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hCG Diet is More Manageable, Efective, and Safer than Ever

Diet Doc hCG Diet and Weight Loss Plans is the provider of the only hCG weight loss diet plan that is a modern day version of the 50-year-old hCG diet that was originally developed by the endocrinologist, Dr. Simeons in the 1950's.

Our hCG diet is medically supervised, physician designed and monitored, and separately personalized for every client depending on individual health factors and weight loss goals.

Dr. Simeons discovered that human chorionic gonadotropin, or HCG, which is a hormone produced only when a woman is pregnant caused the body to release abnormal fat when small doses of it were administered.

Dr. Simeons wrote a book detailing his findings concerning the hCG diet. He found that the hCG diet not only curbs hunger while on a low calorie diet, but clients also maintained energy levels throughout.

While the original Simeons protocol is still used today by many practitioners, we now offer the only prescription-based program that is medically supervised and is a complete modification of the old weight loss diet.

Our modified hCG diet has been vastly improved to make it safer, more effective, and completely considerate of our client's needs and weight loss goals. We assign weight loss coaches and nurses to see our clients through the entire fast weight loss process.The modified weight loss diet allows up to more than double the amount of calories than the former with an exhaustive list of foods to choose from.

Dr. Rao, Medical Director of hCGTreatments / Diet Doc says, “We have a objective support system in place because we understand that changes aren't easy." Rao continues on to remind patients that "The best way to get through patients is to make our program foolproof by pairing each patient with a weight loss coach who can offer them the support that they need during their weight loss journey."

The weight loss coach guides patients through the entire program and also follows up with weekly phone calls. We have found that this constant contact promotes a more exciting weight loss environment. An in-house study shows that many patients reported losing an average of 14 pounds in just two weeks and they started seeing results in the first week of joining the program.

Our Founder and CEO, Julie Wright says it best; Our program is not just another weight loss regimen; we also offer a promising solution to prevent the many health conditions that come with weight gain and obesity.

hCGTreatments offers a flexible and affordable weight loss diet that gets people on the fast track to good health in no time at all.

We not only concentrate on helping people discover how easy fast weight loss can be, but we strive for 100% of our clients to report complete satisfaction.

Our weight loss diet is extremely flexible, affordable, and the best weight loss diet you will ever use, guaranteed!

Fast Weight Loss with hCG Diet, Without Side Effects of Qsymia

The new weight loss drug Qsymia was recently approved by the FDA, its first weight loss drug approval in 13 years.

Not only is Qsymia difficult to pronounce and spell, it is also proven less effective than our prescription hCG diet. While on Qsymia, patients lost only 1.9 pounds per month, while the hCG diet is proven for fast weight loss, up to a pound per day!

A natural alternative to experimental new weight loss pills is the hCG diet, which dates back over 50 years. 

hCG was originally discovered in 1954 by Endocrinologist Dr. A Simeons, and has since been proven effective at prodicing fast weight loss, safely and without turning patients into a guinea pig.

Human chorionic gonadotropin, or hCG , is naturally produced in the placenta during pregnancy to help a woman’s body access her fat stores instead of her muscle to feed and regulate development of the embryo.

Another FDA approved use of prescription hCG is for the treatment of infertility in women and delayed puberty in young boys. hCG is widely considered to be the best weight loss aid available.

A new drug named Qsymia has recently been approved by the FDA for prescription. Qsymia is intended to aid in weight loss.

Qsymia is actually a combination of 2 different medications.

Qsymia is the blend of phentermine, which was once the "phen" part of the weight loss drug fen-phen, and topiramate, an anti-seizure medication commonly prescribed to epilepsy patients.

So despite the FDA approval of the Qsymia diet pill, it is important to consider possible risks and rewards of medication before consuming large quantities of it, just because the FDA says it's ok.

According to WebMD, "Topiramate causes weight loss in several ways, including increasing feelings of fullness, making foods taste less appealing, and increasing calorie burning." (Read more)

Statistics reveal that Qsymia doesn't necessarily aid fast weight loss in patients, not to a measurable degree anyway.

The study states that "After one year of treatment with the recommended and highest daily dose of Qsymia, patients had an average weight loss of 6.7 percent and 8.9 percent, respectively, over treatment with placebo." (Read more)

This amounts to an average weight loss of 7.8% in a year and .65% of body weight lost per month, or 1.9 pounds-per-month for a 300 pound person and 1.1 pounds-per-month for a 170 pound woman.  

Although Qsymia is only able to deliver nominal weight loss, the main concern over its health risks center around possible side effects like making food taste less appealing and using a prescription drug intended to treat seizures to now treat obesity.

Prescription hCG is naturally occurring in humans and has been administered for over 50 years with no major reported side effects, and a history of promoting fast weight loss.

Since hCG is a hormone produced naturally in the placenta of pregnant women, enabling them to feed the fetus from fat stores instead of muscle, hCG is natural and safe, and will not produce unnatural side effects in patients.

Julie Wright, CEO of Diet Doc Weight Loss Plans notes that "Diet Doc provides medically supervised patient care to people across the USA. We provide a collaborative approach to dieting, which is more labor intensive, but also more effective. We work with a team of physicians who are passionate about reducing obesity which is often the cause for many diseases and illnesses."

To further minimize the risk of complication, every one of our patients must undergo a complete physical and other rigorous examinations to determine whether or not the hCG diet is for them.

Our patients receive a doctor monitored, clinically superior hCG diet designed for fast weight loss and specifically tailored to fight obesity, not seizures!

An in-house survey recently conducted by Diet Doc revealed that 97% of patients on the hCG diet experienced fast weight loss, on average of a pound per day, without harmful side effects.

This can be attributed to our penchant for perfection and our desire to provide the best weight loss available.

Our sophisticated doctor designed and physician managed weight loss plan also involves prescribing weight loss medication that has little to no side effects along with fast weight loss products like weight loss shakes and oils, going above and beyond a simple consultation and prescription.


Prescription hCG Clinically Proven Superior to FDA Sanctioned Homeopathic hCG.

There is a lot of information available on both prescription hCG and homeopathic hCG.

Our hCG diet is the only guaranteed to produce fast weight loss. Try to get that out of those corporate diets!

Well, Diet Doc and would like to clarify the fundamental differences between the FDA sanctioned homeopathic hCG and prescription only, 99.99% pure hCG available only with our hCG weight loss diet. Physician prescribed hCG has been clinically proven to enact fast weight loss in over 97% of patients. Yet, there is no shortage of confusion on the internet between our prescription hCG and homeopathic, thus ineffectual hCG that has been literally taken off the market by the FDA.

The FDA released this news recently, adding that prescription hCG is FDA approved for infertility treatment and other medical conditions. Even though this FDA report is available for all to see, most journalists that I've read continue to lump 99.99% pure prescription hCG and homeopathic hCG together. The truth is that there is a world of difference between the two, yet many news outlets publically defame prescription hCG treatments, unaware of this fundamental difference.

We would like to clear this difference up for people, and announce our clinically proven, superior weight loss solution to the ineffective homeopathic hCG. Prescription hCG has been clinically proven to be effective in weight loss, while homeopathic hCG has no clinical evidence in support of it, and has actually been pulled from shelves.

Prescription hCG, which is 99.99% pure has been proven effective, clinically by Dr. A. Simeons in 1954. His study is out there for anyone to see. In 1954, there was no obesity epidemic for weight loss purveyors to profit from. This is an important consideration, because Dr. Simeons had no motive to falsely conclude prescription hCG effective for fast weight loss.

The Huffington post says about homeopathic hCG, "Many doctors view homeopathic remedies as ineffective but mostly harmless because the drugs in them are present in such tiny amounts." It seems then, that Huffpo hit on the core argument between homeopathic hCG, that is sold illegally and doesn't work except at taking your money, and prescription strength, doctor prescribed hCG from Diet Doc.

Prescription hCG is 99.99% pure hCG, making it the most effective and fast weight loss prescription available, while homeopathic hCG contains almost no hCG, rendering it ineffective. This purity level of our prescription hCG is what renders it so effective at fast weight loss, and conversely is the reason while homeopathic hCG, lacking any real hCG in it is ineffectual at any weight loss. The reason that prescription hCG is effective as a fast weight loss aid is because it enables the dieter to preserve muscle and water, while triggering the hypothalamus to release fat stores in the most fat-rich areas of the body like thighs, midsection, underarms, and hips.

Now that you know the true difference between guaranteed effective prescription hCG, and ineffectual homeopathic hCG, we would like to invite you to try our individualized prescription hCG diet for the lowest cost in the country.

An individualized, physician prescribed and monitored hCG weight loss diet from hCGTreatments / Diet Doc has been proven to produce fast weight loss at an average of 30 pounds in 30 days.

We make our prescription hCG available in three convenient forms, the standard injections, sublingual drops, and sublingual tablets.

The only way to find out for sure is to try it for yourself!

These new hCG drops from Diet Doc has further modernized the original 1950's hCG diet, which allows for dieters to stay on the program longer without any metabolic slowdown and minimal hormonal sensitization, two drawbacks of the original Simeons protocol. You will first consult with a doctor, who will determine if the hCG diet is right for you.

Diet Doc provides unlimited clinical support and is the only doctor supervised, modernized version of the hCG diet, allowing clients to consume up to 1200 calories daily, a generous increase from the original 500 calorie diet.


hCG Diet for Those Considering Invasive Surgery Like Lisa Lampanelli.

What you get from a prescription hCG diet is the best weight loss available with no unsightly scars, no discomfort, no hospital stays, and no risk of infection or complications; just fast weight loss and a new and improved you!

Comedienne Lisa Lampanelli has shed 80 pounds on her way down to a size 12. She revealed that her method of choice was called the gastric sleeve, an operation that reduces the size of your stomach like gastric bypass, etc. However, studies show, and Lisa herself has declared that gastric sleeve surgery is not without risky side effects and considerable health worries. An individualized hCG diet is safe for nearly anyone and proven safer than invasive surgery.

We continue to lead the weight loss field with noninvasive weight loss methods, guaranteed to produce fast weight loss without complications from surgery, or hospitalization. With constant improvement in mind, is perpetually improving their hCG weight loss programs to better suit their clients.

Studies consistently show that the prescription hCG diet provides the same or better weight loss as weight loss surgery, without the concern of risky side effects or expensive operations. While few and far between, complications arising from hCG are minimal.

Surgery inevitably has inherent complications because there are so many steps involved, surgery, hospital stays, and after patient care. There is a lot that can wrong throughout the entire procedure.

A study of insurance claims of 2522 patients that underwent gastric sleeve surgery revealed that 21.9% of patients experienced complications during the initial hospital stay and a total of 40% had a risk of complications in the subsequent 180 days.

While it's true that medical procedures have continued to evolve and become safer, many people suffer unfortunate complications from gastric bypass surgery including prolonged healing time, uncomfortable gastro-intestinal trauma, and the risk of infection.

If you ask me, the infection seems to be the most important consideration. With super infections prevalent these days, a simple hospital procedure can lead to extreme complications due to infections that are practically untreatable, and often lead to amputation!

Lisa Lampanelli was recently heard on the Howard Stern show complaining about complications and discomfort associated with her gastric sleeve operation.

We offer however an alternative to invasive surgeries, enabling just as much weight loss without uncomfortable side effects or threat of dangerous infections.

hCG weight loss programs are proven as effective, without the drawbacks of surgery. Why would anyone wish to subject themselves to risky surgery when a better alternative exists?

CEO of Diet Doc Weight Loss Plans, Julie Wright adds that There is no need for people to resort to risky gastric sleeve surgery or lap band surgery. Diet Doc can help every person lose weight, guaranteed. hCG treatment is medically supervised, and used in conjunction with a personalized low calorie, high protein diet, enabling patients to lose weight fast in the most stubborn areas like waist, hips, and underarms. / Diet Doc offers fast weight loss equal to that of gastric sleeve surgery without the invasive measures of medical procedures.

Diet Doc Weight Loss offers prescription hCG and an individualized diet for patients, neither of which require invasive surgeries, altering organs like the stomach to make it smaller, or recuperation from medical  procedures that carry their own risks.

hCG has over 50 years of proven effectiveness for weight loss, it is considered by supporters to be the best weight loss diet available.

Clients of Diet Doc will receive a customized hCG diet along with clinical support and a physician monitored evaluation.

We can now specifically tailor a weight loss diet to each patient that is guaranteed to produce fast weight loss, better than gastric bypass surgery, better than gastric sleeve, and better than Lap-band. GUARANTEED!

New Saffron Extract Diet Pill

A new saffron extract formulated diet pill was announced recently.

This prescription weight loss pill promotes fast weight loss and eliminates emotional eating.

We've announced a new saffron extract formulated diet pill that eliminates the problem of emotional overeating that sabotages most diet and weight loss goals.

Traditionally, pure saffron has been used by Persians and Indians for its health benefits. It acts on the same category of chemical transmitters in the brain that trigger food cravings and cause people to overeat. But saffron helps to adjust the body's natural chemistry by modulating this hunger response and making dieters feel fuller.

Users also reported an improvement in their mood, which motivated them to improve their eating habits that promoted healthy weight loss after they tried this new diet pill from

Researchers divided participants into two groups in a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel group study consisting of 61 healthy, mildly overweight women between the ages of 25 to 45. Prior to the random division, at least 50 % of the women were identified as having some compulsive snacking behavior, but not suffering from complicating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia nervosa, excessive anxiety and/or depression or other mental disorders.

The average weight of the women in this study is 162lbs. Twice daily during an 8-week period, one group was given a saffron extract supplement and the other group an identical appearing placebo. Each dose of saffron was approximately 88 milligrams and had been isolated from the stigmas of the mature saffron flower.

At the end of the study period, 60 participants—31 receiving the extract, 29 receiving the placebo—successfully completed all tasks and their data was statistically analyzed.

Researchers found that those treated with the saffron extract were experiencing weight loss significantly greater than those that were given the placebo. This was noticed within the first two weeks of the study.

Furthermore, the weight loss trend for the saffron group continued throughout the remainder of the 8-week period. The baseline snacking behavior of all the participants at the beginning of the study was approximately one snack per day. By the end of the 8th week, the saffron group participants were snacking about half as much as they had at the beginning of the study.

To maximize weight loss, our saffron extract diet pills contain the purest saffron available.

The effectiveness of using highly-concentrated saffron extract in a diet pill has been demonstrated by this and other recent clinical studies.

There is plenty of research out there to be read and explored. But all of the studies conducted refer to saffron's unique ability to minimize food cravings, thus promoting fast weight loss without taking a million diet pills.

Participants taking 88 milligrams of saffron extract lost body weight even though they were allowed to eat whatever they wanted and the majority of users reported success in the form of reduced cravings and weight loss, without side effects.

Our saffron extract diet pills are treatment strength and physician prescribed. They offer the purest saffron extract available. We are the only purveyors at this point to offer prescription saffron extract diet pills.

Saffron extract is useful only when the active ingredient is in prescription form and is the only weight loss organization offering saffron in prescription form through this new diet pill.


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