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hCG Diet Proven Better Weight Loss then Sensa

What is Sensa? How does it work? How much weight can you lose?

The Sensa weight loss system is intended to initiate weight loss through your senses, most notably smell and taste.

Users are instructed to sprinkle Sensa products on food, wear aroma patches on their bodies, and even sniff Sensa SlimScents before meals.

Developed by Alan Hirsch M.D.; the makers of the Sensa weight loss system claim that test subjects lost an average of 5.6 pounds per 6 month span.

No offense, but you could probably lose that much weight just walking around the block once a day for 6 months.

The control group gained 1.1 pounds average over 6 months, concluding that Sensa produced an average overall improvement over the test group of -6.7 pounds over 6 months.

For those who need to lose weight fast, that can't afford to wait 6 months to lose 5 and a half pounds, the hCG diet has been proven to produce weight loss on average of 1 pound per day.

These figures render the hCG weight loss diet 27 times more efficient at producing fast weight loss than the Sensa weight loss program.

The Mayo Clinic's in-house Dietician, Katherine Zeratsky says that "The makers of Aroma Patch and SlimScents point to another study by Dr. Hirsh to bolster their claims. That study, which was reported in a medical journal, showed that volunteers who used an aroma inhaler lost an average of 2% of their body weight over six months."

 With nominal weight loss produced by the Sensa weight loss system, it seems that the best non-surgical weight loss is still found with an hCG diet.

With these nominal weight loss statistics from Sensa in mind, Diet Doc Weight Loss Plans would like to open your eyes to true fast weight loss with our customized hCG diet, capable of shedding 30 pounds from your frame in 30 days.

How is hCG more efficient for weight loss?

hCG triggers the hypothalamus to signal fat cells to give up their excess fat stores.

Along with this fat release, hCG naturally reminds the body to hold on to its muscle mass and structural fat, so you won't wither away to a skinny skeleton during weight loss. hCG is proven to target trouble areas like underarms, stomach, and thighs.

Diet Doc Weight Loss will individually tailor a custom hCG weight loss diet to each client, by offering prescription hCG supplements coupled with a low calorie diet (up to 1250 calories daily).

The results are consistently fast weight loss, at a rate incredibly higher than trend or fad diets like Sensa.

Diet Doc Weight Loss reminds consumers that hCG is a proven safe and healthy fast weight loss diet medication that has over 50 years of clearly documented results.

Initially developed by Dr. A. Simeons in 1954, the hCG diet proved to provide fast weight loss with few side effects. We have further minimized any possibility of side effects, because we've used science to completely revamp the original hCG diet, to allow for more caloric intake, and better, more pure hCG treatments. and Diet Doc have vastly improved on the hCG diet and now offer a range of products and services to compliment and facilitate fast weight loss.

The result is an average of 1 pound per day of fat lost on the hCG diet from Diet Doc.

Dr. Rao, Medical Director for Diet Doc adds, “We use a ketogenic diet that is considered to be a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet, similar to what athletes use. We found this to be the healthiest and most effective diet to use for fast weight loss results."


hCG Diet from Diet Doc Helping Diabetes Patients Lose Weight Safely.

Diet Doc shows patients with type 2 diabetes how to achieve healthy weight loss with a medically-supervised hCG diet plan.

Diet Doc has helped thousands of patient's achieve their healthy weight loss goals, but lately we've noticed an increase in the amount of clients dealing with type 2 dibetes who need to lose weight for health benefits.

The Center for Disease Control reported that in 2011 over 25 million people were diagnosed with type 2 diabetes naming poor diet and lifestyle as the main culprits.

Diet Doc’s Medical Director Dr. Rao says "for the most part it (type 2 diabetes) can definitely be prevented with a healthy diet and active lifestyle. But with a seemingly ever-increasing number of obese Americans comes the increase in the disease as well.”

Diet Doc creates personalized weight loss programs for dieters using the hCG diet plan. Each client is initially evaluated by a team of medical weight loss professionals to assess overall health and weight loss goals before beginning the hCG diet.

If the dieter is found to have any health conditions, Diet Doc’s nutritionist will design a weight loss diet plan that is suitable. For clients who have type 2 diabetes, our go to diet plan is usually a low glycemic, low carbohydrate diet with an emphasis on foods rich in nutrients like green leafy vegetables, fibrous fruits, and lean protein.

 “The diabetes diet plan we’ve created is made to be a simple transition into healthy eating by using healthy substitutions for unhealthy foods that people are used to eating every day. For example, we’ve replaced high-carb and high-sugar desserts with our own dessert bars that are low-glycemic, high protein with added nutrients,” says Julie Wright Diet Doc’s Founder and CEO.

Diet Doc and utilizes face to face video chatting programs like Skype to provide hCG diet plan consultations conveniently, especially for those outside of the serving area.

 After a complete evaluation by a medical doctor, the dieter is then made a customized diet plan that compliments the personalized medical hCG treatment plan that is prescribed with a nutritionist and nurse that explains the program step-by-step.

We follow up with weekly calls to monitor progress. Any questions or concerns along the way can also be addressed at any time with the entire medical staff at Diet Doc available to contact.

“We at Diet Doc are passionate about the role we play in changing and in some cases saving someone’s life. We understand the trials and tribulations that one can experience during a lifestyle transformation and we work hard to inspire people to get to a healthy place,” says Wright. 


New hCG Diet App for the Ipad and the Iphone

We've now got an app for the Ipad and the Iphone.

Our hCG diet has been proven over and over again to produce fast weight loss, averaging a pound per day. With this Iphone app, we're able to help thousands of patients achieve their target weight loss by ensuring that they have all the resources that enable patients to keep the weight off permanently. This new app includes the newest technology developed to make our customized hCG diet more attainable for everyone interested, and bolster the resolve and excitement of current clients.

With technology becoming an inseparable part of everyone’s lives, there are a number of simple, intuitive, and user friendly apps that are available for everything.

Our new Iphone app will make the hCG diet more accessible to those who are considering it, or already utilizing the hCG diet.

Technological advancements in health care have made reliable and trustworthy medical treatment easily accessible to users across the globe. Diet Doc and is able to harness the experience and expertise of our in-house physicians in a handy app for the Iphone and Ipad to assist everyone on their hCG weight loss journey.

This technology is referred to commonly as Telemedicine. Telemedicine is an amazing new way to bring health care and for us specifically, the hCG diet to rural areas that may not have access to the hCG diet or any health care for that matter.

The use of telecommunication and information technologies in order to provide clinical health care at a distance is integral to the weight loss program created by and Diet Doc hCG Diet and Weight Loss Plans. We have just added another tool to our box of services, offering clinical consultation via our websites, Telethealth, and now out new Iphone app.

With this extensive range of technology we can better ensure that there is a solid support system in place for each and every patient who signs up for our hCG weight loss diet irrespective of their technology skills.

This new app is designed to accompany you from the beginning of your hCG diet and weight loss journey all the way to achieving your target weight loss goal. It will aid in planning your meals and decide portion sizes among other features.

Give it a shot for yourself and you'll see that this app has a multitude of amazing features. 

You can save your diet journal and any progress photos in one convenient place on your Iphone or Ipad, you can set up alerts that will remind you to do things like drink water, eat lunch, and enjoy a well deserved healthy snack while on the hCG diet.

The app is further jam packed with tons of great features such as weight or measurement adjustments, result displays, and a database with over 5000 food items to select from, demo and help videos, health tips, and many more.

You can use it daily to evaluate your progress on our hCG diet, and let it lead you to a healthier lifestyle.



hCG Diet less Demanding than P90X

P90X is becoming exceedingly popular with recent commercials and celebrity endorsements. reports that "[Tony] Horton… has persuaded 3 million people to pay $140 for his 12-DVD program by promising three months of pain and perspiration in a routine that combines resistance training, yoga, boxing, weight lifting, and a strict diet."

Yet, aside from the perhaps too-inspiring late night infomercials, little is known among the pblic about the P90X system, aside from it seeming very physically demanding. The intensity associated with the P90X system innately limits the market that can take advantage of its fast weight loss properties. So we ask; what if extreme exercise is not an option?

As its instruction manual states, P90x is not for a lot of people, including the 34% of Americans who are obese, many hindered by limited mobility and low fitness levels. Paul Ryan we once a physical trainer, so he finds P90X quite easy I'm sure. But many people do not have such a physically fit background. For these people, mobility problems, fitness levels, age, and time constraints hinder their ability to lose weight fast on the P90X system.

P90X's manual reminds users that "Before starting an extreme fitness program like P90X, it's important to know where you stand and if your current fitness level is adequate.

We also feel that it is important to be realistic about health when considering weight loss goals. The hCG diet will produce fast weight loss, for any fitness level, without the grueling exercise.

The P90X manual goes on to recommend that "Providing an honest assessment of your abilities and your mindset will allow you to take advantage of your strengths and overcome your weaknesses."

So for those many Americans who need to lose weight fast in order to prevent weight related health risks, the hCG diet will help you lose weight fast regardless of fitness levels, time constraints, or any limited mobility.  

Diet Doc Weight Loss Plans recently surveyed over 30,000 people and found the hCG weight loss diet effective for 97% of clients, and promoted fast weight loss averaging around 1 pound-per-day. Obesity, or even just being overweight causes many health and mobility constraints for people.

In response to this hindrance, Julie Wright, CEO of Diet Doc explains that Diet Doc manages people who are athletes, moderate exercisers or even just sedentary.

Originally developed by an Endocrinologist, the hCG diet has over 50 years of fast weight loss proof. hCGTreatments / Diet Doc Weight Loss has revamped and revolutionized this 50 year old program to allow for higher caloric intake (900-1200) and has built a physician designed, customized diet  that aids clients in losing an average of 1 pound-per-day.

Wright adds "Diet Doc can help every person lose weight fast, guaranteed."

Instead of making a fast weight loss diet that is too grueling for most of the population; Diet Doc created a weight loss diet that can be used by anyone.

The hCG diet produces fast weight loss even when heavy exercise if off the table. It won't take excessive time from your life, and it will begin the process of better overall health, and maybe eventually allow those with initial health constraints finally capable of participating in exercises like the P90X system. When patients do choose to engage in mild exercise, weight loss is accelerated with no adverse affects to health.

The original 500 calorie Simeons hCG diet did not allow exercise, but Diet Doc has improved on nutrition and now utilizes a high protein low-carb ketogenic diet similar to those used by athletes. Patients don't feel hungry, so they don't get discouraged and stop dieting. Intense workouts like the P90X system often lead dieters to quit before any real progress is made. So it is truly great advice provided by the P90X manual to seriously evaluate overall health before beginning.

However, with a customized diet from Diet Doc Weight Loss, there is no hard work to grow weary of, no hour long workouts to make time for, and Diet Doc guarantees fast weight loss, even for those who can't participate in tough exercise.


New Weight Loss Recipes in hCG Diet Cookbook

New addition of no-guilt weight loss recipes deliver full flavor without compromising diet plan

Diet Doc Weight Loss just added a number of easily prepared weight loss recipes to our already fabulous hCG diet cookbook.

The new recipes offered give dieters more choices to create simple, healthy, low-calorie meals every day.

CEO and Founder of Diet Doc, Julie Wright says our nutritionists have been creating and testing weight loss recipes that are not only delicious but simple to make yet still compatible with our hCG diet plan.

Low-fat versions of classic recipes like cabbage rolls, beef stew and shrimp scampi  as well as more exotic recipes like ceviche, jambalaya and curried shrimp were added to the revised hCG diet cookbook.

Our weight loss recipes are not only great tasting, they are in strict accordance with our hCG diet, and each is low-glycemic, low carb, and packed with essential nutrients.

Using a heart-healthy alternative for fat, the recipes use MCT oil, derived from the coconut, in dressings, entrees and desserts. MCT oil has been found to have a lot of added health benefits. It is easier for your body to burn than other fatty acids like butter or olive oil, and MCT oil is also not as easily stored as fat in the body.

Stevia, a natural sweetener with no calories, is also used as a healthy replacement for sugar giving the cookbook a varietal dessert section.

With over 100 weight loss recipes, we provide our diet cookbook for free with your hCG diet program.

Ranging from 23 to 60 days, the programs are designed to fit any weight loss goals.

Our dieters on the hCG diet typically report weight loss averaging 14 pounds within the first 2 weeks.

Free weight loss recipes for the Diet Doc hCG diet can also be found on

We are a nation-wide weight loss clinic offering the hCG diet vie the Telehealth system to anyone who needs it. We create customized diet plans to tailor our hCG diet to each patient.

Using an integrative team of medical professionals that specialize in diet and weight loss, Diet Doc is considered the leader in medical weight loss, offering affordable diet plans and weight loss products.


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