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June 2012

Your HCG Weight Loss Diet Program and the fight against Diabetes

Blood sugar levels are important in order to support our HCG patients. Problems with blood sugar, in other terms ... Diabetes, is currently one of the number one diseases associated with obeisity in society today. Management of Diabetes requires a lot of resources and thus many sufferers have given up on fighting the disease. But the HCG diet plan is perfect for these people.  Not only are the foods compliant, but the rapid weight loss is beneficial to fight the disease. 

Why Detox is Beneficial for Your Diet Plan


Every day, whether we like it or not, we take into our bodies a large number of chemicals, not only through our diet plan, but simply by breathing, drinking, or even touching. As a result, all of these chemicals accumulate in the body , especially in the fat tissue.

Weight Loss Diets for Celebs like Lauren Manzo

Lauren Manzo had lap band surgery but during an interview with JD Journal, reports a continuous struggle with her weight even after surgery. Many celebrities struggle with their weight every day just like you and I do. Pills containing dangerous medications and weight loss surgery are not the only way to get extreme weight loss results. The hCG Diet plan gets those same results without the danger.

The only Safe Version of the Prescription hCG Diet

Diet Doc Weight Loss announces the only safe, modern-day, prescription hCG diet allowing 700-900 calories as opposed to the original protocol of only 500 calories, which is unhealthy and still practiced today regardless of its adverse effects on the body’s systems.

hCGTreatments / Diet Doc Weight Loss Announces a New Supplement To Fight Belly Fat


Diet Doc Announces a new supplement for Adrenal Support, which fights belly fat and the health risks that come with it.


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