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Vitamin D Rich Foods to Aid our hCG Diet

New research suggests that Vitamin D plays a crucial role in fast weight loss and most people who are overweight are lacking this essential vitamin

Researchers at the University of Minnesota recently conducted studies on the role of vitamin D in weight and found that dieters have better diet success when vitamin D levels are increased.

This essential vitamin is unique because it is also a hormone manufactured by the body if exposed to the right amount of sunlight, which, most people do not get because of the use of sunscreen.

Another cause of vitamin D deficiency is poor diet, which can also lead to weight gain. In fact, a third of the American population were found to be deficient in vitamin D according to new analysis by researchers from the National Center for Health Statistics.

Lack of vitamin D in our bodies is also related to other diseases like heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, and brittle bones.

Recent reports conducted by the researchers from the University of Minnesota also found that overweight people higher chance of being vitamin D deficient and have better success in losing weight when their vitamin levels are increased.

So apparently it is UVB rays that are needed in order for our bodies to create our own vitamin D, but they are being filtered out by sun block, fog, pollution or smog, and simply not going outside enough.

Most find that the safest and most reliable way to get this vitamin is through consumption of right foods.

Our weight loss diet is bolstered with foods high in vitamin D which help to burn more fat. Although each diet plan is personalized and created by a certified nutritionist for each of their patients, their long list of foods also gives patients the flexibility to choose what they eat each day. These foods can include tuna, broccoli, fibrous fruits, eggs, and green leafy vegetables.

They also include their specially formulated “dessert” protein bars and shakes that are fortified with vitamin D and other essential vitamins as a snack. Our modified version of the original Simeons hCG diet is filled with nutritious and antioxidant rich foods designed to alkalize and detoxify your body.

Each item in our weight loss foods list was chosen specifically for its benefits. We found that the addition of vitamin D-rich foods to our weight loss foods list plays a vital role in the overall weight loss process, says Dr. Rao, Medical Director for Diet Doc.


Our weight loss program contains a multitude of benefits. Along with a customized diet plan and weight loss starter package that includes all the essentials tools to get start on the program, Diet Doc also offers a free comprehensive health evaluation to their patients.

We provide this evaluation in order to assess current health and vitamin levels in our clients, and make recommendations on vitamins to aid fast weight loss.

“We offer the health evaluation as a tool to give patients insight into the cause of everyday symptoms, most of which people deal with by ignoring them on a daily basis,” says Julie Wright, Founder and CEO for Diet Doc.

“We are constantly working to improve our weight loss programs, not by making it the latest fad but by creating a system that generates real, life-long changes for our patients.” adds Wright.



hCG Diet More Safe, Manageable, and Effective than Original

We have modified the original hCG diet to make it safer, more effective, and manageable.

We are the only hCG weight loss diet with a guarantee. We have updated the original 1954 Simeons hCG diet to include more calories, more nutrition, and more weight lost!

Our medically supervised, doctor designed and physician managed program that is personalized for each patient differs from the original hCG diet plan that allowed only 500 calories a day and a very restricted list of foods to choose from.

Originally in the '50s, Dr. Simeons discovered that patients on a monitored dose of hCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin produced rapid weight loss when coupled with a low calorie diet.

According to his book, Pounds and Inches, the 500 calorie diet combined with daily hCG injections not only made participants more energetic but they also reported no hunger. Yet, the original Simeons protocol that only allowed for 500 calories daily is scrutinized for demanding such little caloric intake. We currently offer the only prescription based hCG diet that is medically supervised for the entire length of your diet.

Modified from the original diet to make it safe, manageable and more effective, this program involves a thorough review and evaluation of the health of a patient and this is followed by a customized diet plan that is created by a certified nutritionist.

Our modified diet allows for more-then-double the calories daily than the original.

 Dr. Rao, our Medical Director, We have an objective support system in place because we understand that changes aren't easy. The best way to get through patients is to make our program foolproof by pairing each patient with a weight loss coach who can offer them the support that they need during their weight loss journey. We have also made our food list flexible, so everyone in the program can stick with it.

Our in house weight loss coach will guide you through the whole program, and monitor your progress weekly.

The team of doctors, nurses and nutritionists can always be contacted anytime as we believe in an open communication system.

Our surveys have concluded that on average, our patients lose an average of 30 pounds in 30 days.

Our Founder and CEO Julie Wright says, “We put a lot of emphasis on our support team. Our program is not just another weight loss regimen; we also offer a promising solution to prevent the many health conditions that come with weight gain and obesity.”

Our weight loss diet is guaranteed to get you on the track to weight loss and a healthier lifestyle.
Our aim is not just about helping people lose weight quickly, safely, and effectively, but they also work with their patients to make life-long changes that are the key to living a long and healthy life.



More Options with hCG Diet than Weight Loss Surgery

Diet Doc hCG Diet and Weight Loss announced a new alternative to weight loss surgery that promises rapid and safe weight loss using a combination of weight loss drugs and weight loss pills.

Our team of weight loss physicians has created an individualized hCG diet for people who want to lose weight safely and quickly without the invasiveness of surgery or risky medications.

 This new weight loss diet helps patients achieve their weight loss target of 30 pounds a month successfully.

Because our clients are able to achieve their fast weight loss goals so effectively, our hCG diet is the best alternative to invasive and risky weight loss surgery.

By speeding up the process of fat metabolism at the cellular level, this new weight loss diet from the company promotes fast weight loss, thereby helping a patient avoid invasive weight loss surgeries such as bariatric surgery or Lap-Band surgery that have a number of risk factors associated with them.

Our hCG diet is physician monitored and managed. We first consider each clients health history, age, gender, lifestyle, weight loss goals, and many other factors before configuring a customized weight loss diet. These factors are largely neglected when receiving other types of weight loss services.

We have successfully helped more than 97% of their patients lose weight fast eliminates the desire and need for weight loss surgery.

Another reason to choose the hCG diet is the abundance of our proprietary weight loss pills. We create our own, physician formulated weight loss medication to aid in our hCG diet, which ensures that our clients receive the optimum care and effect of our hCG diet.

According to Belviq or Qsymia's own clinical study on their efficacy, these weight loss drugs reported an extremely low weight loss averaging only 12 pounds a year.

We offer a wide variety of extremely effective weight loss pills and weight loss drugs.

 These include those that control appetite, a lipotropic fat metabolizer that works to release fat cells at a cellular level, and a prescription strength saffron extract touted by Dr. Oz as a “miracle weight loss drug” that controls emotional eating.

Whether combined with our prescription hCG diet, or used as standalone weight management aids, our new diet pills help you achieve that body you've been wanting, without surgery.

As a provider of these new weight loss diets nationwide, Diet Doc hCG Diet and Weight Loss is helping millions of Americans achieve their weight loss goals through these clinically advanced, doctor designed, and physician managed weight loss solutions.

We are so effective at helping clients lose weight; we are the only weight loss service to offer a guarantee!

Faster and Safer Weight Loss with hCG diet than Popular Alli

A customized hCG weight loss diet is proven more effective than popular, over-the-counter fat blocking drugs like Alli. Studies show that a customized hCG diet provides fast weight loss at an average of 1 pound per day. Studies from Alli claim that it only provides up to 6.6 pounds of weight loss per year over a placebo.

The popular drug Alli works by blocking fat absorption into the bloodstream, allowing people to eat more calories while absorbing less. The weight loss drug Alli is a brand name version of the pharmaceutical orlistat.

Statistics clearly show that Alli and Xenical are unable to provide weight loss equal to, or even close to an hCG diet. Furthermore, Alli is notorious for its undesirable side effects like loose stool and oily leakage.

 Clinical trials suggest that people given Alli in addition to lifestyle modifications, such as diet and exercise, lose about 2–3 kilograms (4.4–6.6 lb) more than those not taking the drug over the course of a year.

Similar clinical studies conducted originally by the discoverer of hCG, Dr. Simeons, show that a monitored hCG weight loss diet routinely provides average weight loss of a pound-per-day.

Weight loss is now safe and fast, without adverse side effects associated with Alli.

A Consumer Reports article reveals further complaints about Alli, these however are more serious.

These reports show a pattern of adverse events submitted to the agency since Jan. 1, 2007, including rectal bleeding and kidney, liver and thyroid problems.

In contrast to these harmful side effects of Alli, our hCG diet is safe for almost anyone with little to no reported side effects.

hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diet and Weight Loss CEO Julie Wright adds that "The hCG Diet offered by Diet Doc Weight Loss Plans goes back over 50 years. Initially discovered by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons in the 1950's, hCG has been proven safe for nearly anyone, and has a longstanding track record of producing fast weight loss safely and effectively."

An organization that focuses on consumer advocacy recently called for the removal of Alli and other orlistat based drugs from the market based on public health risks.

Public Citizen's Health Research Group says that orlistat based drugs should be removed from the U.S. market because they not only can damage the liver but, based on new information obtained from FDA adverse reaction files, have been associated with 47 cases of acute pancreatitis and 73 cases of kidney stones.

Dr. Sidney Wolfe, director of Public Citizen's Health Research Group in Washington said, “Any one of these serious risks alone would be sufficient basis for banning Alli. This drug has the potential to cause significant damage to multiple critical organs, yet they provide meager benefits in reducing weight loss in obese and overweight patients. For this reason, the FDA should tell the manufacturers of this drug, GlaxoSmithKline to pull Alli from the market immediately.”

hCG has almost 60 years of evidence to suggest its safety and effectiveness in weight loss diets.

We offer every one of our patients physician monitored weight loss, clinical support 6 days a week, and many other services and products that result in our weight loss guarantee!

Diet Doc nutritionists create a customized weight loss plan based on patient health needs and fast weight loss goals.

Unlike over-the-counter Alli and Xenical, we offer comprehensive evaluation before, during, and after our hCG diet is administered.

As a part of this process, the client is paired with a weight loss coach, available six days a week.

Our hCG diet is the only on the market guaranteed to produce fast weight loss.



Fight Fall Weight Gain Without Compromising Comfort

As the fall holidays approach, many people find it tough to keep weight off.

With the weather growing ever colder, many people trun to comfort foods to forget about the 9 long months until summer resurfaces.

With this in mind, hCGTreatments reveals a customized hCG diet packed full of nutritious and tasty foods that won't compromise diets during abundant holiday festivities.  

Fall is the season that conjures cravings for tasty pumpkin pie, hot chocolate, and maybe a hot toddy or ten!

 But hCGTreatments / Diet Doc Weight Loss Plans offers delicious comfort diet foods without all of the fat and sugar, a great way to keep holiday weight off.

You've put so much work into getting the summer body looking great; don’t ruin it with bad choices.

Nutritionist Rania Batayneh embellishes on this idea on adding that popular foods like iced coffee is ok when consumed by its self, but  "Add a little mocha or caramel flavoring and toss it all into a blender with ice and whole milk, though, and your brisk beverage can become a calorie bomb—up to 700 per drink. At one popular chain, an icy menu item packs a whopping 96 grams of sugar, which is the equivalent of eating a half-cup of the sweet stuff straight."

The best fall weight loss foods center on nutrition and are best consumed without a ton of fat or sugar.

With this in mind, we offer an individualized and healthy hCG diet, packed with nutritious weight loss foods that won't add inches, but instead ensure fast weight loss.

Explaining how Diet Doc provides sinfully delicious diet foods is Julie Wright, CEO and Founder of Diet Doc Weight Loss:

Diet Doc offers one month of prescription medication, one month of weight loss shakes, one month of weight loss cooking/salad dressing oil that is clinically proven to help dieters start burning fat within 30 minutes of consuming, along with the Diet Doc workbook outlining the modern-day version of the Diet Doc hCG diet, a nutritious cookbook, plus unlimited nurse, doctor and weight loss consultant support 6 days per week, all priced lower than the leading non-doctor supervised weight loss plan.

Even if fall isn’t your worst enemy, if you've added weight this summer with all of those high calorie margharitas and chips and salsa, a prescription hCG diet and individualized diet plan from us will get you back on track, just in time to enjoy turkey and stuffing, guilt free.

With a proprietary collection of healthy and delicious weight loss foods, Diet Doc aids clients in fast weight loss while also feeding any cravings for unhealthy foods that clients may have.

“We are excited to release a proprietary weight loss blend of diet shakes and weight loss bars and delectable weight loss meals, along with supplements to complement our medically, supervised, hCG diet program,” adds Wright.

The hCG Diet offered by Diet Doc Weight Loss Plans goes back over 50 years.

Initially discovered in 1954 by Dr. Simeons, hCG is proven effective for safe and fast weight loss with little to no side effects.

Human chorionic gonadotropin, or hCG , is naturally produced in the placenta during pregnancy to help a woman’s body access her fat stores instead of her muscle to feed and regulate development of the embryo.

Because hCG is so effective at saving muscle while burning fat, it has been proven to be an extremely successful weight loss diet when combined with low caloric intake.

If you're even considering losing weight this fall, give us a call first. We will explain everything clearly and honestly, provide medical consultation before proceeding on your weight loss diet, and provide constant service and a money back guarantee that you will achieve your weight loss goals.

No other weight loss diet provides a money back guarantee.


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