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800 Calorie hCG Diet

800 Calorie hCG Diet

The 800 calorie diet may seem like a huge restriction if you're new to dieting, but the change isn't as extreme as it sounds when youuse the hCG Diet Program. With the 800 calorie hGC diet, you'll be able to trick your body into burning off fat instead of burning off muscle.

Muscle loss is a common side effect of low calorie diets because the body is not usually capable of releasing fat fast enough, to provide you with the energy that you need. Thus, your body starts to break down muscles, or worse, your organs. This is the main reason why crash diets don't work.  This happens with homeopathic hCG as it has 0 hCG in it.

With the use of hCG, you can restrict your calorie intake, lose weight and still keep your muscle mass. Despite the low calorie intake, you won't feel dissatisfied with the 800 calorie hCG diet program. Tiny servings will still feel completely satisfying!

hCG causes the hypothalamus to send signals from the brain and mobilize excess fat reserves. 800 calories a day seems like a really low number, but when an 800 calorie diet is combined with hCG you are actually using up thousands of calories per day. This is because your body is using both your daily calorie intake and your excess fat reserves to make sure that you have enough energy to complete your daily tasks.

A 800 calorie hCG Diet is a lot healthier than many other diets currently out there. HCG, unlike many other types of diet aids, does not have a negative effect on metabolism. On most diets, your metabolism slows down and your body stores energy in fat because fat is a life-saving resource. With a hCG diet, your body is told to utilize spare fat reserves instead of targeting more vital areas.

With this method, you can easily lose up to 1-2 pounds (or more) a day. The hCG diet is a healthy, quick and easy way to help you shed a little extra weight.


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