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Alternative to Popular Dukan Diet for Faster Weight Loss

The Dukan diet is garnering a lot of attention lately, but we've found that just like other fad diets, there is a delicate balance or risks and rewards. hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diet and Weight Loss Plans offers a medically supervised hCG diet that is guaranteed to generate fast weight loss without risky side effects. There are an abundance of diets available to consumers these days.

One such diet is of French origin is advertized as being the reason that French women are able to stay slender, despite the constant temptation of those decadent French desserts. It is called the Dukan diet. This diet utilizes four stages of varied eating recommendations, each of which serves a different function for weight loss. The Dukan diet utilizes four separate stages of different specific food consumption. But the first stage is the one that can be a little concerning for health reasons.

The other 4 are just concerning because they don't facilitate the kind of fast weight loss that the 34% of obese Americans need. The first stage of this fad diet recommends the consumption of high protein foods, such as egg whites and lean meat. While many swear by it, there is still concern and substantial risk associated with this French diet's stringent meal plans. Specifically, the first phase of the diet recommends that dieters consume only protein for two to seven days.

But Katherine Zeratsky, a Registered Dietician from The Mayo Clinic reminds dieters considering consuming only protein for extended periods of time "Some high-protein diets promote foods such as red meat and full-fat dairy products, which may increase your risk of heart disease." We here at are happy to introduce a customized, prescription level hCG diet that is guaranteed to produce extremely fast weight loss, but doesn’t carry with it the risks of unbalanced nutrition associated with the Dukan diet's initial stage of high protein consumption.

hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG & Weight Loss Plans has developed an alternative to these risky protein only, phase-heavy fad diets called the hCG diet. The first thing we do here at Diet Doc is have our clients screened by our doctors. We like to figure out what our clients weight loss goals are, and then custom design a weight loss diet, including potent prescription hCG around our clients' needs and health. The hCG diet does not lead to malnutrition, because it incorporates a physician balanced meal plan with healthy and nutritious weight loss foods, some which are proprietary to Diet Doc Weight Loss.

While on the hCG diet from Diet Doc, patients routinely lose a pound a day of stubborn body fat, while retaining muscle mass. Prescription hCG has been proven time and again that it enables fast weight loss by triggering the hypothalamus to tell your fat cells to release their fat stores. Once this released fat is in the blood stream, it is easily available for the body to burn.

Thus, an hCG diet works twofold; first by signaling fat release from stubborn areas like thighs, belly, underarms, and hips while simultaneously telling the body to retain muscle mass. So unlike fad diets, the hCG diet enables patients to lose fat weight, not water or muscle weight, and keep it off long term.

Our Medical Director, Dr. Rao sums the idea up the best, "We use a ketogenic diet that is considered to be a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet, similar to what athletes use. We found this to be the healthiest and most effective diet to use for fast weight loss results,” Dr. Rao is not the only doctor that has found the hCG diet to be the best available for fast weight loss, Dr. Harry A. Gusman, M.D. conducted studies on Dr. Simeons' original hCG diet and found it to be "the most productive and safe approach to the best weight loss."

Diet Doc represents the most significant advancement in the 50 year old Simeons hCG diet. With or updated science, our clients are able to consume up to 1200 calories daily, without protein loading and risky side effects to an unbalanced diet. Thus, unlike the Dukan diet, or other protein high diets, clients never run the risk of malnourishment, protein related illness, or any other side effects associated with popular fad diets, while on the hCG diet.

hCG Diet Proven Faster than the Intense 10 Minute Workout

For millions of obese Americans, grueling exercise is simply not an option due to a variety of physical restraints. The popular 10-minute workout seems to fall under the heading "grueling"! According to Livestrong,  "Exercise can injure joints, tear muscles and other soft tissue, increase your blood pressure and heart rate and cause a variety of breathing problems." Exercise is easily considered to be the most effective way to maintain good health, but there are actually dangers associated with exercise when the person working out is obese.

The benefits of weight loss are well documented.

 Dr. Rao, Medical Director for Diet Doc reminds patients that "Taking charge of your overall health by addressing being overweight is the first place to start for wellness, although this has long been the advice of conscious doctors, most people need guidance to put them on the right track to good health which is what our program is designed for.”

An in-house survey conducted by hCGTreatments / Diet Doc Weight Loss Plans reveals:

  • 97% of patients experienced fast weight loss.
  • These patients experienced an average of 1/2 to 1 pound-per-day of stubborn fat.
  • Scientific research concludes that an hCG diet is the most productive and safe approach to the best weight loss.

Exercise is obviously great for maintaining health, and utterly necessary for long term weigh management, but for many Americans struggling with obesity, a grueling 10-minute workout is not possible due to mobility or health constraints.

For those struggling with obesity or even people who are simply overweight, hCGTreatments / Diet Doc Weight Loss Plans offers a physician monitored hCG weight loss diet that guarantees fast weight loss, safely and effectively, without all of the undue stress on joints and muscles.

Our doctor monitored hCG weight loss diet has undergone many clinical studies and has been praised in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition by Dr. Harry A. Gusman, M.D. as the most scientific approach to [obesity] but also the safest and most productive.

We offer a clinically monitored hCG weight loss diet verified to generate fast weight loss in overweight and obese patients, even when rigorous exercise like the 10-minute workout plans are not an option.

hCG is a hormone discovered by an Endocrinologist named A.T.W.Simeons in the 1950’s. Simeons credited hCG with signaling the hypothalamus to trigger fat release in the body's fat cells. Since then, we have improved on the original Simeons hCG diet by raising limits on caloric intake and combining hCG with a high protein, low carbohydrate diet.

Our in-house physicians advanced Dr. Simeons’ breakthrough of over 50 years ago, and now we have completely modernized it utilizing the latest science and technology of today.

Our modernized hCG diet includes the same nutrient-rich and protein-dense foods that facilitate the best weight loss, but restricts caloric intake to a range of between 750-1250 calories per day in order to send the body into what is referred to ketosis, a biochemical process that occurs during the fat-burning state. During ketosis, your fat cells release their extra stored fat into the bloodstream where it is easier for the body to burn for energy.

What does this mean for you? The BEST WEIGHT LOSS AVAILABLE!

We conducted an in-house survey and found that our hCG weight loss diet is proven to produce fast weight loss in over 97% of our patients. These patients experienced the best weight loss, averaging  1 pound-per-day, and specifically in the most stubborn areas like underarms, midsection, and thighs.



Why Get Invasive Lap-band Surgery Like Lauren Manzo? hCG Diet Guarantees Better Results, Safely!

The Real Housewives star Lauren Manzo underwent risky Lap-band surgery, so we've been inspired to create personalized hCG diet plan as a natural alternative to unsafe, and invasive surgery!


After a very public struggle to lose weight, a star of the hit reality TV show The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Lauren Manzo has lost 35 pounds.

In an interview with US magazine, Manzo revealed that she had tried a few different diets, but saw no success with the more popular weight loss programs like Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers and L.A. Weight Loss.


We have one of the only medical hCG programs in the U.S. and almost all of our products are pharmaceutical-grade, including the supplements, which require a prescription. We work to make our modified version of the hCG diet as effective as possible not only by offering the best weight loss products but by providing the best care possible, says Julie Wright, Founder and CEO for Diet Doc.

In a recently published a report, ABC News revealed that more than half of the patients who undergo lap band surgery had at least one re-operation due to complications or device malfunction.

Herbert Lerner M.D., supervisory medical officer for the FDA,  stated that “surgery itself has risks, including death, and those risks are heightened for people who are obese.”

Most will agree that weight loss surgery should be used as an absolute last-resort for people who are struggling to lose weight.

In fact, a good number of people actually will require another operation to either reposition, replace, or remove the gastric band at some point in the future due to complications or because they have not lost weight according to Lerner.


The procedure is not available to everyone though. According to the FDA, Lap-band surgery is only approved for those with a BMI over 40, or a BMI of 35 and at least one obesity related health condition. The report continues, listing a number of risks and side-effects of Lap-band surgery that often include:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Vomiting
  •  Difficulty swallowing
  • Moving of the band through the stomach wall
  • Leaking of the band
  • And many others


Manzo then decided to undergo the painful and risky Lap-band surgery in September of 2011. The surgery was a success, Manzo did lose weight, but why would she take such a big risk when safer alternatives to rapid weight loss exist?  

In an effort to help those who suffer the same weight loss struggle as Lauren Manzo, Diet Doc is offering a natural hCG weight loss program individualized for each patient according to their health factors.

This 50-year-old weight loss solution has no known side effects and has even been approved by “America’s doctor” Dr. Oz himself, according to his published report.


Our hCG diet is monitored by an integrative team of doctors, nutritionists, nurses and health advisors to ensure maximum efficiency and the best weight loss available. This medically-supervised hCG diet can last from 23 days, which is one cycle, all the way up to 6 weeks and guarantees faster and healthier weight loss than Lap-band surgery. Diet Doc has made the program easy to follow with daily doses of hCG and allows well over 1000 calories a day with a wide variety of diet food options.


Each patient is given personalized attention throughout the program to ensure its safety as well as its effectiveness.

“We offer a great natural alternative to invasive surgery that has little to no side effects. Most of our patients report seeing considerable results in just two weeks,” says Dr. Rao, Medical Director for Diet Doc.

The hCG hormone plays a crucial role in the diet because it triggers the brain into converting fat into energy and is also known to suppress the appetite. Thus, our diet is even popular among bodybuilders and trainers due to hCG's ability to targets only fat and preserve muscle.

New Health Initiative for a Growing Obesity Problem.

Diet Doc now offering a nationwide telemedicine hCG weight loss program in an effort to help cut projected healthcare costs that are estimated at $2.7 trillion by 2030 according to recent reports

In America, obesity costs have been steadily rising over the last 3 decades with apparently no end in sight.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation reports that by 2030, as many or more than 13 states could have adult obesity rates measuring above 60%. That’s only 13 years away! Additionally, 39 states may have obesity rates of over 50% and all states by 2030 could have rates soaring above an average of 44% of the population considered obese.

The RWJ Foundation analyzed data released by CDC and based their findings accordingly. The cost of medical treatment for obesity related illness is expected to increase by $66 billion per year. This is in addition to the already astounding average medical costs of obesity today which add up to approximately $147 billion annually.

Obesity raises the risk of a number of diseases, including some types of cancer, type II diabetes, heart disease, joint problems; the list goes on and on. This all adds up to higher healthcare costs for all and an exponential rise in health care costs across the board.

The total money spent on the obesity epidemic will top $2.7 trillion over the next 18 years!

This is even more mind blowing when you consider that IT IS COMPLETELY PREVENTABLE!

The best way to reduce the risk of contracting all of these health problems is to combat obesity by eating healthy food and staying physically active. We all lead busy lives, so this can seem arduous and stressful, but it can lead to life-changing, and life-saving habit changes that are truly simple to make.

In concern of the rising obesity epidemic in America, as well as preventing obesity related disease, we made the best weight loss program available nationwide by utilizing the latest in internet teleconferencing equipment. Our medical hCG weight loss program is proven to be successful at fighting obesity by aiding in weight loss and more importantly, showing dieters how to eat correctly for the long term while working towards a healthy weight.

Clients nationwide can now meet with our expert team of physicians, nurses, nutritionists and health advisors via Skype and assorted other video chatting applications.

You will first meet with one of our physicians via internet, and have your dieting needs and concerns assessed. Next, one of our expert nutritionists will create and customize a diet plan for you. And then our nurse will show how to properly incorporate the hCG treatments into their daily routine.

Our Medical Director, Dr. Rao thinks that Meeting face-to-face via the internet is almost the same as meeting in person.

Doctors will all agree that being obesity kills. Even if you only need to lose 20 or so pounds, you can do so on the hCG diet. It will lead you to a healthier life down the road by lowering obesity related risks. But for those who need to lose a lot of weight NOW, the hCG is proven to be effective at providing fast weight loss up to a pound per day!





Free BMI Calculator now Available

Announcing our newly launched weight loss calculator; a free tool available on our website.

One of the most accurate and quick methods to screen for weight categories is the Body Mass Index (BMI) calculation. BMI is a number derived from comparing a person's weight and height. A BMI measurement offers one of the most reliable accounts of body fat, making it one its best indicators.

This easy-to-use instrument from Diet Doc hCG Diet and Weight Loss is a great way to measure body fat, without expensive tests.

You can find our BMI calculator under the top menu heading "Weight Loss Resources"

This is what you'll find.



Our weight loss calculator allows you to calculate their BMI (Body Mass Index) and then goes further, helping to explain what a high or low BMI potentially means to your overall health. This is extremely helpful when setting weight loss goals.

This inexpensive and easy-to-perform calculation can now be performed at the Diet Doc hCG Diet and Weight Loss official website; it's fast and convenient…

Not to mention, it's free on our website.

With this clever tool, you can effortlessly establish whether or not you should consider losing weight, or if you're perfect the way you are (of course you are!). Our BMI calculator will also act as a screening method for weight classification, as obesity and being overweight will undoubtedly trigger health problems, it's important to know how close you stand to normal. This weight loss calculator can inform you of possible health risks you may face from carrying extra weight.

Per the standard BMI measurements using this weight loss calculator, a BMI below 18.5 indicates that you are underweight while a BMI in the range of 18.5-24.9 indicates normal weight. When BMI reaches from 25 to 29.9, this is classified as overweight and a BMI above 30 is definitely a cause for concern because this is considered obese.

Used by the CDC to measure overweight and obesity trends in the country, BMI calculators are one of the most accurate and easy methods for overweight and obesity assessment in people. Both clinicians as well as the general public have access to it, which makes it simple to compare your own weight standing to that of the broad population; you can see into which classification you fall on an precise baseline. For example, you may not know that normally, women tend to have more body fat than men, and older people be apt to have more body fat than younger adults. This is extremely useful information, because based on these individual factors you can get an idea of where you should be as compared to those with similar situations as yourself.

But keep in mind, while BMI is extremely helpful, it is not a diagnostic tool, it is only a screening tool used to identify possible weight problems in adults.

There are other more costly and monotonous ways to measure body fat, like underwater weighing and dual energy x-ray absorptiometry, but studies show that a simple BMI reading is almost as accurate as these other tiresome methods. These clinical methods of body fat measurement are also obscure and this is precisely what makes BMI calculators a handy and useful metric.

One consideration is that highly trained athletes cattying a lot of muscle and low body fat may have a high BMI, because BMI compares your weight with your height. So a massive bodybuilder will have a high BMI due to his superfluous muscle weight stacked on a normal, let's say 6' frame.

With this in mind, the most accurate diagnosis can be made only after further assessments are performed by a licensed medical practitioner or healthcare provider. Some of these factors that they will consider include, but are not limited to diet, family history, physical activity, as well as other recommended and appropriate health screenings and tests.

If your BMI is higher than what it should be, a comprehensive, medically supervised and physician managed weight loss from Diet Doc hCG Diet and Weight Loss promotes rapid and safe weight loss and will help you attain your weight loss target while improving your fitness and helping establish a pattern of making the right food choices.


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