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hCG diet - 26 hCG diet weight loss program

Proven weight loss results with hCG diet supplement program

If you have been looking for an effective weight loss program that really does the job of reducing the person's body fat and weight, you could definitely consider the hCG diet supplement program that has shown incredible weight loss results for many of it's customers. This section provides complete information regarding the hCH diet program including the different forms of the program such as 26 day hCG Diet program and the 42 day hCG Diet program.

Role played by hCG in reducing body weight

hCG is the short form of the human protein hormone human chorionic gonadotropin. This hormone is present in abundance in pregnant ladies. The main role played by this hormone is to provide the required energy to both the mother and the child by effectively burning down the fat available in the mother's body. This hormone provides the required strength even when the mother consumes very less food. The same concept has now been extended in to the weight loss area. hCG supplements have been developed in different forms and this supplement will be sent in to the human body for some predefined number of days using different methodologies

Different forms of administering hCG Supplement

hCG supplements are available in the form of oral hCG drops, hCG injections and hCG pills. There are kits available for hCG oral drops and injections. The most popular form of taking hCG diet supplement is through oral drops as it can be easily squeezed under the tongue and the weight loss starts immediately and the person can fill the difference the very next day.

Different programs available for consuming hCG diet supplement

The 26 day hCG Diet program will be an ideal program for those who want to reduce less than 25 pounds of weight. Through out the 26 days of this program, the person has to take 4 drops spread over 3 times in a given day. It means that you will be taking 12 drops in a day. Once you start this 26 day program, you could see remarkable fat reduction in the belly, hip, back and thigh regions. 


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Do you think the hcg diet is safe? I know my mom tried it because she seen good reviews at a real hcg review. But I think only taking in 500 calories a day can be dangerous. Whats your opinion on it?


That site is advertising homeopathic hCG which is NOT safe.  Homeopathic is being pulled off the market by the FDA and FTC due to fale advertising and out right lying.  You need real hCG to do the diet as real hCG protects lean muscle loss, prevents bone loss and releases your fat.  Without hCG you are on a dangerous starvation diet.

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