.

While on the hCG diet Phase 2, the injection phase, you are eating a very strict 500 calorie diet with specific hCG diet foods. Dr. Simeons designed the hCG diet foods for optimal and quick fat loss.

After this phase, you enter hCG diet phase 3 to maintain your weight which Dr. Simeons left very vague and open. Unfortunately, fifty years ago, Dr. Simeons did not have to contend with how food is processed today, genetically engineered foods, or food allergies that have developed and are more common fifty years later. This alone is a strong reason to eat organic foods.

Stronger antibiotics used in our meat sources, stronger pesticides used on fruits and vegetables we consume, in addition to methods of food processing, sensitivities to foods, and food allergies may play a significant role in what you can and cannot eat in your hCG diet phase 3, or ongoing maintenance or eating plan for life.

If you find yourself gaining more than the 2 pounds after the weight phase or hCG diet phase 2, and you’re eating pretty healthy and Steak Day isn’t working, here are a few tips you may want to consider and try.

hCG Diet Tips Phase 3

• The TX Elimination Diet is great at finding exactly which foods you are sensitive too.

• Eating organically in addition to cutting out antibiotics and pesticides may improve your long term health as well as decrease allergies and sensitivities to foods

• Decreasing or eliminating shellfish from your diet – most people are sensitive or have unknown allergies to shellfish.

• Writing down and keeping track of exactly what you are eating — you may be eating more of a disproportionate amount of Fat to Carbs to Protein than you think.

• You may have an unknown wheat allergy or Celiac disease — Read More On Celiac Disease

• Fast foods and prepackaged foods contain a higher degree of salt than self-prepared foods.

• Water intake — you still need 8 – 8 oz cups of water daily.

• Soda, commercial soda that is, has a high degree of sodium; consider making your own soda with the SodaStream

• Exercise — If you are doing weight training then you are increasing muscle mass and will gain MUSCLE, not fat. So don’t confuse muscle gain from with fat gain, and disregard the scale.

• The #1 recommended Exercise is T-Tapp Exercise. Read this article as to why T-Tapp will turbo charge your hCG diet results while actively dieting and  help control your weight and maintain your loss after the hCG diet.

Emotional Issues

If you find yourself overeating due to stress, whether it's financial, emotional, physical, or whatever stress you may be under, then you may have other issues beyond simple weight control and dietary changes. Consider using EFT, finding an EFT practitioner, or obtaining some other help to deal with the “Y” of your eating habits.

• Learn About EFT to deal with emotional issues.
• Learn About Psych-K to deal with emotional issues on a cellular level.
• Just find something that resonates with you, that can help you deal with the “Y” of bad eating habits in order to better your health.

can you still lose weight if you just eat healthy and take the HCG dropes, i need to lose 10 more pounds or do i still need to do the 500 cal. i'm geting confuse on the phase 2 and 3 and all that stuff, i need help. thanks anna
@anna, NO. The hCG diet has very specific foods to eat. IF you eat anything other than the foods listed on the hCG Diet Food list you will gain weight.
@Dez, I started the hcg diet almost a year ago, After the first week i had so much going on in my life i chose to quit the diet. Though i still ate healthy and took the drops. To this day I have lost 63pounds. I'm a real person telling you this does work. Not selling anything. Hope this helps.
@Kelly Williams, Are you saying that you took the drops continually for a year, while not following the 500 calorie protocol and lost 63 pounds?
hi im on the hcg diet not yet on phase 3 but not sure how to do it can you use cooking oil how much to eat i dont do breakfest so if anyone has any tios please let me knoe ty
@fatlady, The best thing is to read hCG Diet P3 and hCG Diet P3 Food List.
I just started phase three and wondering... Can you continue losing weight on phase three or do you HAVE to stay within the 2 pounds? Thank You.
@Cassie, You can still lose weight on P3, it's not mandatory but some people do because they are exercising and vs. actively dieting.
I just started Phase 3 and want a good list of foods I CAN eat -- where do I find this list? Thank you, Joan

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