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hCG and low calorie diets…


Simply put, when a person restricts their calories to 700–1000 per day along with taking daily doses of hCG, the hCG tricks the body into burning fat instead of muscle. Anytime a person goes on an extremely low calorie diet (without hCG) to lose weight, the body does not release enough fat fast enough to provide energy due to the low calories. This is the reason that crash diets normally don’t work and are extremely unhealthy. Instead of burning fat, the body begins burning lean muscle tissue, and at some point it can begin breaking down your organs.

A Very Low Calorie Diet along with hCG has proven to work for over 50 years. The hCG causes the brain to send a
signal to the body to begin breaking down the fat reserves for energy instead of breaking down muscle. This is not only healthier, but the weight loss is unbelievable.


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