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Real hCG Diet Pills or Injections


Choose Authentic hCG Diet Pills and Injections 

Pick up at the Pharmacy so you know it's 100% REAL hCG!! NOT Homeopathic

NON Homeopathic, NO Alcohol hCG Diet Injections or hCG Pills


Real hCG Diet Pills or Injections = Real FAT Loss


The Only Way To Know You Have Real hCG Is To Get It from the Pharmacy!

Real hCG prevents hunger
Real hCG prevents muscle wasting & bone loss
Real hCG prevents starvation mode 


What Do You Get with the

Medical hCG Diet Plan?

Customized 700 - 1000 Calories hCG Diet Plan
hCG Diet plans to suit your budget and weight loss goals.
Doctor consultation normally same day via phone or Skype!
All orders receive a PRESCRIPTION from our doctors to obtain the hCG for your Pills or Injections
You choose hCG Diet Pills or Injections
Health history
​hCG Diet Guide with ALL orders
​hCG Diet Recipe Cookbook with ALL orders
​hCG Diet Shakes & Supplements and more are available.
hCG Doctor, Nurse, Nutritional Consultants & hCG Coach from P1, P2, P3 & P4, including Maintenance
Medical hCG & Doctor Prescribed hCG Diet Plan
UNLIMITED Weight Loss Support from hCG Coaches 7 Days a week 24 hours a day!



Your Real hCG Questions Answered:

What is a Medical hCG Program?

The medical hCG Diet Plan is where you are prescribed hCG after having your medical history reviewed to determine if the hCG Diet is right for you.

Once our doctors clear you for the medical hCG Diet Plan you are given a script to pick up your hCG from a local network pharmacy.

You have a weight loss coach or nurse who will help you with questions, stalls, and more.

Health Insurance reimbursement?

This is a medical program; you may be able to get reimbursed from your health care provider, all or part of the cost.  You will have to keep your receipts and file with your health insurance company, as it would be considered an alternative medical procedure.  CALL your health care provider to find out.

Consultants will not know your health plan.  Ask YOUR health plan if they cover diets and dieting that are non-surgical.

NO guarantee it's covered as all health plans vary, but it's good to ask.

What does hCG do?

Using real hCG will protect your muscles from being broken down while on a VLCD.  It is also the key substance to inspire the hypothalamus glad to regulate your body's metabolic rate, which ultimately directs how the fat you consume is stored.

Do you supply homeopathic hCG?

NO!  Homeopathic hCG does not have hCG in it and cannot, per the FDA and the HPUS.  Homeopathic often contains alcohol, which destroys hCG, amino acids, and vitamins.  Nothing that will aid your weight loss, target fat or reset your hypothalamus.

And Homeopathic wouldn't contain the required amount of hCG since homeopathic is diluted (3x, 6x, 12x, 30x, 60x) so much to render any active ingredient useless.

Homeopathic is being pulled off market.

Does your hCG contain alcohol?

NO! Alcohol is not only unnecessary for weight loss; it kills germs and bacteria but alcohol will also destroy hCG.

What is a troche?  

A troche is a pellet, pill, or tablet that provides a means to deliver custom made medication in small doses directly into the blood stream.  You place an hCG troche under your tongue and allow it to dissolve and deliver the medication to you.

Troches, pills or pellets can be mixed so that each individual troche contains a combination of various natural bio-identical hormones in small doses. For example, a troche can be made containing a mixture of any of the hormones.

Just place one (pill) troche under the tongue and let it dissolve.  Nothing to eat 30 minutes before or after for max absorption. The vein under your tongue allows the medication to enter the blood stream.


How much hCG do I need?

The recommended dosage is 125-200 iu 1x a day.  However, our consultant will help you determine what's best.

How much weight will I lose?

As with many diets men lose faster than women, but on average you will lose 1/2 - 1 pounds a day.  AND these are FAT pounds.  And don't forget inches!  You will lose inches and often you will notice your clothing becoming looser while the fat is coming off. 

With the weight loss coach, you can lose at a steady rate and overcome stalls quickly.

What kind of fat will I lose?

Our modern-day real hCG prescription diet will help you lose wait rapidly and safely; normally the first areas that realize reduction of abnormal fat are

  • Belly
  • Hips
  • Thighs
  • Muffin Tops
  • Underarms aka Bat Wings
  • Back Fat
  • Bra Fat
  • Anywhere you carry abnormal fat, real hCG gets that 1st!

How are your hCG supplies shipped?

Our hCG is shipped to you standard 2 day delivery or overnight via UPS.

How do I get the hCG?

Once you complete the medical consult with our doctor and your history is reviewed your order for hCG can be picked up at the pharmacy once the prescription is received.


How is it possible to not be hungry while on the hCG Diet?

Hunger cravings primarily relate to the need of the body for energy. But on our hCG Diet, your energy requirements are completely fulfilled thanks to rapid fat metabolism.

Even though you’re only consuming 700-1000 calories while on the diet, your body also receives thousands of the released fat calories to meet its energy requirements.

Once the diet ends, your body has been re-tuned to take its energy from excess fat rather than store it. 

Remember, an hCG diet isn’t simply a diet, it’s a scientific process foresetting your system into optimum fat burning mode that extends beyond the diet itself.


In 1954, English endocrinologist Dr. Albert Simeons introduced a radical new weight loss method in his manuscript entitled Pounds and Inches - A New Approach to Obesity. This diet was named the hCG Weight Loss Protocol and it required low doses of hCG to help the body convert stored fat into energy. Diet Journey's hCG Weight Loss Plan has modernized and improved Dr. Simeons' protocol.

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, or hCG, is a hormone that is produced during pregnancy. Besides the daily dose of the hCG hormone, this protocol calls for the dieter to go on a very low calorie diet (VLCD). Normally, when a person goes on a low calorie diet, their body tends to break down muscles. But with the correct small doses of hCG, the body uses its stored fat as fuel instead so the muscles are safe and fat is shed. Various clinical studies have confirmed that this is possible and that hCG does affect the body's metabolism.

Compared to other weight loss programs, our hCG Weight Loss Plan is the best choice because it helps the body metabolize stored fat in a healthy way. This diet allows you to keep the excess weight off, even after dieting. An hCG supported diet allows you to reach your ideal weight in the safest and most effective way possible.

Our Family of Losers
 Before and After


After 1 Round



hCG is available in oral tablet form (under the tongue, known as sublingual) or as injections (with a diabetic needle – which does not hurt). hcg Diet Journey will provide instructions on how to administer hCG, along with how to do your customized diet plan.

Be aware that a lot of manufacturers who want to meet the growing demand are now offering low-grade versions of hCG oral drops (homeopathic). Many random samples of these low grade hCG supplements have even been found to contain no hCG at all and are deemed fraudulent per the FDA and the HPUS.

Protect yourself. When you purchase hCG from hCG Diet Journey, you'll get the real thing. It is prescribed by the doctor when you have your consult and you pick it up from a pharmacy!

Since 2007, hCG Diet Journey is the leading source of real hCG and hCG diet information and support for the hCG dieter.



Medical Weight Loss Program


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hCG Dosage 8000 iu hCG 10000 iu hCG 5000 iu hCG
Times Per Day 2-3 x a day 1x a day 1x a day 
Refrigeration Yes Yes Yes


23 Day

43 Day


23 Day

43 Day


23 Day

43 Day


Phone Support YES YES YES
Simeons Manuscript Download YES YES YES
Workbook Download YES YES YES
Cookbook Download YES YES YES
Doctor Consult via Phone or Skype YES YES YES
Nurse Visit/Call YES YES YES
FULL Access To Nutritionist YES YES YES
FULL Access to hCG Coach YES YES YES
Prices are ALL INCLUSIVE of hCG Script, Doctor, Nurse, Coaching, Support, Nurtionist!








Price varies based on protocol ordered

Call To Order!


Call To Order!


Call To Order!





I have been on the homeopathic hcg for 1 week and am Starving! I have ordered from this site and was wondering if I need to completely start over when the REAL drops come in?
On my last 40 pounds, thought it was going to go slower but holy cow I lost 6 pounds in the first 72 hours 2.5 # the first load day!
I purchased the product from a company called easy2lose...since reading the scam warnings I have been afraid to break the seal off the bottle because I don't think its the real deal. Can someone please provide me with some feedback to whether they've heard of this company? Stressing!!!

Return it and buy real.  Why lose lean muscle, bone and put yourself into starvation mode?  

This is my 9th day on the drops. Last evening and again tonight I have been feeling very nauseous, last night to the point that I actually vomited. Is this normal? I don't want to stop the drops as I have lost 14 lbs since I started. I have only felt nauseous at night, have felt great the rest of the day. Is there anything I can do to make this go away?

The drops wouldn't suddenly make you nauseous.  You could be detoxing which can cause a host of issues such as nausea and vomiting to headaches, body aches etc which is normal.  You may want to put something on your stomach like soup.  Have you eaten anything bad, brief bout of food poisoning?

@Dez, Well, before I started the drops I did try the HCG pills from GNC. I was informed that they did not contain any HCG and therefore quit the pills and ordered the Body Shaper drops. While I was taking the pills I experienced the same kind of nausea/vomiting symptoms about 10-11 days in, which I accounted to the "starvation diet" due to no HCG in the pills. I didn't expect to have the same issue with the drops. I'm sure it's not food poisoning, I feel absolutely fine all day long and then right before bed I start to feel nauseous. Last night I thought that maybe I didn't eat enough and that's why I was feeling sick so I had an apple and still felt horrible until I vomited, after I vomited I immediately felt better. I don't have any other symptoms other than the nausea at night, no headaches and no body aches.

I do not know as there is nothing in the drops to cause this reaction and the reaction doesn't occur until days later.  On starvation diets you still would not have nausea and vomiting after you become adjusted to eating less.  And the fact that it is occurring at the same time each evening for 2 days is indication it is something else.  IF you need to increase your protein intake by 100 grams per meal giving you 200 grams per meal.  See how that does again this is not common and for it to occur only in the evening something else is occurring. 

What are you eating?

@Dez, Well, yesterday I started taking 3 drops 3x's a day and I was not nauseous at all last night so i'm continuing the 3 drops instead of 4 to see how it affects me. I've read some places that some people are more sensitive to the HCG than others and can experience some "morning sickness" symptoms, maybe it has something to do with that..?? If i'm not just eating grilled chicken or beef and veggies I am making something out of the recipe book. Chili and ground beef tacos (with 96/4 ground beef), spicy chicken sausage, chicken soup, etc. I'm not a fan of oranges or grapefruit so i've been eating apples and strawberries for my fruit and i've been skipping the melba toast (doesn't do much for me.) I weigh all of the meat and have been drinking at least 2 liters of water a day.

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