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Remember, a pregnant woman produces 13,000,000 IU of hCG in a single day (15,000 times more than the amount taken for weight loss), and not a single doctor has EVER credited blood clots to hCG. Read More There are hundreds of articles on the benefits of hCG for pregnancy and those using it for weight loss. Recently, scientists have discovered that the hCG in pregnant women that have tested positive of HIV actually protects the baby in many cases from contracting the disease from its mother. Other studies show promise that hCG will at some time be used to treat cancer and brain tumors. Read the report There are several GOOD side effects for people taking hCG for weight loss. Those with arthritis, rheumatism, colitis, psoriasis, brittle fingernails, duodenal/gastric ulcers and some allergies have claimed their symptoms reduced drastically while using hCG.


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