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Weight Loss Helps to Lower Blood Pressure

The hCG diet has long been known to be effective in helping dieters lose weight fast and recent studies have shown that the diet plan also works to lower blood pressure.

The American Heart Association reports that 33% of American adults have high blood pressure.

Weight gain and obesity are known to be the biggest contributors to high blood pressure and also pose a higher risk for a number of degenerative diseases. Despite the guidance of physicians, most still have trouble following a healthy diet plan. Most just need a little help to develop and stick to a diet plan.

Diet Doc’s prescription hCG diet plan is created and managed by a team of doctors, nutritionists and weight loss coaches. Our diet plans are intended to help clients achieve ketosis, the optimal fat burning metabolic state.

Our Medical Director Dr. Rao reminds us that “the goal of our weight loss diet plan is to have the body produce ketones which are compounds that the body can use to produce energy, a contrast to the average body that uses glucose from simple carbohydrates like breads and pastas for energy.”

In order to reach ketosis, there must be a lack of glucose in the bloodstream, so instead of using simple sugars for energy, the boy turns to stored fats. Switching the body from being a carb-burning machine into a fat-burning machine leads to weight loss and even lower blood pressure.

We use pharmaceutical grade, prescription hCG fortified with vitamin B-12 for metabolic invigoration; offering prescription hCG treatments in three forms: injections, pills and drops, each patient has the freedom to choose how they would like to administer the hormone.

hCG is a naturally occurring hormone, produced in the placenta during pregnancy; prescription hCG allows the body to feed the embryo without depleting muscle or important structural fat stores. Prescription hCG is thus a great product to initiate fast weight loss while retaining muscle mass.

We want to help anyone get on the fast track to a healthy lifestyle, so we make our medical weight loss program affordable for almost anyone.

Describing the Diet Doc passion for weight loss, Diet Doc CEO Julie Wright adds "our mission is more just than getting people to lose weight and lower blood pressure; we truly work to make a life-long change in people so they can live a long and healthy life."



Weight Loss gets Expensive when the FDA is Involved.

According to their website, the FDA is responsible for aiding the advancement of public health by fostering renovations that make medicine more effective, safe, and affordable.

The FDA also helps the public get accurate information regarding the things they consume, information that can affect health.

In addition, the FDA regulates tobacco in America, keeping the public informed of changes in legislation and reducing its use by minors.

There is often confusing regarding whether a medication has FDA approval. reports Julie Wright, president of Diet Doc. With concern for their patients' available money, approximately 40% of all medication prescribed in America is considered "off label".

It seems that when someone's ability to pay for medicine is concerned, it's probably a good thing that the FDA cannot prevent doctors from prescribing cheaper off label medication.

Dr. Rao, medical director of hCGTreatments / Diet Doc agrees with off-label prescribing as he says "it's up to the physician and clinical evidence on the medication and health condition whether a doctor will prescribe off-label".

Prescription of cheaper, off label medications is an important part of contemporary medicine in America. Many patients benefit when they receive drugs or devices under circumstances not specified on the label approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Off label use often provides the best care option for patients. In oncology, pediatrics, geriatrics, obstetrics, and other practice areas, patient care could not proceed without off-label prescribing. Medical science is often ahead of trends, so when off label prescriptions are given in regards to new information, patients benefit.

The National Institute of Health states "0ff-label prescribing is an integral part of contemporary medicine. Many patients benefit when they receive drugs or devices under circumstances not specified on the label approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). An off-label use may provide the best available intervention for a patient, as well as the standard of care for a particular health problem. In oncology, pediatrics, geriatrics, obstetrics, and other practice areas, patient care could not proceed without off-label prescribing. When scientific and medical evidence justify off-label uses, physicians promote patients’ interests by prescribing products off label."

So to promote the idea that an off label product is not useful simply because the FDA has not yet declared it to be, seems a little short sighted. FDA approval is limited to many huge companies, as it can take millions of dollars and numerous years. The only companies with this type of financial backing are large pharmaceutical companies.

All of the time and money that went into getting FDA approval is then passed on to consumers via astronomical medication costs.

There were recently 2 weight loss pills approved by the FDA. One of them, Qsymia is only shown to produce weight loss of 12 pounds in a year! This is probably one of the slowest weight loss diet pills or diet plans I've ever seen. I think that literally, walking around the block once a day for a year will allow you to lose 12 pounds!

A lot of people see this shining FDA approved, and forget that the scientists conducting studies, the money spent for these drugs' approval are all working for the pharmaceutical company, who will inevitably label the drug as a MIRACLE, and then slap an exorbitant price tag on it.

Meanwhile, we continue to provide the nations least expensive hCG diet, and the only guaranteed weight loss in the business, with or without FDA approval.

And Just a reminder, hCG is also FDA approved.



hCG for Better Weight Loss than with Safflower Products

Montel Williams recently appeared on the Dr. Oz television show claiming that safflower supplements enabled him to lose 2 inches around his waist that he was unable to remove with exercise and diet alone.

Later in the same episode, Montel revealed the flaw in safflower, once he discontinued use, the inches came back.

Diet Doc CEO Julie Wright warns that those looking to lose an extreme amount of weight, like so many of the obese population in America “have to be careful not to get caught up in fad diets.” It's important to consider products for weight loss that don't put you into a common "yo-yo" cycle, where you're just losing and gaining weight perpetually.

Most often, weight regained is in larger amounts with fad diets.

Now consider a prescription hCG diet from Diet Doc. When you lose weight with hCG, it is not water weight, not muscle weight, it is fat from the most stubborn stores on your body. SO when you lose weight with the hCG diet, it leaves and does not return unless you begin the same bad habits as before the diet.

The hCG diet and Diet Doc’s custom diet plan is a healthy and permanent weight loss solution that offers more effective weight loss and a relief from yo-yo type fad diets with clever celebrity endorsements.

Safflower is a thistle-like flower that is cultivated for use in cooking oil and food flavoring, often used as a cheaper replacement for saffron. The beneficial substance found in safflower products is called linoleic acid, which in essence tricks the body into releasing some of its fat stores, particularly around the midsection.

The University of Ohio has conducted studies on safflower products, finding that it did decrease overall body fat in 16 week trials.

Researchers at Ohio State noted however that safflower oil supplementation showed no effect on total body fat readings, but reduced the weight of trunk fat tissue by between 2.6 pounds and 4.2 pounds in 16 weeks, which seems like an insignificant loss of weight.

For weight loss that is fast and permanent, Diet Doc offers 3 easy options for using prescription hCG, tablets, injections, and drops. By our data, weight loss with prescription hCG is 33 times greater then with safflower products. A combination of hCG and a Diet Doc-tailored low-calorie diet for a short period of time (at least three to six weeks) has been proven to be the most effective weight loss process.

In fact, our clients lose on average, 1 pound per day.

The hCG diet and Diet Doc designed a physician managed weight loss plan which utilizes the best kept secret in weight loss, hCG. Pharmaceutical grade hCG has little to no side effects and is easily administered.

hCG also has an effect on midsection fat, only at much greater rates than safflower. hCG signals the hypothalamus to trigger fat cells to release their stores.

When coupled with a 900-1200 calorie diet, specifically designed with the patient’s health factors in mind, hCG will help patients shed over a pound per day of the most stubborn body fat.

But perhaps the greatest benefit from our prescription hCG diet is where you lose fat. hCG releases fat form the most abundant areas in the body. What patients do lose is fat in those trouble areas--hips, thighs, buttocks and upper arms.



Fast Weight Loss with hCG Tablets.

Frequent injections can be unsettling for many people. Actually, John Hamilton pointed out in the Journal of Family Practice that 10% of Americans actually have a diagnosable phobia of needles.

For this population, and the majority or others who simply find injections irritating, hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diet and Weight Loss Plans introduces equally effective sublingual hCG tablets.

But don't confuse the sublingual hCG tablets from Diet Doc with over-the-counter hCG tablets. Diet Doc's hCG tablets are pure, prescription hCG while over-the-counter hCG pills contain almost no measurable hCG at all.

hCG sublingual tablets offer the same fast weight loss as the traditional injection based hCG diet, but offer additional benefits for those on the go as well.

Some clients express a need for prescription hCG that doesn't require constant refrigeration. Because this hCG diet is in the form of a dry hCG pill, it eliminates the need to refrigerate, making hCG pills more convenient for frequent travelers or those without the means to refrigerate while at work.

Our prescription hCG tablets are just as safe and effective as our hCG injections, but simply offer more options to fit into our clients' busy lifestyle. No more transporting needles everywhere, and no more uncomfortable injections.

hCG drops, while very effective also, will degrade after 30 days, more rapidly without proper refrigeration.Our prescription hCG pills will last 60-90 days without refrigeration, more than long enough to complete an hCG weight loss cycle on your own timeframe.

For many people, administering hCG sublingual drops is difficult. Most find it nearly impossible to count hCG drops as they drip underneath the tongue. Many people find it difficult to administer hCG drops themselves, finding it har to count drops as they fall under the tongue.

hCG tablets offer patients a simple solution. hCG sublingual tablets from hCGTreatments / Diet Doc Weight Loss contain an accurate prescription dosage of hCG in one convenient tablet placed under the tongue, where an abundance of capillaries transport the hCG into the bloodstream.

So the new hCG pills eliminate the need to stand in front of a mirror to count drops, have someone else administer drops of injections, or costly miscalculations causing you to use too much of your hCG drops.

More simply, our prescription hCG tablets offer a lack of excuses not to try losing weight on an hCG diet.

Diet Doc now offers hCG tablets, scientifically proven to signal the hypothalamus to increase the body’s metabolism and produce fast weight loss safely and effectively without injections. Our hCG tablets will allow patients to conserve muscle mass while losing stubborn body fat on the hCG diet.

Patients who choose the hCG pill over traditional injections will still receive the same personalized service that has made Diet Doc the number one hCG diet provider.

CEO of hCGTreatments / Diet Doc Weight Loss, Julie Wright reminds clients that Diet Doc hCG Diet and Weight Loss conducted a survey of the larger hCG doctor clinics across the USA and found that the Diet Doc HCG Diet & Weight Loss is lower in price, yet offers more services and products in an all-inclusive program that is capable of shaving an average of 30 pounds per month.

Diet Doc offers an hCG diet that has been developed by leading weight loss doctors and promotes weight loss at an average of a pound-per-day, or 30 pounds per month.

What is offered is a medically supervised, proven weight loss plan that generates rapid and healthy weight loss without the common side effects of dieting like muscle loss, perpetual hunger, fatigue, or malnourishment.

Artificial Sweeteners can Make You Gain Weight

The American Heart Association recently released a study declaring the detriment of consuming sugar. The AMA and ADA suggests that consumers should replace natural sugar with artificial sweeteners.

hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diet & Weight Loss Plans suggests that consumers, particularly those on a weight loss diet should actually avoid artificial sweeteners, as they will slow down weight loss.

WebMD actually confirms this phenomenon, offering that "For example, drinking a diet soft drink rather than a sugary one at lunch may reduce the calorie count of the meal, but it may trick the body into thinking that other sweet items don't have as many calories either."

Some people think that this inability of the body to determine the calories in foods is contributing greatly to obesity in America.

CEO of Diet Doc hCG Diet's, Julie Wright asserts that "We know that artificial sweeteners slow down weight loss by as much as half. This is because the liver works as one of the largest fat burning organs in the body and when it's busy processing artificial sweeteners, it loses a natural ability to lose weight fast."

The Diet Doc hCG diet utilizes stevia to sweeten many of their recipes to counteract a clients cravings for sweets, but reminds dieters that if a plateau is reached or weight is no longer being lost fast enough, use of stevia may have to be discontinued.

Diet Doc designs a diet individual for each client with special consideration of certain health and weight loss factors in mind. Once all of these factors are established, Diet Doc then pairs prescription hCG to initiate fast weight loss.

As these two elements are paired together, our clients begin to immediately notice fast weight loss, an average of a pound per day. If this fast weight loss begins to taper, Diet Doc will reevaluate the client and make any necessary changes, including disallowing natural or artificial sweeteners.

We conjoin a bunch of individually successful diets into one master weight loss diet for each client. These diets consist of diets like the Paleo diet, Mediterranean diet, low glucemic diet, low carb diet, and many other that on their own have already been established to provide weight loss. Couple these diets with prescription hCG and Diet Doc proves to be the best weight loss available. We guarantee it.

By conjoining a customized weight loss diet with prescription hCG, clients experience fast weight loss with little chance to plateau. So for any dieters reading that may have hit a plateau in past or current diets, we sincerely encourage you to keep trying, and try our prescription hCG diet.

Diet Doc is the only diet provider that guarantees their product, and guarantees fast weight loss.




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