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Dr. Simeons - Pounds and Inches hCG Diet Protocol



Dr. Simeons Pounds and Inches is a very strict, very low calorie diet (VLCD). It consists of daily injections of hCG or daily real oral hCG of 125 iu’s-200 iu’s (your correct dosage is what takes the hunger away), 500 calories a day, 100 grams of protein 2x a day, 1 small fruit or 4-6 small strawberries 2x a day, 2 servings of vegetables, not mixed, and a salad. No dressing, No oils, nothing else. You stay on the diet for either 26 days (less than 25 pounds to lose) or 42 days (25 or more to lose) then move to stabilization for 3 weeks which is no sugar or starch.  Then you have what we like to call mini maintenance time which varies before starting another complete round (P1 6 weeks wait, P2 8 weeks wait, P3 12 weeks wait etc.) until you have lost the desired weight.



Many hCG dieters refer to the various phases as P1, P2, P3 to indicate what point they are at in their hCG diet weight loss journey.
Your daily hCG diet protocol will resemble the plan below.
Breakfast Snack Lunch Snack Dinner Snack
½ fruit ½ fruit

100 g Meat

Veggie Salad

½ fruit

100 g Meat

Veggie Salad

1 fruit
2 Water & tea Water Water & tea Water 2 Water & Tea Water & tea

On the blog there is an hCG diet menu with hCG diet recipes and a 13 part video series about the hCG diet by Kevin Trudeau as presented at the Green Valley Spa in October 2008. There is also a Quick Overview of How to Start the hCG Diet that gives you a 10 step guide to prepare yourself.


Authentic* Oral hCG Drops, Pills or Injections



2 servings of meat a day. Do not combine the servings. Each serving is 100 grams or 3.5 oz
Weigh all meat before cooking
All visible fat should be removed before cooking
Occasionally you can have eggs in lieu of a meat. 1 whole egg and 3 whites poached, boiled or even scrambled. Or you can have 100 grams of skimmed milk cottage cheese.
Do not mix or combine vegetables
2 servings a day
Dr. Simeons doesn’t give an amount of hCG approved vegetables. The popular consensus is 2 cups per meal before cooking.
2 servings of fruits. Do not combine the servings
2 servings of breads a day.
Either Melba Toast or Grissini breadsticks.
Do not combine the servings.
Water is essential 8 – 8oz glasses a day is the minimum, 2 Liters daily is ideal
1 TBS of milk a day only
We have a more detailed Phase 2 hCG Diet Food list on the site for you review.

How To Start

Load Days Day 1 & 2
Day 1, you will start your hCG injections or >Oral hCG today as well as your hCG load days. You are allowed to eat anything you want, often refereed to as 2 day hCG diet gorge days or loading days or as Dr. Simeons says ‘eat to capacity’. Preferably, you will want to eat fatty foods. You are not restricted on your eating today.
Day 2 you will repeat your hCG oral troche or injections and your loading from yesterday.
Diet Day 3
Day 3 starts your official 500 calorie hCG diet day and you will continue your diet from the sample hCG diet meal plan above for the next 26 to 42 days depending on how much weight you need to loss. The minimum is 26 days for less weight to lose overall and 42 days for more overall weight to lose.
As the Dr. Simeons hCG diet has taken on popularity there have been some changes since its inception. Some people go straight through the 42 days either injecting hCG or doing oral hCG, some take weekends off and some take Sundays off. This is another YMMV.
After your hCG diet protocol treatment is over, you will still eat as if you are still taking hCG for 3 days. The hormone is in your system and rapid weight gain is possible during this delicate time. After the 4th day of being off diet you may proceed to eat with the exception of NO Sugar and NO Starch, but we would advice choosing your food wisely. Going back to old habits will bring back the weight.
After the hCG diet you should decide what will help you not only maintain your weight but improve your health as well. You should also decide what eating plan you are willing to do for life and what type of exercise you are willing to do for life.
If you need to continue to on your hCG diet journey to lose more weight, your next hCG protocol treatment begins in 6 weeks. This allows time for the body to reset itself from any immunity that may have built up during the hCG diet protocol.
Additional hCG diet treatments
If you need to lose additional weight, Dr. Simeons states in his - Pounds &Inches Manuscript that for each interval when you are off the hCG drops, you should wait an additional amount of time before restarting the hCG diet protocol again. 6 weeks between course 1 and 2, 8 weeks between course 2 and 3, and 12 weeks between course 4 and 5.

FAQ for Dr. Simeons

When do I take my hCG?
You should take the hCG in the morning. It's best to tak it at the same time each day (as some people work 2nd and 3rd shifts).
When should I start?
Men can start anytime. Women should wait until after the last day of their cycle.  It is a good idea to start on a Thursday if you can. This way you have 2 load days at work and 2 500 calorie days on a weekend to help you use 500 calories without temptation or extra stress.
I am a women, should I take hCG during my cycle?
The current thought is YMMV- some do some don’t. It’s up to you. Some people have experienced lighter cycles, some heavier, some no cramps, some mild or sever. YMMV.
Where can I get a copy of Dr. Simeons Pounds and Inches manuscript?
It is a good idea to review - Dr. Simeons Pounds and Inches Manuscript before starting with the above or The Weight Loss Cure or The Naked Truth About The hCG Diet. You should have an understanding of the hCG diet plan and the reasons behind the diet protocol for yourself.
Where do I get hCG diet supplies from?
For Oral hCG, you can legally buy drops with real hCG in them from hCG Diet Journey.  These are NOT homeopathic hCG, they do not contain alcohol and they will deliver 175 iu per daily dosage.
Where do I get hCG from?
There are places that we do recommend. We only recommend them because we have at some point used them for ourselves and we have found them to be trustworthy. We would never (and neither should you) buy hCG from just any site or vendor, or buy any homeopathic hCG as it doesn’t contain hCG. You can purchase your hCG from the hCG store. These vendors offer fast, friendly and reliable service.
Should I inject hCG or should I do sublingual hCG?
That is a personal choice. Some people do not like needles some don’t care. It’s a YMMV. I will say that the original hCG diet protocol did only shots, however the hCG oral drops are just as effective. You can buy oral hCG.
How much hCG should I buy for the diet?
That depends on how much weight you want to lose, how often you want to mix and how fresh you want it. If you only have 15-20 lbs to lose then a small ampule will be good. If you have 40 lbs or more to lose then 3 5000 ampules would be better.
If you are buying the oral hCG for 25 pounds or less, then buy 1 bottle. For over 25 pounds you will need 2 bottles.  These are REAL hCG, not homeopathic.
We have never had an issue with the hCG’s effectiveness within 30-40 days. You can always buy a hCG test strip and test a bit from your bottle. Simply take a few drops via your syringe and gently dispense a few drops on the test strips. Read your testing kits directions to determine if it is positive for pregnancy. If so, then your hCG is effective.
What is the difference between Pounds and Inches and The Weight Loss Cure?
Kevin Trudeau recommends you do cleansing prior to starting the hCG diet, eat organically, do various cleanses during and after the hCG diet and take supplements. Trudeau also introduced the various phases to the diet.

Do I have to cleanse prior to hCG diet?

That is another YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary) and is advocated in The Weight Loss Cure. Some do, some don’t and some mix and match from Pounds and Inches and The Weight Loss Cure. You will still lose weight. The cleanses are good as they do get your body ready and clears you of ‘toxins’ and such. For a cleanse to be effective you should eat organically. Cleansing will also help you clear yourself of yeast in your gut or Candida. Read Kevin Trudeau’s guidelines or get his book The Weight Loss Cure.


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Here is a list of hCG Diet Phase 1 foods to eat.  Alcohol has carbs.

My mother is border line diabetic, can she do this HCG diet or does she need to consult with her Dr. first?

Great question and yes she needs to first ask her doctor.  Some peopel who have low blood sugar have issues with the hCG diet because they don't get enough sugar.  So seeking your doctors advice for your mother is best.

I started the Homeopathic HCG Complete drops 13 days ago, and have actually put on weight. I followed the diet but Im hungrier now than I was without the drops. Come to find out that they have no HCG in them at all. They're not going to help me at all. So I stopped taking them two days ago. When can I start the real HCG drop diet?

What you will need to do is stop the homeopathic and increase calories to 800 using proteins.  Order our real hCG drops fastest delivery is 2 days.  When these come follow directions but don't load.  Do 6 drops 3x a day for 2 days then start with the 4 drops 3x a day then reduce caloires to 500.

Sorry you had started with homeopathic.


Currently I am doing the Beach Body INSANITY program is that workout to much to do while on this program? How much exercising is to much to do this diet cause currently I workout 5-6 times a week 3 times a week 2 hours 3 times 1 hour

Please read hCG diet exercise to understand why that may not work out while on the protocol.

Dez!! R1P2D12... holding at a 13 pound loss for past 5 days (a few hiccups in there with .5 gains/losses). My "time of the month" cycle has been impacted and started about 10 days early. Following the protocol, I waited until what I thought was a heavy flow day and stopped the drops for 2 days. Four days later, I'm starting to think my time of the month IS the month and those two days were just practice for what is happening now. I've read on the Facebook page that HCG can mess up a woman's cycle, but I don't know if that is opinion, coincidence or true. Seems that it could be related to the weight loss as well. I'm not ready to say that I'm in an official "stall" because in the past 8 days, I've been off the drops for 4 days... two for what I thought were heavy days and two as the regular break day for the 42 day program. (no drops Friday, Monday, Tuesday, Friday; drops were taken on Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday) 1) Now that it seems that I'm truly having much heavier flow days, should I stop drops for 2 days again? (1 week later) 2) Today is a no-drop day anyway because it's a 7th day (Started on a Saturday, no drops on Friday), should I just plan to stop the drops tomorrow and combine "no drop Friday" with "no drop flow day"? Dez... any sage wisdom is appreciated! Pounds & Inches doesn't go into much detail here, so I'll gladly take your trusty tips and awesome opinions as well. PS: Do women often gain during their TOM?
@Elle, Yes hCG can mess with your cycle, cause really bad cramps, heavy bleeding or just the opposite. Okay you have a lot going on. The reason you stop the drops on your cycle is because the hCG is negated by another hormone. However it should only be for a few days. IF you are doing a 42 day plan and stopping anyway I would just continue on the drops while on the flow and make is simple on yourself. Yes gaining during TOM is the curse of being female. It can happen 10 days prior to the start of your cycle. It won't come off as easily as it is put on but just drink water and keep your head in the game.

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