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Dear hCG Diet Journey;

I started R1 without reading the information provided. I only lost 17 pounds in 35 days.  My first mistake started with the load days. I filled up on more sugary foods and didn’t concentrate on the fatty foods. Second mistake was allowing my boyfriend to prepare my food in bulk. He cooked the right foods the wrong way. Although he did grill my fish, he used olive oil. I found this out later. I also ate a lot of his homemade salsa which contained a seasoning packet filled with sugar and starch.

My biggest concern was my body shape. I WAS consider top heavy, or what you call an apple. I gained all my weight in the back, the dreaded bra area, and my arms. I was truly afraid that taking the drops would cause me to lose what little butt and hips I had. I am happy to say that for some reason, the upper body fat was the first to go. I am ashamed to say that I have spent thousands of dollars on liposuction, only to find out that it doesn’t respond well to localized stubborn fat.

Today I am starting R2 armed with information. I follow the blogs to find out how others are doing. I printed your charts and calendar [this is from The Naked Truth] last week ready to start this round out right. I followed the graphic and did my own measurement. The charts are clear and show you exactly where your tape should be positioned. I keep the chart and measuring tape on my bathroom mirror.  This is really going to help on those stall days. Now I realize that I am still losing inches even if the scale is creeping at .5 lbs every two days. Although I only lost 17 pounds, I lost a tremendous amount of inches. I started a size 12 pant/large-X-large shirt, now two months later, my size 10 pants are still loose, and I am proudly wearing a medium shirt. My regret with R1 is that I didn’t take my measurement prior to starting my load days.

My fear in taking the drops was that I would be hungry….just the opposite. I am a real junk food junkie. Before, I would have cake for breakfast, just because. I was an all day snacker. While on the drops I didn’t have any cravings throughout the day and I didn’t have the urge to snack out of boredom. There were actually days when I couldn’t reach my 500 calories because I felt so full.

I’m so glad I found you and your website. You are truly a lifesaver.

From 176 to 169.5 and my clothes are Fitting much better!  I already ordered my next round


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