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July 2012

New Diet Pill That Eliminates Hunger for Faster Results than other weight loss pills such as Belvig

hCG Treatments / Diet Doc Weight Loss created a new diet pill that eliminates hunger and forces the body to burn fat more efficiently for rapid weight loss results of up to a pound a day, with an average of 15 -25 pounds a month. Whereas the FDA approved new diet pill Belvig is coming up with much less impressive results. “From the clinical trial submitted by the drug company (Arena) people lost an average of 12 lbs.

Artificial Sweeteners Slow Weight Loss

Diet Doc Weight Loss announces a new study by the America Heart and Diabetes Association indicating Americans consume too much sugar. In an effort to reduce sugar consumption, the study suggests artificial sweetened drinks and foods as an alternative.

Raspberry Ketones for Weight Loss

hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Weight Loss Diet introduces pure, prescription, raspberry ketones with the highest quality raspberry ketones active ingredient available.

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Health Evaluation for Extreme Weight Loss

What a fantastic concept! The Doctors at hCGTreatments / Diet Doc have developed a new Free health questionnaire designed to pinpoint and identify the reasons some people find it so hard to achieve the goals on their weight loss program. I have heard so many times about how people have followed a strict diet and yet struggled with each pound.  Doctors are now realizing that there can be hidden health issues behind that struggle.

SummerTreats That Won't Trip Up Your hCG Diet Plan

Finally Summer has arrived! (In my corner of the universe it is late.) But I got to thinking, what goes better with Summer than a cold sweet treat?

A hCG Weight Loss Program That Identifies Diet Road Blocks for Weight Loss


hCGTreatments / Diet Doc Announces a New Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program That Identifies Diet Road Blocks for weight loss results of Up to 30 Pounds a Month by use of their new Doctor Designed In-depth Health Evaluation that identifies and addresses the underlying health problems that often get in the way of weight loss


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