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Diet Doc hCG Diet has added a new comprehensive section to their website to help people get answers to the questions they have when learning or searching for the best hCG diet available.

There is no shortage of information available online about the hCG diet, but where can one go to receive reliable information? It seems that whatever is top search on Google is the basis for every other resource that follows. The hCG diet and hCG weight loss protocol is an obvious example. This trend is ever growing. Just within the past few years the hCG diet has garnered a lot of attention, thus experiencing an astounding growth of online presence.

While there are legitimate hCG weight loss clinics, the vast majority of the information on hCG and the hCG diet offered online are designed to confuse and make profit from an unknowing public. In an attempt to present factual, honest knowledge about the hCG diet, we have updated our website to clarify many new questions that have arisen over the last few years.

First, the original hCG diet was developed several decades ago by a Dr Simeons and he used an extremely restricted 500 calorie per day diet. We have found, with advancement in nutrition that consuming so few calories is dangerous, thus we offer up to 1250 calories daily. From what we have learned about diet and nutrition since the 1950’s, there is absolutely nothing about losing weight on hCG that requires patients to consume so few calories. We have designed diets that pair perfectly with the hCG diet and provide fast weight loss.

While this fact is true, 99% of the websites, blogs, videos, and other online chatter about hCG promote the 500 calorie diet.

There is likewise no shortage of online "authorities" making unfounded and plain wrong assertions on the hCG diet. They claim that patients are losing 2 pounds of fat per day. The hCG diet is not a permanent cure for obesity, but it is the most effective weight loss diet available. Surgery produces similar weight loss, we do it without invasive procedures.

Third, it is not true that all hCG is created equally. Many "news" sources group homeopathic hCG with prescription hCG, which is an enormous misstep. While there are some legitimate prescription strength tablets being produced by pharmacies, homeopathic hCG drops are never prescription strength. Unfortunately, the majority of hCG sold directly online is not real hCG, or contains no hCG at all. This is because in order to get real hCG, a prescription is required. If there is no prescription required, it is either fake or illegal hCG.

There are also claims that there is special hCG weight loss for women and special hCG weight loss for men. This is again, false. There is no difference in the formulation of hCG in regard to the sex of the patient. Prescription hCG is the same formulation for men and women, anyone who says different is falsifying facts, and are not a medical professional. The only variance with the hCG diet is dosage.

Lastly, most websites claim that hCG is a permanent reset for metabolism. This is also a false claim.

Any method one chooses to utilize to lose weight, whether it is diet or exercise or lap band surgery or gastric bypass surgery, once the weight is off long term strategies must be implemented to keep the weight off and stay healthy. Most online hCG providers to not offer long term weight loss management. In order to keep the weight off, you will need a long term maintenance program.

Diet Doc physicians are highly trained experts in the weight loss field and are the only doctors in America utilizing a modern-day hCG prescription diet . We have collectively seen thousands of clients, each with their own success story. We provide individualized diet plans for each client, based on health, concerns, and goals. This has been proven to provide fast weight loss.

Diet Doc's diet is much more tolerant of calories than any other program out there. Diet Doc developed an effective maintenance program to keep the weight off long term. Diet Doc offers its hCG diet nationwide.

Fast Weight Loss with Diet Drops

Unique weight loss diet drops that promote fast weight loss available from hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diet and Weight Loss Plans.

Recently, we announced our proprietary weight loss drops for fast weight loss.

With a cocktail of powerful ingredients such as acai berry, hoodia and green tea, these weight loss diet drops are a perfect addition to our medically supervised program weight loss diet.

Our in-house physicians designed and perfected these new diet drops for optimal performance and fast weight loss.

Used by hunters in Africa to stave off hunger during long hunts, Hoodia gordonii is renowned for its appetite suppressant property and while it does not promote fast weight loss unless combined with diet and exercise, it is extremely safe to use.

Green tea also contains a powerful antioxidant called epigallocatechin, or EGCG, which is well known to stimulate production of an enzyme specifically involved in the breakdown of triglycerides in the body. Studies have shown that green Tea extracts reduce appetite and boost metabolism. Studies also show that green tea contains more antioxidants, which help absorb free radicals in the body, and more anti-aging potential than black tea.

Scores of people have experienced the numerous benefits of adding Acai extracts to their weight loss regime for fast weight loss.

Acai is loaded with both a variety and quantity of antioxidants, amino acids, and essential fatty acids. Acai is thought to improve cellular health and cellular membrane integrity. This benefit is reflected in neurotransmitters in the brain, insulin receptors, and hormones. Apart from its anti-aging benefits, mineral-rich Acai is also works excellently for muscle regeneration.

With this knowledge in hand, we have combined all three of these compounds specifically to promote fast weight loss and maximize overall client health. All the three key ingredients that are extracted in their purest form are produced in a laboratory based in the U.S in order to maintain optimum potency, safety, and the highest efficacy possible. Our weight loss drops contain no sugar, starch, preservatives, or any other allergens.

We recommend combining these weight loss drops with our hCG Supreme for optimal and fast weight loss as well as other benefits. We have formulated these weight loss diet drops to aid in fast weight loss while on our hCG diet, as well as add needed nutrition to our low calorie hCG diet. When combined with the doctor designed, physician managed, and medically supervised weight loss diet from Diet Doc, these diet drops will help speed up the process of losing weight and promote the best possible overall health.

Fast Weight Loss without Fad 3 day diets.

With the power of the internet, fads can grow extremely rapidly. The internet is filled with people looking for that illusive silver bullet of weight loss. One such fad diet claiming to have the answer is called the military diet, or 3-day diet.

This certainly falls under the heading "too good to be true", and hCGTreatments / Diet Doc Weight Loss Plans continues to warn dieters that when something is unproven, and sounds too good to be true, it most likely is. Supporters of the 3-day diet claim that as much as 10 pounds can be lost in 3 days with only proper diet and exercise.

Dieters on the Military or 3-day diet must follow a strict eating regimen, common among any other diet. But how, with small meals and moderate exercise does the 3-day diet propose dieters lose 10 pounds in 3 days? reports what any seasoned dieter already knows; "Although people may lose weight on the three-day diet, most of this weight loss is due to fluid loss associated with very low-calorie diets, as noted by Diet Fads. This means that although you may lose weight, you're not losing fat. Additionally, the weight typically comes back on after the dieter returns to regular eating."

This 3-day diet certainly seems too good to be true and hCGTreatments / Diet Doc Weight Loss Plans warns consumers that if something has no clinical studies to support its claims, and sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Initially discovered by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons in the 1950's, hCG has been proven safe for nearly anyone, and has a longstanding track record of producing fast weight loss safely and effectively.

Diet Doc reminds consumers that the hCG diet has over 50 years of clinical, and experiential evidence to prove that it works for fast weight loss.

It is also used to treat infertility in women and delayed puberty in boys.

Due to its ability to help the human body access fat stores instead of muscle tissue in times of low calories, hCG is considered to be an extremely effective weight loss aid. hCG is an acronym for a hormone that is produced naturally in the placenta during pregnancy called human chorionic gonadotropin.

While on hCG, dieters lose an average of one pound-per-day of stubborn body fat, safely and reliably, without tricking dieters by draining water weight like the 3-day diet does. It is this ability of hCG to support weight loss without losing muscle mass and structural fat that has made the hCG diet so effective and fast weight loss available.

Dr. Rao, Medical Director for Diet Doc adds, “We use a ketogenic diet that is considered to be a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet, similar to what athletes use. We found this to be the healthiest and most effective diet to use for fast weight loss results."

As for military personnel that need to lose weight fast and safely, they too chose the hCG diet offered by Diet Doc Weight Loss, not the fad military diet. Diet Doc helped a military lieutenant lose 20 pounds and avoid an honorable discharge due to weight related health issues. He was able to shave 20 pounds with an aggressive, doctor-supervised diet plan, thereby saving his military career.

Fad diets are named such for good reason; the most popular method is often fleeting, while proven methods like Dr. Simeon's hCG discovery and then Diet Doc Weight Loss Plans' modernization and improvement of the hCG diet stand the test of time.

The Cleveland Clinic perhaps says it best; "We all wish that weight loss and other health benefits could occur with simply making three days worth of dietary change. But severely restricting your calories, and including/excluding specific foods from the diet is not the way to long-term, sustained weight loss and health benefits."

Low Glycemic, Gluten Free Diet Foods

hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diet and Weight Loss Plans integrated low glycemic gluten free foods as part of their personalized doctor designed weight loss diet.

We have included a new line of low glycemic, and gluten free foods into our already great hCG diet.

Our low glycemic that contain as little as 20 calories per serving are now an integral part of their weight loss diet that is doctor designed and medically supervised.

Our in-house physicians and nutritionist created this new line of low glycemic and gluten free foods to offer our clients a wider variety of nutritious and convenient diet foods to compliment our hCG diet.

Our hCG diet allows for 800-1200 calories daily to promote safe and fast weight loss. So the addition of this new line of tasty, nourishing, and healthy gluten free foods offers plenty of variety while making it easier for dieters to stick with it.  

In addition to our new low glycemic, gluten free foods, we offer a free diet cookbook that will help you to remain satiated with high protein, low carb foods, but continue to lose the desired weight.

These diet recipes that are extremely simple and easy to follow also enable dieters to maintain the perfect work-life balance, which makes following the weight loss diet hassle-free even with the busiest of work schedules or a never-ending list of chores at home.

The new line of low glycemic gluten free foods also includes the addition of healthy fats in the diet such as MCT oil that is derived from coconuts.

Compared to other types of fats, healthy fats like these are easily digested and metabolized.

Some of our diet foods include healthy snacks. Emotional eating, unhealthy snacking, and any other detour from a healthy weight loss diet is addressed with our savory and sweet dessert cakes like healthy carrot cake, chocolate banana flavored dessert bars, and many other healthy options. Protein shakes, dressings, marinades, noodles and soups and a wide array of other pre-made diet foods options are readily available for easy snacking and meal conversion.

Our hCG diet is strictly monitored and tailored around any lifestyle. We help our clients achieve their weight loss goals, as well as aid those with diseases like hypothyroidism maintain a healthy weight loss lifestyle.These diseases demand continuous calorie monitoring along with restricted food intake. Our new line of low glycemic, gluten free foods makes it easy dieters to make the right healthy food choices while keeping weight off permanently and improve their overall health.

The integration of these foods into the program that involves the administration of prescription grade hCG through sublingual tablets, drops and injections has further enhanced its effectiveness as well as the convenience factor associated with their weight loss diet.

While on the hCG diet, our clients rarely report experiencing hunger, loss of energy, or any other side effects associate with a low calorie diet. What they do report experiencing is fast weight loss, and a renewed interest in their health.

Lowest Priced hCG Diet Plan in America

Diet Doc announces the survey results of over 30,000 patients showing that Diet Doc Weight Loss is the lowest priced, value-added leader of medical weight loss offering the only modern-day prescription hCG diet plan in the USA.

We incorporate the original hCG diet, developed in the '50s by Dr. A. Simeons, but we have modernized it to include higher caloric intake and faster weight loss.

Diet Doc announces the only hCG weight loss diet plan that is personalized and medically supervised for each patient.

Our hCG diet is the most modernized from the original Simeons protocol.

The original diet plan allowed only 500 calories a day with a very limited list of foods to choose from combined with daily injections of the human chorionic gonadotropin, or HCG, which is a hormone produced only when a woman is pregnant.

During his study of the hCG diet, Dr. Simeons found that small doses of hCG, produced in the placenta of pregnant women, triggered the hypothalamus to release hormones that sent the body into fat burning mode so to speak. The hCG provided optimal ketogenic weight loss while also preventing hunger and muscle loss. Dr. Simeons outlines his original hCG diet in his book Pounds and Inches.

Since the release of the book, the hCG weight loss diet, although effective, has been criticized for the drastically low calorie intake it allows.

Unfortunately, other hCG diet practitioners have not put forth the effort that we have in improving the hCG diet. We believe in its effectiveness, and have spent countless hours and dollars on improving the original hCG diet to reduce its side effects to almost zero!

hCGTreatments / Diet Doc’s hCG weight loss diet plan has been drastically modified from the original diet to make it safe, manageable and more effective.

In order to further minimize side effects, we medically evaluate all of our clients prior to beginning hCG diets, and constantly monitor progress and health throughout the hCG diet.

The diet allows double the amount of calories than the former hCG diet along with a long list of foods to choose from.

We made our food list flexible enough for anyone to be able to stick to. We also made our program foolproof by pairing each patient with a weight loss coach who they can talk to anytime about any issues they are facing. We know that changes aren’t easy and the best way to get through them is with an objective support system, says Dr. Rao, Medical Director for Diet Doc.

Diet Doc puts a large emphasis on our support team.

Our weight loss coaches follow up on our clients' progress weekly, but are also available 6 days a week for consultation and to answer any questions.

In fact, their entire team of doctors, nurses and nutritionists can easily be contacted by any of their patients.

It is our advancements in the original hCG diet paired with our overwhelming desire to provide the best customer service in the world that drives Diet Doc's success. We strive to provide the best hCG diet available, and most of our patients report nearly 14 pounds lost in the just the first 2 weeks.

hCGTreatments / Diet Doc shows their passion for helping people get on a healthy track by making their program affordable for almost anyone.

Founder and CEO for Diet Doc, Julie Wright, says “our mission is more just than getting people to lose weight fast, we truly work to make a life-long change in people so they can live a healthy life.”


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