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Diet Doc customizes your own personalized health supplement plan which is a $200 value but is now free for new patients! Introducing the The My DietDoc Health Questionnaire which is created for each individual based on evaluating your extensive health history. The Diet Doc health questionnaire takes into account all underlying health conditions and lifestyle choices and recommends a comprehensive health plan best suited for each person.

The My Diet Doc Health Questionnaire is based on standard, well-respected medical texts: The Michigan Manual of Clinical Diagnosis; Manual Nutritional Therapeutics; The Washington Manual of Medical Therapeutics; Ferri’s Clinical Advisor, Modern Nutritional in Health and Disease and more.

My DietDoc Health Questionnaire is a subjective review of organ systems which are most affected by medications, stress, diet and unhealthy habits over the last six months.

hCGdietJourney is the only weight loss organization providing this unique medical service. The My DietDoc Health Questionnaire creates a personalized health and diet plan tailored to you to benefit your overall health.

My DietDoc Health Questionnaire is an online symptom-based health questionnaire scoring system. Since this is internet based, the doctor as well as the patient can both complete their  tasks from any computer with internet access, anywhere in the world.

The body systems reviewed, which in essence, affects every other organ and body system in the human body is:

  • Gastrointestinal
  • Urological
  • Glucose Regulation
  • Liver & Gallbladder
  • Adrenal & Thyroid
  • Brain / Mood / Memory
  • Immune
  • Lung
  • Connective tissue
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Cardiovascular
  • Male Health (Prostate)
  • Women’s Health

Call for your free My DietDoc Questionnaire when you join the DietDoc Weight Loss Program!


...Get a brand new perspective by viewing organ systems as a health strategy

  • 1. Identify and determine the possible causes of any underlying organ system imbalances. These may directly or indirectly contribute to your health problems which may inhibit your ability to lose weight quickly.
  • 2. Solicit relevant symptom information that new patients are often reluctant to volunteer the during a face to face consultation.
  • 3. Intervene early in stopping the process of disease development by opening better communication between organ systems.
  • My DietDoc Health Questionnaire provides a easy to understand bar graph format showing frequency and severity, and helps each person understand underlying any outstanding health problems. Follow up reports indicate improvement within the target areas.
  • Organ/gland associated with reduction of health along with follow up reports showing improvement
  • Symptom or cluster of symptoms occurs
  • Develop a strategy and nutritional protocol to optimize the body’s self-healing mechanisms by restoring both internal and external balance

This $200 My DietDoc Health Questionnaire can be used alone or with the DietDoc Weight Loss Plan, which promotes fast weight loss by personalizes a medical, weight loss plan by a skilled weight loss doctor for each person based on their age, gender, health history and lifestyle.

Using a one-size-fits-all approach to dieting doesn't work for the vast majority of dieters. Over fifty percent of dieters experience problems while dieting, such as slower than desired weight lose or inability to lose weight and also feelings of extreme hunger or fatigue. This is because there are often underlying conditions that make dieting difficult and slow. When those underlying health conditions are discovered and addressed, the dieter can expect a much more rapid weight loss.

People completing the My DietDoc Health Questionnaire can expect to notice improved health and begin feeling better within a 30 day period. This is due to tracking down and addressing previously unknown underlying conditions.

What is health? When the body is performing at peak level, fast weight loss can take place along with better memory recall, higher energy levels and a increased feeling of peace.

What is health? It is the body fully functioning on all cylinders according to Dr. Wright.

Diet Doc provides service to people nationwide.

Call for your free My DietDoc Health Questionnaire when joining the Weight Loss Program!


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