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I have been on the HCG Journey for 46 days now and have lost 23 pounds and 17 inches. I have been trying to lose weight for 10 years and had little success I always figured I was just one of those people born to be overweight.

I first purchased sublingual hcg at a health food store. When the drops ran out my daughter who is in charge of the weight loss part of “Simply You" which is a spa clinic as well as a dr. office that does facial rejuvenation etc. recommended I contact Desiree @ hCG Diet Journey. She said she was an expert on the HCG protocol and a good resource for quality hcg.

I ask Desiree so many questions, she always got back in touch with me within 24 hours sometimes within 1 hour. One of the things she said was to get a pregnancy test kit and test the drops from the health food store to be sure I was getting HCG and not just vitamins and herbs. Guess what? She was right, the test was negative for hcg. Big waste of money. So I ordered the real thing from Desiree and the weight started to fall off.

I am presently on the 1500 cal. maintenance part of the diet. According to the book I have to be off hcg for 3 weeks before I can start back and finish my weight loss and reach my goal.

I have to admit when I read Kevin Trudeau’s book and he said when he went on this diet he did not exercise since I am not into formal exercise Other than mopping,vacuuming and general housework I have not exercised.

But I will now and should have all along probably would have already been at my goal. If I had not had Desiree’s support all along the way this past 46 days would have been so much harder! But Desiree has the gift of encouragement and she really wants to see others free from obesity she has seen first hand what a killer it can be.

Thanks Desiree for all the support and your friendship.


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