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hCG Diet Reveals Secrets to Fast Weight Loss

Diet Doc Weight Loss Plans has helped thousands of dieters lose weight fast with their medical weight loss plans. We personalize our weight loss programs for each person to ensure success for everyone. The weight loss experts at Diet Doc have finally revealed what the keys to fast weight loss success are.

Dr. Nishant Rao Medical Director for Diet Doc reveals that there are three key elements that make our hCG diet plan so successful: pharmaceutical doses of hCG, fiber-rich foods and fat-burning weight loss oil.

Along with prescription hCG treatments, the diet foods available for Diet Doc's hCG diet plan vary based on each person’s weight loss goals, and can consist of additional vitamins and supplements to aid fast weight loss. The secret to our weight loss success is our tailor made diet that is physician monitored and medically superior.

hCG or, human chorionic gonadotropin as it is more formally known, is a hormone that is produced by the developing placenta during pregnancy. The original hCG diet was discovered by Dr. A. Simeons in 1954 who began experimenting with hCG after noticing its effects on weight loss in subjects.

Simeons also made a connection between hCG and appetite suppression, resulting in making it a necessary component to his weight loss program. Simeons understood that patients experienced less hunger while receiving hCG injections, and thus combined prescription hCG with a low calorie diet for fast weight loss.

Diet Doc has since updated the Simeon’s protocol and formulated their own pharmaceutical dose of pure prescription hCG enhanced with vitamin b12 for added energy. We've made the hCG diet easier to follow and safer for more people. There are almost no reported side effects from our clients.

Diet Doc creates complex diet plans that are simple to follow and advance any person’s weight loss goals. We use a personalized ketogenic diet that triggers the release of fat stores in the body.

Since the hCG diet is low in simple carbohydrates and is low-glycemic, the body is forced to use stored fat as a primary source of energy. Our dieters are encouraged to eat lean protein with extra servings of high fiber fruits and vegetables while on the hCG diet.

This combination is found to create a well-balanced level of energy due to the fibrous and alkalizing nature of both food groups. We will create a personalized diet including all of the above elements in order to make dieting easy for you. All you have to do is follow directions and eat the right foods that have been outlined for you during your prescription hCG diet. We will do the rest to produce fast weight loss.

Diet Doc weight loss oil, also known as medium chain trigylceride (MCT) oil, also plays a key role in the hCG diet plan.

Our MCT oil is not coconut oil. It is derived from coconut oil but refined into an oil that actually promotes weight loss!

Known to insiders as a healthier alternative to other sources of fat like butter and olive oil, MCT oil works to boost the metabolism as it is more easily absorbed by the body. In addition to weight loss benefits, Diet Docs MCT oil provides numerous health benefits like fighting off virus and bacteria.

Diet Doc’s integrative team of weight loss experts ensures the success of hCG weight loss programs by monitoring each dieter with consistent communication. We offer unlimited support to our clients on our prescription hCG diet, with detailed instructions outlining how the hCG diet works, and how to lose weight fast on our hCG diet.

Founder and CEO for Diet Doc, Julie Wright adds that “the real secret to achieving fast weight loss for any diet plan is having the right support system and we definitely provide that for all of our patients. We are passionate about what we do and I think it shows, creating a trustworthy support system for our patients.”


Weight Loss Shakes to Aid Your hCG Diet

Diet Doc Weight Loss Shakes are made from a proprietary blend of necessary proteins, vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. Each of our weight loss shakes have been specifically formulated to allow optimum cohesion with our prescription hCG diet. Our goal is to best enhance the fast weight loss provided by our prescription hCG diet.

 Because uneven or fluctuating blood sugar is a major reason why dieters experience slow weight loss, Diet Doc's shakes are formulated to minimize blood sugar variance and keep dieters feeling full and satisfied while on an hCG diet plan.

Diets can become quite arduous, so it's important that you treat yourself occasionally.

The Mayo Clinic advises that dieters should "Strive for variety to help [them] achieve [their] goals without giving up taste or nutrition." Our dieters can remain within the daily caloric allowance for our hCG diet but also treat themselves to a well deserved, delicious weight loss shake.

The Diet Doc shake is a powdered supplement that works extremely well with our hCG protocol. The balance of vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients allows us to keep our patients on our weight loss protocol for months at a time without having to worry about malnutrition, reports Julie Wright, CEO of Diet Doc Weight Loss Plans.

To maintain healthy ketosis, the metabolic state achieved during phase I of our hCG diet, these weight loss shakes have been made low in carbohydrates and work extremely well with our hCG diet protocol.

hCG Diet / Diet Doc and Weight Loss Program customizes each diet for every patient during what is called a physician nutritional consultation.

And for those outside of our service area, we make these diet consultations available via the Telehealth system, enabling us to consult with any client regardless of location.

Among many other things, patients will receive 30 days worth of Diet Doc's proprietary weight loss shakes which adhere to 4 highly effective diets rolled into a master, personalized diet. Patients on Diet Doc's hCG diet report losing an average of 1 pound per day.

The Mayo Clinic bolsters our opinion that diets shouldn't be boring. They recommend that "Well-planned, healthy snacks can complement your weight-loss plan"

Diet Doc's shakes are a healthy snack that keeps dieters interested in weight loss and reinvigorate the desire to continue losing weight.

Each serving does have the necessary carb in it to ensure the best nutritional health, and avoid symptoms like fainting, dizziness, and other side effects of a carb-free diet. The effect of the carbohydrate is mediated by the high protein content of the shake.

This allows dieters to maintain a healthy state of ketosis, the optimum metabolic state for fast weight loss, and triggers the body to burn stubborn fat. The Diet Doc shake further provides micro-nutrients which are typically lost during weight loss.

Nutrition science tells us that the extra nutrients provided by our weight loss shakes make fast weight loss considerably easier while ensuring that our clients will not go malnourished, or discontinue the hCG diet because they got bored.

Fast Weight Loss without Delivery

With over $40 billion spent each year on weight loss diets and diet products, big weight loss companies have discovered that celebrity endorsements can generate a staggering amount of income. Yet when these halfhearted celebrity diets fail, it is inevitably the celebrity who has no succeeded, the diet seems to remain faultless. When diets fail, as most will, celebrity endorsers become expendable.

A new diet gaining traction is the Fresh Diet. The Fresh diet's CEO, Zalmi Duchman has stated this simple fact about celebrity endorsements, "If [dieters] don’t do good on it, it doesn’t mean the product doesn’t work, it just means that they’re not sticking to it."

hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diet & Weight Loss Plans thinks differently.

We spend a lot of energy developing diets that our clients want to stick to, that are engaging and allow dieters to lose weight fast, which is the best reason to stick with a diet, right? Diet Doc believes, unlike the Fresh diet that it is ultimately the responsibility of the diet provider to keep clients interested in losing weight, and to aid the client in keeping weight off long term.

Diet Doc must consider this ideology before designing any diet for our clients. We strive to keep clients interested and engaged in their weight loss and aim to improve long term health.

With this extensive line of fast weight loss products and services, Diet Doc is proven to provide fast weight loss to 97% of their customers, without the backsliding that is common with fad diets, and without placing blame on the client if failure does occur.

Julie Wright, CEO of Diet Doc Weight Loss recently commented on the importance of support that Diet Doc offers their clients, stating that "Diet Doc offers one month of prescription medication, one month of fast weight loss shakes, one month of weight loss cooking/salad dressing oil that is clinically proven to help dieters start burning fat within 30 minutes of consuming, along with the Diet Doc workbook outlining the modern-day version of the Diet Doc hCG weight loss diet and a cookbook, plus unlimited nurse, doctor and weight loss consultant support 6 days per week priced lower than the leading non-doctor supervised fast weight loss plan."

With unlimited consultations, Diet Doc has discovered that their patients are much less likely to backslide into weight gain. Other weight loss diets simply provide clients with some point plans, a couple pre-packaged meals, maybe even some clever portion scoops, but Diet Doc provides the most important weight loss tool, client support, and a health altering lifestyle to get patients on the fast weight loss track!

The Fresh diet prepares meals for clients and delivers these meals 3 times daily. Sources report that the Jersey Shore's Deena recently lost weight on the Fresh diet. While the Fresh Diet system seems easy and indulgent, most Americans do not have the financial resources of a celebrity, to have 3 meals a day prepared by a chef and hand delivered to their door.

Diet Doc's prescription hCG diet is the nation's lowest priced prescription hCG diet, proven to produce fast weight loss without having to wait by the door for your next meal, or break open your piggy bank to pay for it. While a Prescription hCG diet does produce fast weight loss more cheaply than the Fresh diet, it also enables clients to lose weight fast, an average of 1 pound-per-day.

As for the hCG diet? Well, Diet Doc offers the only updated version of the original prescription hCG diet, invented over 50 years ago. Diet Doc has spent countless resources to develop a prescription hCG diet that constantly exceeds expectations, with more calories allowed (1250 max) and more nutritious weight loss foods.

 Diet Doc's meal plan is not delivery; it is 4 customized diets rolled into on cohesive weight loss diet that is guaranteed by Diet Doc to produce fast weight loss.

Who else provides a guarantee for weight loss? We are so proud of our product, that we guarantee weight loss, because at Diet Doc, we provide all the tools needed for fast weight loss and failure is not an option.



Prescription hCG Diets Weight Loss Program in 23 Days

Diet Doc has created a weight loss plan that has dieters dropping unwanted pounds in less than one month with a modified version of the time-tested hCG diet.

The original hCG diet was created in 1954, and has proven to be great for fast weight loss.

However, since the diet has been in the spotlight in recent years, it has been slammed by critics as having a dangerously low caloric intake.

But Diet Doc Weight Loss Plans had completely renovated the original hCG diet to include more nutritious food, higher quality prescription hCG, and much needed increased caloric allowance (up to 1250).

Founder and CEO of Diet Doc Julie Wright says “we’ve taken the healthy advantages of the original hCG protocol and made it easier by using a personalized ketogenic diet plan that allows for a healthy amount of calories a day. All dieters on our program are also monitored throughout the program to ensure its effectiveness as well as safety.”

Diet Doc's 23 day weight loss plan combines the prescription hCG diet with a customized nutrition plan for maximum weight loss. The hCG comes in three forms: injections, drops or pills, all of which are pharmaceutical-grade and require a prescription from their on-site physician. The most popular among these three delivery methods is injections for the fast weight loss they provide and precise dosage.

Other dieters prefer the hCG drops or pills which also come in a high dose but aren’t as easily absorbed into the body as injections, which go directly into the bloodstream. Regardless of the dosing method however, prescription hCG plays a vital role in the weight loss process. hCG curbs appetite and retains muscle mass while on a low calorie diet.

Dieters also claim that the treatments suppress the appetite even enhance their mood according to Wright.

Diet Doc Weight Loss combines a customized ketogenic diet designed to produce fast weight loss with a healthy balance of essential nutrients found in foods like green leafy veggies, fibrous fruits, and lean meat.

The 23-day weight loss program aims to transform not only the body but also eating habits in a short amount of time.

With a restriction on brads and starchy foods, dieters see dramatic weight loss within the first week.

Wright says our dieters make life-long dietary changes after we require them to cut out these unnecessary food groups and replace them with the essential ones. They really see a big difference in how they look and feel and don’t want to go back to their old eating habits.

To serve nearly anyone, we offer our prescription hCG diet nationwide with the employment of the Telehealth system, video and phone conferencing.

 In person consultations are no longer required for weight loss consultation and are even found to save most people time and money.

Diet Doc’s Medical Director Dr. Rao says “since we’ve started doing consultations over the phone or Skype, our dieters seem to be more inclined to stick to the diet plan because they hold more accountability than if they were to come into the clinic weekly.” The telehealth program has the same format as the clinic program with weekly progress follow-up calls as well as full access to the Diet Doc medical staff.


hGC Diet Plan for Better Cardiovascular Health

The weight loss experts at Diet Doc have revealed the trend suggesting that dieters who follow a low-fat diet do more dietary harm than good.

CEO and Founder of hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diet & Weight Loss Plans, Julie Wright says “these diet foods replace essential fat with sugars, refined carbohydrates and calories that are hard for the body to process in order to make up for a lack of flavor, in the process causing a number of health problems including weight gain, chronic inflammation, type 2 diabetes and heart disease.”

Mounting evidence from the medical science community is putting together a strong case against a diet low in fat and advocating inclusion of healthy fats as essential in a nutritious weight loss diet.

The best diet food groups include a healthy balance of: lean proteins, MCT oil as a source of healthy fat, green leafy vegetables, fibrous fruits and supportive supplements like probiotics and flaxseed fiber are integrated into a daily diet plan that works to burn fat and preserve muscle.

Detailed research done by the Harvard School for Public Health shows that the total amount of fat in the diet is not linked with weight or disease.

The important factor is not necessarily how much fat you eat, but which kinds of fats you're eating. The study also states “that one problem with a generic lower fat diet is that it prompts most people to stop eating fats that are good for the heart along with those that are bad for it...when people cut back on fat, they often switch to food full of carbohydrates causing blood sugar and insulin levels to spike raising the risk of heart disease and diabetes.”

Diet Doc has helped thousands of patients lose weight with their prescription hCG diet plan.

We've modified the original Simeons hCG diet and revamped the menu to allow for more calories and fast weight loss.

Diet Doc nutritionists use a personalized ketogenic diet plan that is combined with therapeutic doses of prescription hCG for each client.

We support our clients with a range of proprietary weight loss products that add flavor to our prescription hCG diet without compromising nutrition. “We chose to implement the ketogenic diet into the original hCG protocol because it makes the body burn unnecessary visceral and subcutaneous fat as a source of energy without depriving it of the necessary food groups, like healthy fats,” says Diet Doc Medical Director Dr. Nishant Rao. 

Diet Doc prescription hCG offers medical weight loss solutions to dieters that are serious about getting their health on track and want to lose weight fast.

Our prescription hCG diet is deemed "medical weight loss" because it truly is. We have taken some of the best minds in the field of weight loss and developed a diet rich in nutrition, low in calories, and one that utilizes the all important prescription hCG with added vitamin B12.

To this idea, Wright adds, “our program is definitely not a fad diet and has even withstood the test of time. We are truly passionate about creating natural and safe weight loss solutions that will give people back their health.”


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